We are creators, masters of frequency

I want to talk a bit about our frequencies on earth and the role of the ego. Our true being is here on earth to work with the entire spectrum of frequency light, from the densest matter, the creative material and medium, to the highest ether, which is closest to the source of creative energy and production. There is no creativity possible without a connection to source. Even when we are unconscious of this, and are being creative, we are using source energy to do so. Creativity comes easy to human beings in our natural state – we are created as creators.

But in order to be masters of creation, we must learn how to raise our consciousness or awareness. The word “raise” however is a bit misleading. The raising of consciousness is more like waking up from a very limited dream that places us in some corner of a mind that doesn’t see far beyond its restrictive vision. We are already embodying all the frequencies and are expressions of them in this world. However, learning how to master them is a very slow process that takes lifetimes, something we are all in the process of doing and at different levels.

At this time, many of us are here to accelerate the process of awakening for humanity. The events of the past year are no accident, the insanity of the world stage is no coincidence; all of which will continue until all have taken a step into raising their awareness level by waking up out of their current dream state.

Our world for the past two millennia has been all about control and manipulating the beings, mostly so that they don’t interfere with those who consider themselves to be the rulers of the world. People all over the world have become disconnected from source, have indulged themselves in timelines that no longer serve them, and have become lost in the labyrinth of destructive games created by those who do not have humanity’s best interest in mind. We are experiencing now a huge unraveling of this devastating state of things, and so are also experiencing one of the most remarkable times in human history on a galactic level. We are all here to help each other expand and grow, to get through the education necessary in order to emerge from the confines of what has become childish and even insane behavior on the part of our leaders and our attitudes towards nature and ourselves.

Still, when we arrive on this earth in these bodies, we are not really prepared to experience all the frequencies at the same time. That is why we don’t arrive completely awakened. It would just be too much. Human society was designed to compensate for that, to provide a certain amount of shelter and refuge, as well as leaving doors open for education. Many of those portals were intentionally blocked and kept shut. However, now they are opening and they are being received through the heart space when each is ready. This is something each one of us experiences. As we take on more and more higher frequency energy, we begin to abandon the social structures designed to protect us from life. This is because we desire to live fully, and to experience the truth about who we are as we are, as an awareness that can not only experience and work with all frequencies but can master them and work them in order to service our creative aspirations.

When we awaken to the world and how the system works, when we are done with the now very limiting form of education and sheltering of social norms, we often do this by rejecting society and all of its teachings. This is perfectly normal and desirable, as it launches us out of the social compliance and the attachment of our ego to it. However, we are still at that point under the influence of ego and have not yet realized that portion of our development where we can let the core ego construct go. The journey that commences is the process of letting go of portions of that ego, which are attachments to identities and roles that simultaneously support the timelines (collective drama) to which they are attached. When we let go of things, we often perceive those things as “bad” – which helps us let them go. As we leave a lot of dead matter in our wake, as we continue this journey, there reaches a point, where we begin to feel the true Self, the light and expansive energy of who we truly are. This energy becomes our refuge and takes the place of the training wheels of parents, friends, and various other attachments of time and place. These attachments are no longer needed, because we know where love is found, and where can find the support, we need to manage anything that the matrix throws at us. At that point we know that we can choose at which frequency we wish to call our home, and with which people we want to co-create. If we choose to create a lower frequency, the creation and our abilities will create temporary experiences and will not survive long, nor will they satisfy as themselves. It is the end of all journeys to finally reach source and create and arrange all the lower frequencies from Source alone. That where full bliss and satisfaction comes in creation.

Expect, if you are starting to feel your energetic presence, or even see it or hear it as yourself, that you are in the process of removing the core ego construct. This means that you will be able to see all the judgments of good and evil fall away and dissolve into a unity. Every part of your life was good, because it was designed to bring you back to yourself, into a place of bliss and ecstasy that no other experience can match. Every note, low and high, is part of the symphony. This is a very uncomfortable time as well, because the core ego construct didn’t only protect yourself from the world, but it also protected others from you. We are very powerful beings and the ego diminishes that power to suit the awareness of a small child. The ego’s true purpose has always been to protect and nurture our being in this world, inside the limitations of the body. I have had to work through many of the negative teachings around ego to discover this. But, like I said, treating the ego as negative is something we have to do, in order to let it go. Judgements and judgmentalism is necessary and part of the process of awakening. It, again, teaches us to set boundaries and learn about who we are and who we are not, even if those boundaries are only estimations and temporary constructs. When we are ready to let them go, we will let them go.

It has come to my awareness that books, and the paths of others are only temporary means of assistance in your journey. There will always be a point, with every teacher, no matter what form the teacher arrives in, that you must abandon that teacher. This will often be done with drama and will often not be done with any at all. But this is a passionate journey, and so it may be challenging to let go of a teacher that you have connected with. But your soul knows best how long you should stay with them, and if you stay longer than you should, the pain will become unbearable, and they will be ripped away in some form or fashion. This is the core of human suffering and why I say that clinging onto roles and timelines that no longer serve is the deep cause of all suffering on earth.

Blessings on your journey.

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