The New Earth is Here

Most of you are familiar with the notion of a higher dimension, the arrival of the fifth-dimensional + consciousness, or the new earth. Essentially, all of them are just different perspectives and concepts pointing to the same thing. In the Republic, Plato referred to it as the real world, beyond the cave. He also refers to it in his Phaedo, as the “that” world, better than “this one”. Humorously, he also, in the same dialogue, refers to it as “this” world, just to make it more difficult to nail down.

Each one of us has the opportunity to enter this new earth. But we don’t enter it in the same way that we might enter one state from another, or one country from a neutral zone, or even one planet into another. The new earth, furthermore, isn’t even new. It is what has always been here, ever present, and always communicating with us, to help draw ourselves attention, to what “it” is and what we ourselves are.

It is actually impossible for a human being to lead another human to this earth. The reason for this is that the new earth is the autonomous field where only you yourself can enter. This is where questions of personal space and boundaries become pointless because there is nothing but this holy realm. What we can do is hide this sovereign space, from ourselves and others, and that is in fact what we do in the matrix: we conceal the sacred from each other, even from ourselves.

This state of things, the concealment of the sacred from our eyes and the eyes of others requires that the “third eye” is slammed shut, that the intuition be prevented from entering. But we are who we are, and we seek the aspects of our inner sacred soul in the outside world, attempting to project our imagination of our best self, attempting to love and be loved; trying to be real, important, and successful, fighting for freedom and self-expression, and all the other virtues that imitate the very being that we are as our sovereign field. But because we have locked ourselves away in prison that is similar to the locked core of a mind-control victim, we are oblivious to what is available to us, and we suffer, as well as make others suffer. We become fragmented and compartmentalized, like Osiris whose body parts are scattered all across Egypt.

It is up to Isis to recover the parts of Osiris, to bring them back together again. She is the goddess who guards the sacred marriage, the holy space of the soul, where all polarities meeting and converge into unity. This convergence into unity is only experienced at the dimension of the new earth, where the soul finds its sovereignty. It is our consciousness, not the world that is fragmented. It is us, not the world or other people, who enslave us. Sovereignty consciousness knows it is free to choose its life, and has chosen it. Victim consciousness never appears to it. It isn’t in the realm of possibility.

It is not useful to pretend to achieve sovereignty, however it is part of the process. You know the lie when you are ready to know the lie, not before and not after. The mind doesn’t understand these things. It likes to create its own pace and timelines. It has goals that it wants to achieve. “I want freedom”. “I want success”. “I want to find love”. These are all statements that are a function of mind. Your soul already knows what it wants. All the mind needs to do is follow it through whatever darkness appears to it. The mind likes proof and signs and indications, prophecies and predictions. The soul needs none of that because it has already chosen. Do you need proof that you breath in order to breath? No. Do you need to proof that they love you in order to love back? Do you need proof that you will be successful in order to take the next step? That is always the way of confusion and self-sabotage. People spend the majority of their lives plotting and manipulating reality, trying to get it to look like they want it to. But it always ends up not being quite right. There is a reason for that – you cannot create your soul’s intention in third dimensional consciousness. It is impossible. The reason is because you are a being who whose core and being is present in the high consciousness of the “new earth”.

This is what takes so much time. Each one of us has to undergo a great cleansing. Our connection to the matrix is vast and it is like a spider’s web that spans the entire universe. We must learn to and allow ourselves to untangle every aspect that binds us, in order to allow ourselves to see who we really are: that we are not limited beings, and yet we have give ourselves the challenge of limitation; that we are free and sovereign, and that no government or other person can deprive us of that. Man is free, but everywhere in chains. Rousseau made that proclamation and it is true, only in the matrix, and only in the consciousness doesn’t see who they truly are.

I write this blog, but I am not writing as I used to. What we are driven to see through conceptualization is what has not yet been manifested for us and is outside of our experience. When I sing about love, I am missing it in my experience. When we talk about, write about, project about certain virtues and ideas, we are not experiencing them. Experience is something that we only have when we have manifested something. One who experiences love as a feature of their life, no longer needs to long for it, describe it, imagine it. It is already there present with them. The reason for this is that the new earth is where all virtues that were projected into the matrix merge into one – there is no distinction between love, patience, holiness, truth, loyalty, depth, compassion, etc. All of them are a function of source and only show up as different in the fragmented world of forms of the third dimension. All of those fragments are projections of the Self, in lower frequency formulas. This is why so many are confused right now about their identities – they are in the third dimensional form-scape, and yet they are feeling the pulls towards a higher unified consciousness. But every time love calls, they pull into the third dimension again. This is like when you hear an idea in your head, and you look for a source for it. Perhaps your teacher or your friend or your mother “gave” you the idea. That is how the third dimensional consciousness works. It believes everything is form, derives from form, and devolves into form. At the same time, it suffers because its understanding of the world never seems to work in its favor. As a result, many will descend into narcissism, arrogance, anger, frustration, negativity, and self-loathing. They attempt to “fix” themselves or the world, whichever thing they happen to blaming at the time. They will destroy everything if they have to. This is how they use their energy. If it continues unabated, the natural order of things will be destroyed, and the world will have to be created again.

What we are attempting now is to avoid another Atlantis or Great Flood.

There are many here on this earth are here to bring awareness of new earth into the collective, to help humanity lift itself out of its misery in a way that has never been possible before. We are not here to become famous or participate in the timelines of success and love chasing, of trying to make this matrix work in our favor. We are here to provide illumination. If we fail, the world will fall into darkness. Currently, the pain is becoming very loud, as the egos fight and attempt to survive what is essentially a massive collapse of the collective timelines – timeliness whose clocks go nowhere and resound only the heads of those who wind them. When children scream and cry, they draw great attention to themselves, pity and compassion, and the desire to help. This is not the kind of help we are providing. What we are providing are mandates to expand, and to release the fears of limitation, the true blockages to self-expression; to let go of the false identities attached to the physical form, to release attachment to and denial of the reality that is truly Maya, or Delusion.

We ourselves watch what they go through, through messages, dreams and visions. Our bodies are here to receive the communications of what is needed for clearing. In the end, we all find peace. That is the only option.

It is the folly of this particular timeline that Maya doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist. It is that very illusion: the illusion that the illusion isn’t real, that keeps so many locked inside their minds, insisting that reality is what it appears in the third dimension and that suffering is more real than the absolute bliss and peace of the sovereign soul. That core timeline is coming to an end and as more and more people release it and return into themselves, the more it will dissolve, until it is no more, and all are free to once again choose. We must learn to understand the Maya, the illusion of the world. The hegemony of science, which pretends to be able to Know the world as it is, and pretends to be a healing force, has been unmoderated, unrestricted, and has paved the way for destruction of the world as we know it.

The new earth shows up when you wake up one morning, know that you have always been blessed and free, but it also makes you acutely aware of the various frequencies we are challenged to hold and express, and that not all beings work well on the lower frequency bands. We must become conscious creators of world, not victims of ourselves, deceived by a science that tell us that, as blind humans, we can perfectly see.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.
– Rumi

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