The Vortex Self in the Mirrors of the Other

I hope you are all well and thriving in this incredible time. The world is looking, more and more every day like a three-ring circus! However, the world isn’t changing – it has always been this way. It is we who are changing. Yes, some are still participating in the circus, trying to keep the show going, thinking that it is how life works, and thinking that this life is the thing upon which life depends. Some are in the bleacher seats, eating popcorn, beginning to see beyond the entertainment value, and beginning to question the legitimacy, validity, and certainty of a reality once thought of as being concrete and real. Blockages to our learning and our true education are being dissolved, through the help of those who are allowing the ego to dissolve, along with all the created timelines, characters, and theater props.

Nucleic acid double helix.

We are all circling around this vortex, that we called life, and all the things in it that we thought made us who we are and what the world is. Imagine: this world is designed to give us the appearance of physical certainty, consistency, and permanence, like on a platform or a stage. It is a timely illusion, and one that many are becoming present to. The roof on the theater that is spinning in the winds of the tornado may still have a roof, but it is in the vortex no less, and its time is running out, meaning that it is soon to collapse into the debris from which it was made, along with all the dramas and comedies it served. This must happen in order to allow for the creation of new worlds, new timelines, new mirrors for a humanity that has increased its awareness, the frequency of the energetic vortex.

All that is left is the vortex, an energy that pulls towards and away simultaneously, the essence of rotation and its simultaneous pattern of coming and going, beginning and end, the merging of the opposites. That energy fuels the energy of the matrix, and it is the energy that is our true, though ineffable, nature. The personalities we take on, the habits and patterns, the comforts we enjoy, the desires and the fear: these are all created inside the vortex source, and are held in time and place, for the purpose of our education on this planet that we have created, in order to discover who we are through the creations that we design.

It can be a very hard pill to swallow, to say that everything in your life is designed by you, and that you have chosen the challenges and obstacles that you face. The reason this is difficult is because your personality/ego cannot create such things. It is impossible, in fact, for the ego to create anything. The ego is the great imitator. It pretends and mimics what it learns or tries to simulate or replicate experiences that it wants to have. However, it cannot create those experiences or circumstances. This is why the ego must use indoctrination, force, persuasion, argumentation, violence, manipulation, love-bombing, kindness, or any other means necessary in order to get the experiences it wants. The ego cannot manifest its life without manipulation and “hard work”. Suffering, therefore, is the essence of the egoic life, the “fall” from the garden of Eden. The ego attaches itself to objects, people, and places and it does so despite the pull of the vortex energy which is ready to release them, depending on the energetic structure of the vortex. Many egos struggle to hold onto things, like a child with his blanket. This is the true cause of suffering and is often referred to as “attachment”. The ego’s attachment is always to things that are “not really you”. One might go further and say that the ego itself is an attachment. It is not, however. The ego is created by your higher self, the consciousness of the vortex energy. The ego has, after all, been designed to give you a particular experience. When it is time to release one formation of it, it is time to dissolve it. Resistance is merely the temporary formation of the ego, in order to experience its challenges. When we release one form of ego, another one will begin to form, until we finally no longer need the training wheels or the attachment to particular training wheels. At that point, we become conscious of our ability to shape-shirt, to manifest personality as a reflection of all those who stand around you, a reflection designed to help others learn on their own journeys. This is not a mode of ego however. You don’t make this happen. You are guided towards doing so. It is not about you, but it is about the design of the whole, or as Plato called the “good” of the whole. It is the vortex energy flowing through you that guides you in your work with others, your interactions with them, simultaneously showing you aspects of yourself that you need to release as needed. Our spiritual work is performed as we sleep, as we move through our days, as we work, as we spend time with our friends and family, as we spend time alone.

The yin/yang symbol shows the polarity of reality that is the core of suffering. Both are contained in the circle, which is the wholeness and purity of both, dissolved into one.

Many people, however, stay in suffering. Suffering is always due to attachment to things that are not the Vortex Self and the refusal to participate in the universal mirror. Despite the ego’s refusal, the Vortex Self doesn’t and can’t attach to these things. Its nature is to let go of all things that it holds. The ego however wants to hold on. This is the contradiction that we all carry, and it creates a conceptual dichotomy, or polarization, the proverbial yin/yang. Life is not yin/yang. It is not a balance of the two. The attempt to balance them is a see-saw life, and one that can only remain peaceful in the doing of nothing, the ceasing of the circular chasing motion. That is actually a form of death. The true harmony of the universe, of life, is the merging of the two, into a wholeness where the yin/yang dissolves into ONE being and life becomes a teeming energetic whole of potential and impossibility, of life and death, together without resistance.

Regardless of all these things I am saying, this wisdom is esoteric, and is not and cannot be taught to another. Once the mirror is realized, and once you know yourself as mirror, you appear to change, because you are the same. You no longer desire, because you love. And you no longer fear, because you no longer desire. Such things are not comprehensible to the ego, and that is by design. The sacred wisdom is kept under lock and key, and it is the lock and key that you yourself, and you alone, hold. No one can open it for you. No one can be that person who can give you yourself, your bliss, your experience of the deep profound love of the universe. No one gets you there, but everyone simply reflects you back to you. Many egos worship others or “credit” others for various things. This is simply mirroring, You yourself take the credit and must earn the adoration from yourself. Until you do, you will just be that “fan-boy”, always seeking, wanting, admiring (ad-mirroring), but never being comfortable with your own being. That too is more suffering.

This work requires deep honesty with oneself. Every interaction with another is an interaction with yourself, not the other. This is how the matrix web is designed. We pretend we are not alone, like a child pretends it isn’t alone. Many egos will interpret this idea of self-mirroring in the many as blame for the bad thing it may be experiencing. But this is not blaming. The other person simultaneously experiences themselves in your projection of them. This is the nature of the matrix mirroring. We never see the nature of the other. We only see aspects of ourselves. If we don’t like it, we can change it, but not through ego – only through the creation vortex Self. The only reality is the vortex self, the creations we have designed, their birth, their life, and their final dissolution. It is by design that we are not conscious of this design. The attachment we have to personality – our own and others – is necessary in order for the learning to take place. Otherwise, we would recognize the ruse, and walk away. But we don’t recognize it on this level in the beginning, and so we all struggle to make sense of the world, to find out who we are, to find love and happiness, and bliss, only to be eventually disappointed and disillusioned. But this disappointment with the world is not due to the nature of the world, but due to our own misunderstandings and misconceptions about the world. We look for things and people to fulfill us or meet our expectations, and so, as long as we persist in those expectations, which are attachments to an idea, we are expecting a mirror (of ourselves) to behave in ways that even ourselves don’t behave. Essentially, when we expect behaviors of others, we are doing so in order to learn that we ourselves need to perform that behavior. When you complain about how someone doesn’t listen, it is you who is not listening. When I complain about someone being arrogant, it is me being arrogant.

The more we realize the mirror, the more we are able to reclaim our own power over our being, and to align ourselves with the vortex self, that is our true self. We can then begin to learn the secrets of creation, how to manifest, and to do so in alignment with the whole, simply by getting the personality/ego out of the way. When this happens, you surrender the driver’s seat to your higher self/vortex and you allow it, through trust and faith, to lead the way. This is when you surrender to the storm that you are, and are able to handle whatever flows in and out of the roaring twisting winds.

Again, everything I am writing here is an attempt at revealing the nature of who we are. Essentially, I cannot do that – I cannot teach anything about Vortex. Such wisdom can only come from the dictum that Socrates heard and followed until his death:

Know thyself!

The rest can only be shared in an attempt, and in a certain uncanny holy silence. Be cautious not to allow the ego to make use of mind, its primary tool of illusion. It is easy to understand these words I write. But pay more attention to the reality of your life – your friendships, work relationships, your state of mind – your being. We are moving out of a world that has been driven by what we think about ourselves and others, and we are now moving into a world that is driven by what we experience in ourselves. It is a dramatic paradigm shift and one that will serve the planet well for generations to come.

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