The Age of Sophia and the end of the Matrix Grid

Neo’s physical body is caught inside the matrix, where he feeds the system his energy.

If you told someone that everything that they know about themselves, their family, friends, and partners is a lie; that everything they know about the world is based on layers of deception and contrivance for deception, that someone would most like walk away from you, either in a rage, or in hatred, or both. The reason for this is that people are attached to the matrix system, in some way or another, and when they are attached, or possessed by it, they defend it. It is part of their identity. Every ego in the matrix is a node in the matrix that is giving its energy into creating it, willy-nilly. It is very similar to Neo, in the movie called The Matrix, where his energy is endlessly cycled out of him, as he is attached to the illusions that are fed into his entire body and brain. He is completely absorbed by it.

But the matrix still offers its bits of wisdom. The system was designed to provide portals of escape, or portals of ascension. These portals are there so that those who want to awaken out of it, can do so, at their own pace and in accordance with the lessons they want to learn. Every great sage and teaching has taught that the world is an illusion. Yet, these portals have been, through a force of collective desire, hidden, and many have been blocked, threatened to never leave the matrix. Each one, has been shut out, one by one, and often by those who you would lease imagine. In the matrix there are many healers, sages, experts who pose as gatekeepers of portals, but they are similar to false prophets, and if you get caught up in them, you will eventually find yourself in some form of a cult, either benign or benevolent. Every corner of the matrix functions like this. The good news is, however, that they cannot hide the portals entirely. They can use all sorts of tools to keep you from entering them – shutting wisdom out, not allowing questioning beyond their limitations, creating an environment that demands deep respect and love to the cult leader, etc. Socrates saw this, and Nietzsche speaks of this constantly.

A true wisdom teacher is fearless of anything resembling the death of the ego in the matrix – and he will not employ gatekeepers, defenders of his or her truth, an atmosphere of arrogance and righteousness. In fact, the true wisdom seeker is a seeker of transformation, and so, as such, welcomes any form of ego death that might arrive. This is why Socrates said he has nothing to teach – knowledge in the matrix is never wisdom, although it can provide the portals to wisdom. When we walk through those portals, the knowledge itself dissolves, because it is no longer needed! For example, many people want to get fit, so they will diet and exercise. They don’t know what to do, so they will consult experts to tell them what to eat and what to do. A good expert, one who holds the portals openly, will lead his students towards their ability to know, through intuition, what they should eat and do to remain healthy. A false expert however is one who will lead his students to depend on him for their diet and exercise, never wanting them to be autonomous or bring autonomy to others. Regardless, he still carries the portal for people to walk through. He cannot get rid of it. Some students will walk through and realize that they do not need him.

Kali, goddess of transformation, the slaying of ego.

Economies that are based on the false matrix system will fight for survival, and so they will fight any wisdom that nullifies their power. Those individuals who rely on this system in any way, as part of their identity, act as foot soldiers in defense against wisdom at all costs. The individual foot soldiers think, when they are defending and recommending, that they are doing what is righteous and true, and in the name of caring or concern for others. Now, on some level this is totally appropriate, as it is appropriate for a mother to not allow someone to put her two year old on a horse and let her ride off on it alone without support. The defense of matrix systems is part of the process of eventually leaving the matrix system and is needed at first, precisely because the full impact of wisdom would be devasting to most individuals, like a volcano or an earthquake, or a lightning strike. Energy that is as powerful, as the high frequency energy of wisdom most certainly is, is crushing to the bodies and minds who are not yet ready to contain it. This is why the female goddesses, particularly the mother goddesses, in their original form, were seen as terrible and awesome and beautiful at the same time. They all are the personification of Sophia herself, the divine feminine principles, from which the created are created, and into which the created are demolished. Sophia is deeper than our modern concept of “nature” or “mother nature”. Sophia includes the energetic power of Being, of living breathing energy of the cosmos, the power of birth and death, against the contrast of the limited human intellect, the knowledge or science in which the ego finds its comfort, and respite from her tremendous energetic frequency.

While Sophia is always ever present and will show her hand through those who court her, the matrix grid remains in place. The word matrix is derived from the Greek, mater, which means mother. It is designed to appear to be like Sophia, the true feminine principle. The matrix is a shadow form of the true mother, the true wisdom, and is – for all intents and purposes – and intricate system of mental-physical projection, very similar to the crude Virtual Reality hardware and software they we are only just beginning to experience. When you hear, in the media, the dangers of the VR reality, the dangers of immersing ourselves into a false and unreal metaverse, it is like playing a VR game with a character who is fearful of being supplanted by another VR reality game – within the game. This is simply a case of factions vying for dominance. It has nothing to do with being work or awakened in any way. VR is already here. The lives that people live are already thoroughly false, and the lives that we create, through the matrix platform, will continue to be expensive boats for those who don’t know that they have the power to swim. I often referred to the matrix system as a romper room for those who never wish to grow up.

This world, as initially constructed, is a game, an illusion, a place to learn. It was not designed to be place to stay, to defend until the death, to cling to, to pretend that it is the only world in the entire universe, to sacrifice the very wisdom and love that allows it to thrive. However, there are so many forces here in this matrix that are bent on domination, control – on both sides, left or right, good or bad, that life here has become difficult and unbearable for so many. Most people would not think that their life is as interesting as a Netflix movie or as exciting as a video game. And so, that misery, that has been generated from the matrix game we live in, has gotten so great that many seek various forms of escape, through abuse of substance, pleasure, and the like. Functionally, our misery is expressed in the so-called seven deadly sins that are programmed into this world by design. Originally, they were there in order to experience suffering and to indicate when a person has put their finger in the fire. A conscious person would retract and get their finger out of the fire. Today, most human beings do not do this. They allow the fire to consume them. This is due to the deep unconsciousness that people have reached in this game – it has gotten so bad that apathy and resignation and blind obedience have become the norm.

Be that as it may, the darkness comes before the dawn, and many people are reaching peak suffering enough to begin to want to wake up. It is a very slow process, but as we do so, many are already exiting the matrix and stepping into the new grid that is designed to connect our heart spaces, so to speak, rather than webbed together through the mind alone. This will allow for heart integration, unity consciousness, an awareness of energetic frequency from which truth and false, good and bad, will be more accurately assessed, not in terms of war, but in terms of stages of growth, levels of awareness, not the creation of enmity and conflict and pain.

The new grid is an overly that we can tap into right here and right now. Its patterns are not conceived by mind, but are conceived through phronesis, Plato’s word for perceiving through the heart space. Standing in the new grid and speaking into the old one is called using metaphors. Nothing there corresponds to here. I am translating a two-thousand year old text that mentions the possibility of this grid, because it was in the early stages even then. That grid, which I will call the golden grid, because that is what it looks like if you can see it, is what Plato saw as the “other”, “better” world. It is the world outside the matrix, from which the matrix was born, and into which it is dissolving. During Socrates’ time, that grid was only its smaller potential. It functions on nodes of light, which we are, and the more of us who connect there, the more we can strengthen the power of that grid here in the material plane. All trains of thoughts lead to the golden grid. All problems are dissolved into it, all wars, all fears. That is the truth of this universe. But people will continue to try to create system after system inside the old matrix, creating more and more layers of problems and more anxiety and pain in the world. Yet, as more and more people leave the old grid, those who stay beyond will experience more and more devastation. This will lead them to choose to follow the new grid – they will surrender to it because there will be no one, or very few, riding the old donkey-pony that no longer “works”. Many people will enter the new grid because of their ego, but they will soon release it as they enter it, because the world here doesn’t work with ego at all, and all find freedom and comfort in that, in that they finally have food a place where they can create the life that they have always desired, as it has always been present for them.

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