Rocks in the Labyrinthine Mind

The picture above is a magnified image of sand. It is a remarkable world that we cannot see with our eyes. After all, we often see the rock as the lowest beings of all the beings on earth, and this is because they appear to be hard and unmoving, without consciousness, and without the ability to grow and mature, and so, while many seem beautiful, they are mostly ignored as “just rocks” or “just stones”. The reality we live in, as co-created through the egoic-mind of the collective, doesn’t place much importance in rocks, except as objects and materials with which to build and lean on or name. The idea of a “pet rock” is a bit of a joke, which implies that rocks don’t have much to offer in terms of companionship or guidance.

However, as I shall show you, rocks are also teachers. Not only that. They are teachers for those who very advanced on their journeys. Unlike other human beings and animals, however, the rocks don’t speak to us with voices and they do not come to us on two or four feet when we call. They do not make our breakfast, or give us the love that our mommy never did. Instead, they just appear, at the right time and the right place, in a magical way that is only noticed when we have truly stepped outside of our egoic-mind.  So, that begs the next question, which is: What do rocks teach us?

Rocks are more evolved than us in one major respect – they are embodied frequencies and carry those frequencies within them, even in this physical world.  Specific rocks will show up for you on your own journey as teachers of vibration and energetic embodiment. If you are having trouble embodying love, rose quartz may appear. If you are having trouble with communication, you encounter something like blue calcite.  In a time when most human beings are completely ungrounded, rocks as crystals are great teachers and guides for us to return to the earth, to stand from there, instead of living inside of our egoic mind. Rocks are stillness incarnate, and although we can’t watch them grow, they do grow over a wider space of time than any other living creature on the planet. They are part from the earth and can dissolve back into her. They preserve bones and preserve frequencies at the same time. They hold memories and powerful energies. Some crystals are natural purifiers and others are absorbent. When speaking of oneness and unity in the physical form, the rocks are embodiments of that form. From them, we learn stillness, patience, eternity, consistency of frequency, steadfastness, tolerance, strength, fortitude, and determination. If you look at a rose quartz you can see the frequencies emitted from it. You can feel it and allow it to guide your own. As the rose quartz remains in that frequency as itself, you can learn also, by holding it, spending time with it, meditating with it, becoming one with it. This requires that you relinquish all the other frequencies that disturb you away from the frequency of love. This is the true spiritual practice.

However, as powerful as rocks may be, it doesn’t mean that if you hold a rose quartz, that you will immediately experience an embodiment of love energy.  As I said before, rocks and crystals are for the advanced practitioner, and those who can learn from the rocks do so at the right time and right place on their journey. To attempt to “learn from” the rock at any other time than the right time, is folly.  This is the beauty of the divine journey and the divine education – we only can learn what we are ready to learn. The teacher who approaches us is the teacher that is delivered to us. No human being, not even ourselves, can dictate who the teacher will be. Many still require only human teachers because they are not ready to let go of their ego-personality. Many require only animal teachers, because they have let go of the need to find knowledge from other human beings, and find more magic and communication in the animal kingdom. Rocks are another step on the ladder of being, and require a complete letting go of the need for personality on any level. In many ways, crystals, with their geometric formations, are the embodiment on earth of the sacred geometry, the most impersonal of teachers, and yet close to the most powerful simply because they embody more closely the very secrets of the universe.

We are not taught any of this this in the egoic-mind schools of current society, because those schools are designed to be part of the labyrinth that we walk in the beginning of our path, when we believe that human beings, all equally lost, can teach each other how to be found. One by one however, each person will in their own time discover that the egoic-mind, a master of creating its own labyrinth, also has lost its memory of how to escape. This is the labyrinth of Daedalus, and many of us get trapped within it for lifetimes upon lifetimes. Not only that, there have been mechanisms set in place to prevent us from leaving and escaping, from growing out of the egoic labyrinth, realizing its illusions, and expanding onto greater paths and greater awareness. For this reason, many do not know how to deal with their boundless desire for the beloved, for love, and for peace, and instead of being able to connect with that infinity by leaving the limiting labyrinth, they begin to develop diseases, phobias, obsessions, itching and scratching and destroying themselves, like rats in a cage. For while we are caught up in the egoic-mind-matrix system we tend to fall into what we are told to notice, and ignore and avoid what might give us the keys to our own joy. We are, during that time, during that timeline, walking a path that is not our own and we then aimlessly wander through the great labyrinth, wondering why love and peace and bliss has evaded our grasp, until we resign ourselves to our toils and troubles, as if it were a destiny. Many through exhaustion and weariness, give up the journey and find comfort in ice cream or marriage or a job that is easy for themselves.

Some try to console themselves through greed and excess: collecting crystals, playing too much music, listening to too much music, excessive exercise, obsessive diets, sex/drug/alcohol addictions, too much game playing or Netflix watching. Mind likes to collect and loves to engage in hoarding for no reason other than to possess and feel alive, in order to simulate power and freedom. Many get deeply evolved in obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior, and, because most are in that state, they think we are normal. But acquiring specific singular objects during their life, the maze that is their journey, should be a special moment that carries tremendous impact and never creates the urge to collect or become obsessive. You don’t need many rocks. You just need the right one. Many lose our sense for rightness, when we become absorbed in greed and obsession that involves collecting, accumulating, possessing, and harnessing.  When we are absorbed in that way, we lose sensitivity for the power of these objects, and we tend to gather too many of them, and many that are not appropriate for us to hold. For example, there is a powerful quartz called Spirit Quartz that would not be wise to hold without first having walked with the more grounding stones, such as limestone and river rocks.  The reason is that Spirit Quartz holds powerful energies that help us ground our higher consciousness to the earth, something that we cannot do if we are not yet capable of grounding in our own body and maintaining a certain amount of presence there.

The misery of wealthy people consists in this very thing – they are able to have anything that money can buy – and they do so. They collect cars, homes, fine wines, jewels and gold. None of it satisfies them and that is the journey that they are on, to learn that none of it satisfies them, and not only not satisfies them, but keeps them reminded how more and more miserable and lost they have become. Many will not stop with the acquiring of objects, but will also seek fame and power over the human population, in hopes of finding the love and freedom that seems to illude them. Meanwhile, many people look at rich people as living a blessed life, and this is because they too are on the journey of learning that love cannot be bought. They are just in different form of the labyrinth.

In the end, we are all here to learn about love, the dead ends, the wasted effort, until we discover that we ourselves find it only when we leave the labyrinthine mind, and all its expectations and dramatic twists and turns. And when we leave that maze, we then come into our own energy, because that is all that is left when we leave behind the puzzle that we have created for ourselves to solve. And so the only alternative at that point, is to bask in that joy of being, knowing that we, like the rocks and the crystals, are able embody this highest frequency into the earth, to bring love here, to bring higher consciousness into our everyday life, to experience relationships that enrich each our journeys, and love that always nourishes The Way. This is where the lower path of the rock is now seen as the higher, and where the Earth herself becomes the blessed source of peace we have all been seeking. All along we created what appeared to be toil and struggle, but only in order to discover the love that we all are. At that very moment, nothing in the earth is seen to be created for any other reason besides love – for on the last day of creation, you said, it was good and so it is and always will be.

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    1. Shungite is excellent for removing any kind of emf or lower energies that pass through cell towers and wifi. I keep it all over the house, particularly near all electronics. But of course all of that is pointless if people keep portals open anyway. It’s like trying to keep floors clean and yet refusing to take off your shoes before entering the house.

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