Shattered love incarnate

The merging of sun and moon, and the unavoidable choice to take to higher ground on your own. Everyone reaches this point of departure. So many avoid it, for fear of losing their security. They remain as children.

Everything that you see and notice is there for you to explore. That is it. It is not there to punish you, to betray you, to make your life difficult. They are not there to upset you, or to make you do anything or not do anything. The world is a trigger symbol or patterns of symbols that you have given to yourself, from a higher consciousness, from a place of love. Once you learn this, through books and videos and external sources that are your teachers, you must take this experience on your own. No one else but you can unravel and understand your dreams. No one but you can experience you and your own powers. You know you have always been the person you are. Everything else falls away, and no matter how much you try to hold onto the world and its forms, the more you realize that it is wasted effort. As time continues, and as you finally slow down, like a runner who’s been running for decades and finally loses his breath, you realize that the only thing you have achieved is to escape the magic of being who you are, the darkness, the light, the struggles that lie within. You can watch these in books and movies and maybe occasionally in dreams. You can write poetry and music about them. But can you live them. Can you enter who you are through compassion, acceptance, and love, or will you continue to pretend you are not of these things? Most modern people throw themselves into material life and acquisition, easy relationships, and the boring mechanics of a thankless job. There only escape from absolute boredom is the television, the movies, the music, and projections that are established in their head. That is the experience. Is that your experience?

That you have projected all of those struggles onto the world, in pain and anger and frustration; that you have desired pieces of the world, as salves, as comfort, as love, in order to find a thread of hope – that the world you are projecting will tell you that you are worth it. All along, you have wanted the symbols to tell you that your life is worth living and that you are loved. Even when you denied such things, you did it out of disgust and disdain, in order to feel better about the desolation of looking for love in all the wrong places, in frequencies that could not possibly match unconditional love. The mind and society, which are both wedded together, want you to fall asleep in their arms, in their moving pictures of child-like romance, long lost motherly love, and infantilized ideas of human relationships. But those too shall pass because they are chimaeras, and you will once again be left with the person you weren’t ever willing to stay with, to cherish, to love enough to experience the magic of life, something that can only be experienced through presence, and deep love, namely, YOU.

I have yet to see a movie that doesn’t distract human beings into thinking that love is found through another. It is never found there. It is always through Self. Everything else is an imitation of that love, and a constant struggle to maintain it. Many really believe that love is hard work and that marriage demands great effort. It requires “sacrifice”, “concession”, “compromise”, self-denial, and a giving up of the sovereign space. “Love is a battlefield”, “Love is hard”, “love is a pain”. This is what the matrix calls love, and many accept that because that is what they are told is love.

Living on earth is a love story that you have chosen. It is a labyrinth with many dead ends, many lives wasted, and many hours of fruitless efforts. However, from a higher vantage point, you can see the challenge in these efforts, and the education that dead ends afford. We lose ourselves here and find ourselves again. Once we do that, we find unconditional love, Self, God and Source. Only then, only then can we truly love another in a way that is painless, free of effort. This kind of love demands forgiveness and self-forgiveness, patience and self-patience, compassion and self-compassion. It is not about other. It is only about Self, as all others merge into Self.

But modern society is designed to create something else – something to keep you safe from yourself. That is what it promises: safe-spaces, simplicity, ease, and comfort. It keeps you in kindergarten, in a play pen, with the other kids who want to stay in a support group for their entire lives, work at a support group, and “like-minded people”, and to be married to a support group, and to have kids who do the same. In fact, society has become so drunk on this effort, that it demands comfort and ease and safety as a right. Where such things become law, all monsters and all forms will be mixed and encouraged to enter the stage – safety for all is guaranteed. This of course will lead to increase violence, the destruction of natural and artificial boundaries, the dissolution of society. All extremes are identical to their opposite, as I have said many times.

You will eventually reach your breaking point – where you soul can no longer tolerate the hypocrisy of the polarity and the unconsciousness of the matrix. It will come, this breaking point, and it will arrive with perhaps little or great fanfare – some call it the dark night of the soul or the breaking of ego. But ego is always merged with the world it projects in concert with society. The breaking of ego is the breaking of the timelines of society and as such, it will require a great deal of self-care, healing, and appeal to your higher self for guidance in order to survive it. The longer people wait for this, the more difficult it will be – Self will be all they have because society itself will continue to disintegrate into something that looks like a back alley, or an old town that no one visits. Suddenly, many people will realize that they have been left behind. Many more however, will ride on the coattails of those who have left, until they too can travel on their own.

The human soul hates the lie most of all. This is one of many truths spoken in the mouth of Socrates by Plato. Your soul will no longer tolerate the horror of what is present to emerge. At some point, the ugliness and distortion of Self that is the matrix, will become too great to bear, and you will willingly abandon it for the love of Self, for the love of what is real and true. This is not a moral issue, but an issue of life and death, of truth and illusion. Nothing here in the matrix is real. It is all projection, and you are a projector, acting in the dramas and dreams of others, until you no longer choose to. Once you choose to live in Self, your light reaches all hearts, lifting them up, almost as a savior of sorts. After all, that is the only way you can “save” the world. That is the only true way of healing a world that is shattered love incarnate.

There are hundreds of religious books,
yet they are all one chapter,
there are a hundred different holy places,
yet only one altar,
All roads lead to the one House
from one seed a thousand ears of corn emerge.
There are many kinds of food and drink
with one purpose only: to feed.
The eyes of hunger are greedy,
when satiated with one kind of food,
all others become repulsive to your heart.
– Rumi

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