The Mask that is the Political Position

The news and the media is a mask worn by many faces, many in your communities; many in your family; your circle of friends, neighbors and co-workers. The issues provoked by the media so easily consume us because we believe they are real. They are also the easiest problems to have because not only are the problems presented with clarity, but the smorgasbord of solutions is offered like desserts are offered. Pick one. Pick a side, and you can play the role in someone else’s play.

There is no mystery in this. The possible answers are clear. The problems are at face value. This is the world most people dwell in, and, like a group of people in a theater, absorbed in the characters and plot of the movie, the entire world can become entranced and mesmerized by the so-called happenings on this stage.

The stage that media offers is an escape from the real problems and real puzzles of life – of facing ourselves. The always looming presence of our own being, immersed in a world of responsibility that so many are not willing to handle. Where there is autonomy there must be responsibility. How many are willing to be 100% responsible for every aspect of their life? Not many. The social-political stage allows us to pretend to be autonomous, and yet at the same demand for autonomy from someone else, like a toddler demands that they cook their own food. We give them a pink kitchen set to play in, so that they won’t hurt themselves. In adult life, we give them their opinions and their political positions. They are loud and they make a mess. But that is where we all play, and from where we depart when we are good and ready.

Political issues, no matter how important they seem, are superficial forms under which many hide in order to feel relevant, important, and adult-like. They think they are taking on “world issues”. But they aren’t taking these on. They are just playing with forms and figures handed to them, like a child playing with Barbie and Ken.

There is no autonomy there. There is no autonomy possible in a playpen. The conversations had there, whether that be about a disease, science, or abortion, have no power in what we call the true kosmic energetic universe. There is no autonomy without responsibility. There is no “ownership” of a life. I don’t own my body. I don’t own my children’s body. The unvierse doesn’t hand the ego power like that. You can’t kill a soul. But this is something we have to learn, if we want to learn how to flow and be with ourselves, and who we truly are. We are not bodies – that is certain. We are stewards of bodies; stewards of the earth, we are here to learn. Some of us however, think we are here to own and gain more power, to do more and be more than the other. Doesn’t matter if you give that power to “persons with a uterus” or to the “government”. That is how children play on the playground. They are still learning about self and the limitation of self. They are trying to fight power by taking it or transferring it elsewhere. They are the same no matter what “side” or orientation they take.

This is what it means to live inside the polarity of forms.

Eventually we become weary of the limitation of the physical and formal self and we learn that the soul that hungers within cannot be fed on the food of the body, by the cravings of ego, or the accumulation of power, by the polarized formal world. All such dramas (which means chasing or running [programmes] in Greek) are synchronous with the destruction of lesser powers, whatever they may be. Soon, we realize that our desire to subvert, suppress, and oppress others, is simply a desire to subvert, suppress, and oppress ourselves. It was only just Self, and so we move on from the playpen, stepping out of the Platonic cave, and into the real world of emanation, where all beings are conduits for the light of source and sun simultaneously. Only there is there freedom and peace. Only there in the void of the all, is there nothing – to give us problems, worry, fear, and concern. Neutrality, which appears left to the right and right to the left, which appears polarized in a world that is created by a polarized mind. We must trust both ways, both forks of the road, as both will lead there to the one, either way goes home. Either way leads to love, because both ways dissolve into the sheer power of the whole, where we are always, and from which we have never left.

In that resolve, no one has say over who dies and who lives. We do not choose our birth and we do not choose our death. We are driven towards it by our becauses or because of our ignorance of becauses. But our consciousness reads what it wants to read, and it follows the script as it is told. The light it sees blinds us to all other possibilities. It is not real, but is a projection of a projector that is the light consciousness, that could just as easily light up another aspect of possibility. All you see are bad apples? That is because your consciousness is alighted upon them. All you see is a peaceful home for a worm, beautiful and delightful? There is your consciousness. You were born into a difficult family? They taught you strength and resilience. You got everything you wanted as a child? You turned out spoiled and unable to deal with adversity. We cannot judge from circumstances, even circumstances of misery. Many do and they suffer for it and they make the rest of the world suffer for it. Damn this world, they say. Damn the people who are evil in it. They say this all day long, because that is the only way they feel goodness – through hate and punishment. Be clear: most people do this. They cannot find love without that contrast. They need to find their peace through making others miserable. They think they do this in the quite stillness of their room or the hallows of their mind. But they don’t. We can all hear it loud and clear. It is a wailing scream, the pain of so many souls, trapped in a misery of their own making. I feel it.

That is the true hell – being stuck in a play pen that is no longer serving your education, but is simply fueling your misery.

We are here to be a presence of love, to emanate that at all times. To stand in the neutrality of a dramatic world. To bring peace and possible relief from the drama that most of us have outgrown and yet still hold onto like the old hopes and dreams of our childhood. Time to let it all go and create a new world, the so-called new earth that people think about these days. The new earth is simply YOU and your energy, waiting here to be acknowledged, Soft voice. Warm embrace. Quiet. That is all. There is nothing you need to do in order to achieve this, except let go of the self-abuse, the self-betrayal, and the addiction to the drama of a world that is completely stark-raving mad.

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