Thoughts on god-ego frequencies

The ego acts like God because it is learning to become God. This is why the ego must dissolve. It is not because it is bad, it is because its attempts are failures.

Notions of bad and good are all based on the frequency at which the ego locates itself.  The ego is an expression of a particular radio station and generally remains there. It doesn’t like to veer off too far from its station because the static and the noise becomes unpleasant and unfamiliar; a bit like walking out of a city and finding yourself suddenly in a deserted town. The ego is deathly afraid of being alone and without the clarity of forms and structures, no matter how disturbed. It fears the void, and because it fears the void, it fears the God within.

The ego invents God as itself and plays that part in order to feel like it has completed or failed the journey, or to feel like there is no journey at all.

It is impossible to have discussions about bad/good, right/wrong between two or more frequency bands. So, if your ego is tuned into one frequency band, it will not be able to understand any other band except in terms of the frequency it is listening on. This is why communication can be difficult between egos, aka all people. The higher the frequency band, however, the easier it is for that ego to communicate with all of those below it at the same time. This is why some egos lead others, and some egos tend to just do what they are told. When egos become leaders, they feel more like God.

Ego is an invisible structure. All references to it are made in terms of the objects to which it attaches itself and the frequency at which it operates. It’s designed to survive, and it will destroy anything that stands in its way.

Ego is consciousness immersed in the identity created by it in the world, and at the frequency it has chosen to create it. The ego consists of its own creation. God, on the other hand, isn’t attached to the creation.

When you fall in love with someone, it is a fall in frequency. One always falls in love with an ego at lower frequency. It is a test of your frequency structure. If you fall, you must do more work to raise it again – if you choose. The beloved however, the one who is loved, is not the one who has fallen. They are the ones to whom you have sacrificed for. The amount that you care or even notice what you have sacrificed determines the next stage of your journey. Many stop here and have to continue in the next life. Some will realize what they have lost and release the love back to divine love.

We cannot see those who vibrate at a higher frequency than our ego. They become invisible to us. This is why we don’t even believe in our own higher frequency, often called the “higher self”. There is really no higher self. There is only higher frequency consciousness. The highest is what we call “God”.

The highest of all frequencies is in the invisible spectrum. Our human bodies cannot perceive that frequency. However, we can receive messages from that spectrum in terms of the frequency we are in. Generally, higher frequency egos can receive these messages but they will get attached to them, as if they were truth themselves. The sacred texts clearly intend this meaning when they refer to angels, which is from the Greek, angelos, meaning “messenger”.

The ego finds its end when our consciousness can no longer find any reality in it. This can feel traumatic because the ego is witnessing its own death.

Humanity as a whole generally congregates together into a single frequency band. This is the frequency of a particular society. Every ego is an aspect of the society, even though it likes to think of itself as lower or superior to it.

Today, society has become so confused that its lack of reality has become clear to most of those who are present and aware. We are witnessing the collapse of what we though was social and political consistency. As a result, we are becoming confused about who we are. The way this confusion manifests varies by frequency and mode of frequency. Egos attached to their radio stations are still holding onto their music and objects generated from their frequency band. They are undergoing dramatic upheaval and difficulty right now, resulting in the appearance of a good deal of mental and physical exhaustion.

The ego likes processes, instructions, methods and various forms of idols. This is similar to the dog who is deeply attached to routine. Our consciousness, the essence of who we are, needs none of that. However, coming into that realization takes time because the ego can be very tenacious and resilient. It will fight to protect its own prison, only because it made it itself and it thinks it is a god protecting its domain.

Egos love time and are attached to its ticking. The dramatic limitation of time, gives the ego a feeling of urgency and desperation, something the ego likes to feed on to fuel its actions and behavior. The ego needs this sense of urgency because it can’t feel unconditional love yet, and cannot be motivated by it.

Life is generally a series of distractions and goals, in order to strengthen the consciousness through the ego. In that sense, we are undergoing an education, practicing boundaries, and learning different aspects of ourselves through others until we are ready to experience unconditional love.

Eventually, when the ego dissolves, you realize that all your experiences with others were designed for you to learn about yourself. But because the ego is so fragile and unable to cope with criticism, and because the ego is designed to strengthen and not weaken itself, it cannot see reality as it is. As such, it cannot see that it is the one creating the very obstacles that it considers its enemy, and that those obstacles exist in the service of education.

The purpose of earth education is to realize the power of our frequency spectrum, and how to use it to manifest love at all frequency bands, thus lifting the entire spectrum up a few octaves.  This has to be done collectively because the frequency had fallen quite a few bands, and was poised to fall even deeper due to the excessive worship of idols that humanity is prone to. So many have fallen in love with inanimate objects, projections, and illusions.

When you fall in love with an ego that is in turn in love with projections and idols, you are giving your energy to that worship, and you are sacrificing yourself into the lower frequency bands.

Lower frequency bands create imitations of objects from the higher bands. They cannot create from within, because Source is located from the highest band and that is where God and love is. Egos cannot love except where they allow a few windows to open.

There are actors who think that immersing themselves in character is the best way to play the character. That is to say, they take on the ego of that character. That is not the best way to play the character. Characters are not fueled by their personality/ego. They are fueled by Source, the very thing they don’t see. Their reactions to Source however and what they create, is distorted because it is on the lower frequency bands. Many actors have not reached this highest frequency band, and so they will eventually burn out into the characters into which they have sacrificed their life force energy. They don’t last very long and eventually become typecast until the public no longer remembers them except as the character that made them famous.

The best actor is God. The compassion and love is endless, and the frequency bands that are lower than God frequency are equally loved, no matter how distorted. So strive to be that, if you want to be a great actor. It is healthy because you don’t lose yourself in the distortion and come to a bad end.

The dissolution of the ego is its evolution into God.  Think of ego as the little gods, the petty ones, the ones that we read about in mythology. We are still working on those at the lower frequency bands. Many should have left those bands a long time ago. Many will be forced over the next year or so, to abandon the music that has become unfit for who they are to become.

The music you listen to and relate to is always a function of the ego frequency you are attached to.

Moods are not emotional. They are different frequency bands. We fluctuate on these bands daily, and yet the lower frequency egos try to attach the cause of these fluctuations on people, places, or circumstances. All of rational explanation is an illusion. All answers are actually from Source and the only reality we can be sure of and trust, namely, the frequency of energy and our awareness of that as God.

Many believe that because we have bodies, we cannot be God. But what if God chose to create itself into many bodies, so that the Being could experience itself inside limitation and separation?

That the devil is a lowest frequency aspect of God, is something every person who is awake should consider.

When you reject another, you are rejecting yourself.
When you hate another, you are hating yourself.

We may not be aware of that connection, but the connection will eventually appear, and will eventually become an opportunity for forgiveness, compassion, and love.

gnothi seautou (know yourself!),

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