The Horses and the God

“Everyone is the other and no one is himself.”

― Martin Heidegger, Being and Time

Being. Being is the core around Plato’s teaching. It is the core around the teaching of Buddha, Nietzsche, Yeshua (Jesus) and Eckhart Tolle. The dance however, the songs that they create to awaken the awareness of being is different, not only between each other, but within their own forms of expression, particularly Plato, who uses all forms of the matrix, whatever has enough cracks to let the light through.

Spirals are portals into and out of worlds. They exist all over the material world and can be represented mathematically and geometrically.

But being is a difficult thing to express, simply because it can’t be expressed in any particular form or method. Yes, you can talk about your experience with the sun, how it feels on your back at the height of summer, how it gives life to all the living creatures, and how it gives light even behind the clouds that attempt to conceal it. However, you will never be able to give someone your experience, which is only accessible to you. The Now moment, around which Tolle spins his entire philosophy, is the infinite point center of a spiral that expands out indefinitely. Both are eternal points, or portals that lead from the finite circular motions of time into the infinite expanse of who we are. That is the geometrical structure of being and is the structure of all Platonic dialogues. However, still, that geometrical representation is not being as itself. The experience of being is what drives all expressions, and yet itself cannot be expressed.

So, then, what is the point of being concerned about Being? Well, being is simply, everything and nothing at all, in accordance with the teaching of Zen Buddhism. Life is not something that cannot be taught, and life is coeval with its wisdom and love, all the experiences that we seek in the life that we struggle with. Socrates refers to this life of struggle as the “lower world”. He also refers to it in his Cave metaphor, as well as in his description of the underworld itself. The true world, however, is something we discover from within the lower world, by walking through the land of the shadows, the wasteland, the realm of dreams and mirages and illusions. Nihilism is simply an imagination from within the dream, that there is nothing outside the dream. Nihilism is, despite its attempts to appear “deep”, is still sleepwalking through the world, dreaming that negation is one way of escape. But nihilism attempts to escape by shutting itself down for a while, rejecting the world it is suffering, and yet keeping its eyes and ears closed to any clues or keys for the way to freedom. Nihilism literally throws all the babies out with their bathwater. It is a dark trial indeed.

The world today is based on nihilistic fantasies and will swing between “all is meaningless” and “I have to make meaning”. That is the main struggle of modern human beings. However, the truth is that the world we live in, in the physical and the dream realms is more like a labyrinth, and there is so much support along the way when it comes to uncovering of love and freedom, the very things all secretly or openly seek. The attempts of all source-based spiritual teachings are not to attach you to the teachings or teachers themselves, but to assist you on your way, by providing little points of light in a dark maze, particularly during times of deep confusion and difficulty. And the difficulties themselves increase, the more we don’t listen to ourselves as we move through the labyrinth. When the nihilist is ready to listen, to being to walk again, he has a good chance of lifting himself away from the pull and tug of life, and to abandon the pendulum between despair and excessive exuberance.

And it only takes one little taste of being, to begin the effort to return to that being. A taste of pure bliss is the thing that will call to us, every minute, and remind us that things can be better, that there is something more to this world than the struggle and drama. And so it begins, the true journey of finding our back to ourselves again and again for what feels like a tiny taste. But the more we return, the longer we begin to stay, and the longer we are able to stay. Things get easier as we begin to stand outside the cave and experience being. We grow more silent, because we know that speech is not going to add or subtract from the experience. Nothing more is needed. There is nothing more to do or say. At that point, the speech we do make, is only to shed light into the darker areas of life, for those aspects of ourselves that are still stuck in certain routes, timelines, crevices of life: fixations that keep us stuck in fear. In fact, all fixed thoughts and attachments are a result of fear, which is the glue that clings so many things to our energetic field, making us feel trapped, defensive, over-protective, emotional and dramatic. The more we stand in being, the more we notice what the ego really is, and that what we were had no true substance at all. This is the true awakening.

During the process of awakening into being, the ego will continue to try to raise its hand, or even more, it will try to use that experience in order to save itself, and it will pull and tug at you, to get you distracted away from what is essentially a profound sense of peace and contentment. The ego, remember is all about survival and it will go so far as to make you sick and try to convince you that the sickness is due to spending too much time in being. It will harness others to come into your life, to try to keep you away from your true self. It is an amazing thing to watch and yet can be so painful for the individual to experience if they aren’t aware of the “enemy inside”. The ego despises silence, contentment, and peace, because it wants attention and will gladly kill whatever stands its way. And, in order to gain that attention, it needs to create a lot of noise, a lot of flattery, excessive speech and exaggerated humility, adoration, and even hatred. The ego will use any polarity to get what it wants, and most egos tend to use one polarity over another. In the beginning stages of awakening, it is easy for the individual to fall back into the ego’s traps, and momentary joys, experiences of false success, etc.

For while being is peaceful and experiences its own wholeness, lacking in nothing, as love itself; ego, sees lack in itself, and thus creates the source of its own neediness, and lack, a true reality of course, because the ego is not sufficient in itself. It can never replace the experience of being, which is only accessible through full embodiment of soul, and so it creates a sense of suffering and inadequacy, and seeks books, friends, experiences, love to compensate for what it lacks. All of this always eventually ends in dissatisfaction and the constant unending search for more and better, or in complete capitulation, as it remains settled in its angry, resentful seas, seeking only others who mirror itself to itself. Truly, the only hell in the world, is to live trapped in ego, no matter how pretty the walls are; no matter how much gold is stored there, there is nothing more miserable and emptier than ego. And yet, it is ego that claims that being is an empty, useless concept, a philosophical piece of fantasy that has no relationship to reality.

Ego, in addition to being empty and without substance, is a consciousness of separation, that can only see the differences of things. Even when it does find similarity, it finds it in terms of the similarity between separated objects. The likeness between different things is as far as the ego can go when it considers the unity of things. The ego believes that unity is bringing separate things together – into the same, and that is why the ego will often use methods of persuasion or violence to achieve unity, in the name of the “good of the whole. All of this, the ego’s attempt to create unity is based on the fundamental error or illusion that all is separate to begin with. And, on that basis, the ego is standing on very shaky ground. An on shaky ground, the ego will cling, desire, fear, create so much effort to hold onto this person or that person, this experience or that experience.

There comes a point, when all this effort and struggle becomes unbearable, when the awakening consciousness no longer wants to be driven by that egoic wild horse and will then emerge to employ its powers of peace, of love, and wholeness, to assist in what is essentially a form of horse training, or a calming of those mad masters that drive the ego’s effort and energy into so many different directions. in that emergence, certain things are then discovered, things that the ego cannot possibly believe:

That we are one.

That we are aware of each as one (not as other) across time and space.

That all desires and needs and flattery are signs of ego, not love, and not being.

That Soul communicates with ego through synchronicity and dreams for the particular dreamer. This means: you can’t go to someone else to find out what your life means. You can only make effort to let go of ego, so that you can hear yourself more.

Your ego structure is the only thing causing misery in your life. No one else is: not governments, not teachers, not parents.

That Soul doesn’t need to do a lot of work in order to gain knowledge or make things happen.

That the quantum field exists and that Soul is something that emerges in time and space at the same time, and in different places and manners, via the physical manifestation.

That we are present to all the energies and ideas ever created from within the collective energetic mind. Education can be gain by tapping into the quantum field.

That love is present and is our presence. All other “loves” aren’t loves, but ego dependencies and manipulations.

That we are eternal beings and always have access to eternal wisdom.

That fear is created and is an illusion used to manipulate and distance human beings from their higher Soul awareness.

That you are your own guide.

That Self, on the highest frequency, is the only God and that is the essence of the eternal One.

The Will, as Nietzsche correctly pointed out, is instrumental in emerging into this pure state of awareness inside the whole, which is an integration and harmonization of the whole, both differences and similarities, such that, as the higher consciousness gazes upon the life it has created, it will with no hesitation and with perfect love say:

All is good.

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