Matrix Network Cults and Autonomy

In this post, I am going to start by saying that every single one of us has the potential to experience and express our gifts. I am not talking about birthday gifts or any other form of holiday gifts. I am not speaking of skills. I am speaking about the gift of who you are and always will be – the gift that is autonomy. I am speaking about your ability to perceive, transmute, and create from one form of energy to another; the ability to experience deep connection with the One, the Unity that we are. Unity is who you are, after you forget who you are told who you are, and who you are trying to be.

We begin in partial or full resistance to who we actually are. We do this in order to “fit” into the matrix system, to become a part of it, due to fear. Fear is the energy that at the matrix requires in order to exist. The motions of the nodes in the matrix are fight or flight. To learn more about this see The Human Dreaming. People are worried about transhumanism because they fear that we will become simply parts of a biological computer. Well, this is already happening and has been happening for thousands of years. All things are already happening. This is the true nature of the universe. The only way to “stop” things from happening is to become conscious of them, their illusion, and remove them, like implants beneath our skin. Trying to stop them through resistance and fight only makes them happen even more powerfully, and even more in full view. When stuff shows up in the surface of the matrix, for the consciousness of all to see, then we know how deep that timeline has been growing, and how powerful its momentum is. In the timeline I am on, that I am creating, transhumanism has no power at all. It is not a threat. For others, it is definitely a threat. There is no fixed timeline – there are multiple ones, running parallel to each other. Those in one timeline often take it upon themselves to make sure those outside of that timeline hop on board – this is in order to create more momentum for the reality they wish to generate. This is why there a number of nodes in the matrix who thrive off of fear and the constant publishing of fear-related information and material. If you notice, they never provide a way out here, except perhaps “prayer” and “hope” and to cling to them, and their news sources on Patreon.

As we remain in fear-based timelines, we begin to engage in the theater drama of the matrix, where we find salvation, respite, or perhaps more war or all of the above. As we engage in the matrix, our projections of ourselves (which isn’t the real Self) are replicated on the network of attached nodes. We already notice this behavior in crows, who, it seems, magically are able to communicate to each other so as to warn themselves about dangers. They can do this for their young. So, for example, if a man were to threaten the birds in some way, they would be able broadcast this danger to the network of crows. When the man returns, even to the crows who haven’t seen him yet, they will react in fear. If one sees the danger, all see the danger. We marvel at this phenomenon because we don’t realize that we do exactly the same thing. We are just too asleep to recognize that all of our thoughts are actually broadcast throughout the network, called our “friends” or “like-minded people”. These groups often congeal and pick up momentum in the form of benight or malignant local cults or sects of various forms, religious, political, or otherwise. The nodes themselves are not really conscious of this illusion that they are creating – that they are the expression of the “transhumanist” reality they claim to fight against.

Because the messages of this matrix network are present on the network, just as in the artificial computer networks of the lower density world, one can tap into them, and interpret them, at least partially. This is why we can hear all possible thoughts on the network. While in the matrix, however, most of the frequencies of this “radio broadcast” are hidden from us. The reason is simple: we would go stark raving mad. Can you imagine, being able to hear all the thoughts transmitted through the matrix? Instead, we are given filtered versions of them, through our higher awareness, sometimes called our higher self, in the service of the good of the whole. The good of the whole is not something any human being can completely understand except intuitively and through clairvoyance. When a politician or social activist-elitist rambles on about the public good, you can safely know that they are speak of the good in terms of some specific cult or sect in the matrix. The good of the whole already is working through us, actually, despite the timelines and their warped perspectivism. The good of the whole is not something we need, as human beings, to worry about.

Two years ago, for about a day or two, I was given the experience of hearing everything. It was horrifying, to say the least – all the images and messages moved from one into the other. There is no break in the network of the matrix mind – there is no silence. I still sometimes have visions of multiple timelines at the same time – it is all nonsense in the end, a million different radio stations turned on at the same time. On a daily basis, I take in a lot of this communication, which is why I write.

But when I write, I have had to learn how to choose particular stations, the ones that are most informative and transformative. I am listening now and am typing without edit and without any attempt to reassemble or reinterpret this message. I am not here to display my writing or poetic techniques. I am here to deliver some of the messages I hear whether I like them or not.

Back to cults and sects…..

Cults and sects in the matrix proliferate and gain power, through their power over the forms and manipulation of the public mind-nodes. The ones that employ the media, have the most power. We have witnessed this madness for two years now, and for many it still hasn’t stopped, and won’t stop until more and more nodes, wake up to their node-ness, the deception of fear, and experience of victimization. When they awaken, life gets a lot easier, and they feel their own potential to create a life that is based on love, instead of panic and survival. As it is, most people, still absorbed in the matrix and acting as willing participants, only interpret the world in the way any specific cult desires, in accordance with its generated timeline. I remember the first time I heard the conversation around the waccine and the illness. I saw that it is a biological weapon. It still is. Only now are people, after so much “scientific research” are realizing this. If we tapped into our ability to know and hear the truth, like the crows do, then perhaps we would have saved countless lives. Perhaps though, that was not meant to be. I am not judge of the highest good.

And this brings me to one very core reason why most of us with gifts reject who we are and are easily seduced into those who claim to “understand us”. We are not, in this matrix system, a source of truth. The matrix only wants its systems and nodes of its systems to be a source of truth. Consensus is vital to this network. The reason for this simple. If I am a source of truth, all nodes are a source of truth, as they are also an emanation of Self. There would be no need for a matrix system! The matrix falls in proportion to the number of nodes that split off and find autonomy. That autonomy doesn’t “maps” into a function of utility for the matrix, a system which uses its nodes to perform work and create consensus between the other nodes. Those who are awakened will find that those nodes will have a very negative reaction to them. This negativity will translate to the awakened, into a form of fear. Many light workers have been tormented with this, and have been led astray, as a result, into forms of cult that appear to be groups of awakened like-minded people.

The truth is, for the awakened, there are no groups of like-minded people. There is only autonomy. That is a strong pill to take, and we do take it, when we are ready. However, autonomy isn’t what the matrix mind images it to be: it isn’t an ego separated in a corner by itself, and it isn’t self-empowerment. It isn’t “cool”. In the matrix, it is only silent, and every time it speaks, it speaks in riddles, because the matrix language cannot communicate the light directly. Autonomy is the merging into the one. The ego-personality has dissolved, and it is no longer of primary interest at all. Care for the body and the world is simply an expression of the unity consciousness. The goal, eventually, is to lift up humanity towards this consciousness, this higher awareness, where we can communicate as the crows do, and know truth and good and false and evil, when we see it – instantaneously, the sunshine, and the rain as it falls, and as man and women together walk the earth.

4 thoughts on “Matrix Network Cults and Autonomy

  1. OMG, yes, yes, yes, this is fabulous! I so deeply resonate with this. Your words really connect with me and this article and your last one (also awesome) have answered so many loose ends for me! I’m buzzing right now! I am beyond grateful! Beyond! Who knew this morning when I woke up that I’d be living this moment! So so grateful to you! 🌼🌻🌸


  2. The truth is, for the awakened, there are no groups of like-minded people. There is only autonomy… Autonomy s the merging into the one.

    Yes yes yes! 🙏🙏🙏


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