Wholeness is latent in all things. Especially within what appears to be chaos. We are able to see the whole hologram with each of its parts. This is a secret that has been long hidden from us. And so, as a result most people work too hard and long to create their lives. This is because they think they need to climb all mountains in order to master the whole of all mountains. They do not see that all mountains can be climbed together at once. And so they believe that life is hard. And so it is.

All things meet at the event horizon. All things loose their distinction there. The ego cannot understand this and only understands persuasion and violence in order to create unity. This is because it thinks it needs to master all others in order to master the whole of itself. And so it toils with sweat and tears and blames a God for it, a snake, and a woman and money.

We live in a world where people need proof in order to believe in the light of the day: evidence for the forked tongue of the liar; justification in order to love. Science is the comfort of a straight jacket for those who have lost all intuition and all appropriate power over mind. This is because of the profound distrust and fear each has, for the vast simplicity and grace of the whole. For what is more fearful to the ego than to trust the whole of body and soul to be free?

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