The Human Dreaming

What if we are not only the human being but are also the human dreaming. If we shake up some of the false misconceptions of what we think we are, of what our superficial consciousness tells us, what the experts say, what the religious men say, this ice on the surface will crack and the truth about the deep waters, the great mystery, will be revealed. Do we jump in, or do we just stay on that surface until the sun shines hot enough for the shards to melt back into their source? It’s really your choice. Which dream do you want to be? Which being do you want to dream?

On the surface, we are taught in this matrix that dreams are “just dreams”. What this means is that they have no meaning or relevance at all to your “real” life. It is such a strange thing to say that something we experience, even inside this so-called real world, is somehow irrelevant, or outside the real world. Perhaps this denial of the truth that dreams present is a door, as it were, a door that can shut us out, or a door that can lead to an awakening. Perhaps there is a truth that our subconscious is not really to reveal to even ourselves, because it would threaten all that we know and all that we believe we can know.

The fear of not knowing is the greatest fear we hold inside of us. And it is precisely this fear that fuels what we call reality. Fear is an energy that propels us into an addiction to storytelling, entertainment, myth, and all sorts of drama. It also propels us into an experience of meaningless, emptiness and monotony. The stories give us characters and names into which we can project, and the plot shows us the direction of the action: a beginning, a middle, and an end. These stories are sometimes for our entertainment, but most of them are the ones that we live inside of, as the dream, as the timelines we engage in. These dreams which become our living timelines, locally and globally, are fueled by an underground network of subconscious imagination that the collective shares and continues to manifest. If the collective fears war, war is created. If the collective fears lust, lust is created. If the collective fears poverty, so it shall be. The reason is that fear, which is an energetic presence, is a form of energy that contains potential and momentum, particularly in the human body. Fear always assumes the existence of that which it fears. You don’t fear poverty if you don’t believe in it. You don’t fear pain, if you don’t believe in it. Our beliefs and our thoughts are the medium of the currency we traffic in in the matrix, which is fear.

When we don’t believe in our dreams, even the dream that we desire to be real, we don’t make them happen.

The Daydream (The Physical Co-Created World)

Let’s start with the physical world, the daydream, the dream that contains the physical objects and bodies that are extremely limited in their nature. This world is created, not “as the Bible says”, for those are just words, remnants of a memory, distorted or not. The light in the cave is always fragmented, dim, and is usually only seen through its reflection off of objects, its contrast to shadows. The light comes alive in all colors here, no matter how pale and shaded. There are animals here, and human beings, rocks, and trees and skyscrapers, roads and gas stations. All of them are born in some way, and eventually die. Some have short lifespans; others live for millennia. There are religious and scientific people here who want to limit our capacity to explore the wonders and mysteries of this world, how it came to be, how we are experiencing it and why. They point to a religious or a science book and tell us that that is the answer. Such is the matrix and its religions and fake science, which are hidden portals to true enlightenment, hidden by the shadows of limitation, shadow, words and concepts, stories and myths, all fueled by the energy of fear, the fear of not knowing.

The daydream in the matrix is fueled by fear. The greater the fear, the greater the war, the conflict, the duality. This is why we see so much war on the political stage. Many are engaged in this war, either physically, emotionally, mentally, or all of the above. All of it is sourced in fear, fear of the other side winning. The greatest illusion of this dream is that the dreamers believe they are not creating this dream but are in fact victims of it. The believe this because they believe that what their mind cannot choose, they are victims of. However, this is a like a toddler thinking that it cannot choose to be a surgeon, because it cannot even imagine what it is.

The first thing to know about the daydream, is that you, the dreamer, co-create them with others. The physical world, the daydream, is a manifestation of the most powerful fears of the matrix and the fear-nodes that fuel it. The roles and characters that are played inside the dream, are just playing out the drama, as reactions to various arbitrary stories uses to either explain, deal with, or end fear. When you incarnate you know that you enter a state of sleep, in the form of the physical dream. Why did you come here? To learn, eventually, how to create a world. Earth is a school for learning how to become creators. We begin, basically, as apprentices, experiencing the nature of the dream, how to be in it, how live inside of it, and how to eventually regain consciousness, to achieve lucidity and to be able to choose your dream. The most difficult and challenging dream to effect change in is the physical world. The reason for this is simple. The only way to affect change in the physical world is to first know that it is a dream, and second to know that you are the creator. That awareness can take many lifetimes, although today we are witnessing an acceleration in the awakening process. That acceleration is lifting the veil that has concealed the fuel cells of this dream, namely fear. For the past two or three years, the fear has heightened to such a great extent that the stories, the “lies” of the dream are become more and more obvious. Some are finding this easy to take and are continuing their ascension out of the dream. Others are in panic mode: clinging for dear life, to the stage, as all the other actors have taken their exits. Soon, they will only have the props left, and many will die clinging to them.

Fear runs beneath the surface of the daydream, just like batteries are stored inside a device. They aren’t visible on the surface. The rivers of the underworld, something that Socrates gets to talking about in the Phaedo, during the last part of the dialogue, are the currents of fear. These rivers are the rivers of Hades, the unseen that carry the electrical current of fear that drives the subterranean fight or flight impulses within our body. The stories that we create, the dramas that have been engendered by this active desire to be saved find their most powerful form in the story of Jesus. This is why the Jesus story has lasted for thousands of years. However, it retains and requires the fear in order to fuel it. That is why the interpretations that religion affords are simply matrix stories and do not provide enlightenment directly, although they do contain the portals to enlightenment. The original teachings of Yeshua are in fact preserved even within the New Testament itself. However, for the standard religious interpretation, the teachings are interpreted by a desperate understanding, a dream that is fueled by fear, not love, as Yeshua intended. We are love. As love we cannot fear. Yet, the stories of the religious are based on fear: fear of demons, of hell, of not being saved, etc. They are always victims, and always waiting for a god’s permission to act, to return a prayer. This is not enlightenment, and it is not truth. It is only a story for children who are afraid of this world and it was written to keep them that way. It is the daydream of the Western spiritual world, and it is incredibly limiting.

The daydream we create, economically, politically, socially, is a function of the co-created collective dream. That is why you will not find yourself there, for those who are seeking self. It is impossible to find yourself in the dream of others, particularly those who are fueled by fear. Those that surrender to their role in this physical place, spend most of their time in this dream-state of the collective. They will naturally allow the fear and the stories to affect them, and they usually live very limited lifestyles, although from the perspective of the many, they are perfectly “normal”. Each one of us is as incarnated beings, begins in the physical daydream. Some of us learn to master it, to become lucid dreamers, and some of us continue to feel victimized in it, as if we were not one-hundred percent free to choose our destiny. Most of us are a mixture of these.

The Astral Dreams

Astral dreams occur when our body is asleep, and our consciousness can leave the tribulations of the fear-based physical world. Some people say that this is when the soul can leave the body. But this is erroneous. The soul never “leaves” the body, because the soul is not a physical substance that can leave or enter a place. Soul is an emanation at best. The consciousness will carry all of its energy and creative baggage into the astral dream, which is a co-created astral projection. It is similar to the material world, except that we are no longer limited by time and space. The consciousness can project and visualize itself as anyone and anything. In this place, the person, unrestricted by laws and regulations of any kind, including natural laws, expresses itself in its highest form of truth. This is why the astral plane can be incredibly disturbing, and there are groups of beings that want to see, as much as possible, some of these forms bleed into the physical world. The new age religion, and all of its functions is an expression of the astral dream on the physical plane. Everything about new age spiritualism defies any sort of “normal” or “human” law, and that was its intention. It was created to keep many truth seekers on this astral plane, to make them feel as if they have reached the highest stage of enlightenment through contact with spirit guides, aliens, gods, and angels, even demons. Surely enough, this fantasy playland is slowly being dismantled, with all the other timelines that serve nothing other than to keep humanity – particularly women – enslaved. Many spiritual practitioners have been, over the past two years, “losing” some of their abilities, such as astral projection travel, communication with certain entities, visions, etc. At first glance, this has been quite a challenge for them, because many have made serious profits from these gifts. However, many are awakening for this form of the dream and are starting to learn that wisdom, the thing that they truly want to embody, is not something that the matrix wants to pay for. Many are having to re-evaluate their intentions and their methods of “service”.

The Learning Dreams

Learning dreams are wonderful forms of dreams. How do you know you are having a learning dream? You know because they awaken you to a reality you never noticed before. They are clearly trying to show you something, and will often emphasize words, images and faces to make sure you see them and focus on them. They style of learning dream is determined by your own style of learning. This is not like modern educational learning which is a one-size fits all. You are actually being guided by your own higher consciousness and awareness, something that you may not be alert to, and you may even be guided by different “versions’ of yourself, different timelines on the astral plane, if such teachings are necessary. Only you and you alone can learn from this dream. Trying to learn what your dreams are from others is a fool’s errand and will only end in frustration.

Some of these dreams come, and you may not be able to understand them in their full force. That is fine. You can write them down and carry them with you. Walk with them. Sometimes the dreams will make sense over time. The dream is there for you to remember the lesson, after you go through the experience.

These dreams are also used for rapid awakening, and that is why many are experiencing many strange and vivid dreams. We are all going through a rapid acceleration of expanding consciousness. In the physical world, interactions with others are also opportunities for learning, but these are slow processes. For example, perhaps you want to learn something about love, and so you will have some love experiences over the course of twenty or so years. It may take a while, especially if your lesson involves marriage. In the learning dreams, however, you can learn all this over a couple of nights. It doesn’t matter if you are completely conscious of this rapid learning. In fact, often it is best that you are not, due to fatigue of the body, and the risk of becoming ill. Many people are experiencing waking up, and feeling completely different, as if a shadow has been ripped away suddenly, even those shadows that have been companions over lifetimes. I am seeing so many people letting go of these shadows and allow them to be swallowed up by those beings who are helping us clean ourselves up, to ascend and increase our ability to love unconditionally.

The reason for these learning dreams at this time is to teach us how to create a world that is not based on fear but is based on love. The fear-matrix of the physical and astral worlds is being dismantled through each one of us, as we each let go of our fear, and so remove, one by one, the batteries that fuel the fear matrix. Of course, in the physical world, the daydream, it will take time to manifest this new world. But make no mistake, as we continue to learn through the learning dreams, and bypass the “darker” teachings of the matrix forms of education and experience, we will prevail and provide a better world for our children and theirs. Remember always to honor and love yourself in this process. The matrix world is so focus on money, power, and success. It doesn’t honor the work that our spirit does, with our agreement, and our passion to create from our hearts, instead of our heads.

The Nightmares

Ah, the scary dreams. These are the dreams that bring the rivers of the underworld to the surface. Centuries of fear has created the world that we now experience in the daydream and in the astral plane. Many people, when they first break the surface area of the veil of illusion, the dreaming world, will experience frightening visions, dreams, and various other things. Many might feel they are going mad, or that they are headed to hell. They may even feel punished for awakening. There is no punishment here. This is all the muck and shadow that has been kept locked up in a dungeon, and it is so powerful that has fueled the energetic creation of this world. As we release it, many are experiencing it and are taking on the shadow-beasts in their various forms. It is the dirty work of spiritual cleansing.

Fear, in addition to being used for batteries, was also used to manipulate people into remaining in place. Repetitive dreams, chasing dreams, dreams of being bit by a snake – all of these dreams would occur during sleep-time, and you would wake up, relieved that “it was just a dream”. That is one of the illusions of the matrix, that the dream world is insubstantial and childish, and that it is the real world. Nothing could be more twisted than that.

The Human Being

The human being is a dream, a combination of all of these dreams together. If we considered ourselves individuals, it is only because we have a physical body in physical form. If we didn’t, our perception and experience of who we are would be totally different. We would understand that we can enter anyone else’s dream and appear in any way we choose. We can work with each other at different levels of consciousness, to help each other learn and grow. We do this every night and every day. Meanwhile, our consciousness that has been conditioned in the matrix to be afraid of anything that expresses itself outside what is considered “normal”, is attached to people, personalities, places, habits, and monotony. The physical consciousness is completely and utterly attached to a “reality” that is confirmed through a combination of fear and a desire to be saved, and held by the community, in whatever form it takes (friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues, social media groups).

Since the human being is living his or her dream, and the dream can be an experience in itself, and a learning for that experience, we eventually realize that we can choose all of this, at will; that we don’t need to overstay our welcome inside the dream of others, and that we can leave and enter as they will it and as we will it. Agreement is key here. This level of understanding is very hard to grasp for those who are still attached to things like loyalty (a form of contractual soul agreement) and mundane love (another soul contract designed to teach you what love is not). The dream doesn’t feel like a choice to them. However, when we awaken, we know that it is a choice – it is not a question of whether it is or not. You know that it is, and you know that you are the dream you get to create in the world.

This place is a dream.
Only a sleeper considers it real.

Then death comes like dawn,
and you wake up laughing
at what you thought was your grief.

But there’s a difference with this dream.
Everything cruel and unconscious
done in the illusion of the present world,
all that does not fade away at the death-waking.

It stays,
and it must be interpreted.

All the mean laughing,
all the quick, sexual wanting,
those torn coats of Joseph,
they change into powerful wolves
that you must face.

The retaliation that sometimes comes now,
the swift, payback hit,
is just a boy’s game
to what the other will be.

You know about circumcision here.
It’s full castration there!

And this groggy time we live,
this is what it’s like:
     A man goes to sleep in the town
where he has always lived, and he dreams he’s living
in another town.
     In the dream, he doesn’t remember
the town he’s sleeping in his bed in. He believes
the reality of the dream town.

The world is that kind of sleep.


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