Life is but an ego dream

A cliché always rings hollow, and that is because its conceptual form has detached from the Source or heart of the matter. We can intellect the form, understand what it means, and repeat it, but it no longer has the power it once had. It becomes a nice thing to think about, a platitude, but no longer carries the energy of its force. Interestingly enough, the energy of its force is not something that can verbalized. It must accompany the words as energy. So, yes, words are empty, but they are only empty when they are not used as vehicles for our energy. When we are not aware of the power of our energy, and are too obsessed and attached with words, the external images of the world, the mental cleverness of skill, then we lose more and more energy. Our words become stale and no longer carry the power of newness.

Life is a dream. But it is a dream from which most have not awakened, and it is a dream that runs parallel to or contains (depending on how you want to conceptualize it) an infinitely variable number of dreams. These dreams are the timelines I have spoken about before. They are what appears to give our life meaning, flow, and momentum. The dreams are rivers and each carries us, giving us strength, identity, and connection with those that participate in them with us.

However, the dream is a dream. It isn’t who you are. You can skip from one dream to another, as you do in your night dreams, but you still will not find yourself there. You can move from one end of the country to another, and you will not be there. You can get married, but you will not find home there. You will never find yourself in the dream. Because you are the dreamer, not the dream.

Each one of us right now is experiencing ourselves as the dreamer, even though it is usually very subtle. The dreams that we believe are our reality, are beginning to shatter. For some, they have already shattered, like humpty-dumpty on the great wall. We live in interesting times, in a culture that has, through the power of media, homogenized opinion, behavior, and culture. It has nearly achieved economic centralization, as well as indoctrination. It has done this through the proclamation of diversity, which is something that is even more remarkable. The collective is driving delusions of diversity through homogenized opinion and a collective unconscious understanding of unity. This is also called totalitarianism. The reason this is happening is because homogenization generates the creation of its opposite, as I have taught many times before: all polarities in the matrix exist simultaneously. You can’t try to have diversity without creating a lack of diversity (unity). This is the insanity that is going on with so-called woke culture, but it is momentum is generating its own demise. We have reached the point now where most awake people can see the absurdity of it, even if they can’t necessarily articulate the core of the absurdity, which is located in the core tenant that natural law of polarity.

One by one, individuals are actually waking up to the obvious fakery that is associated with a dream, and as they do, they having to confront the unreality of their life as yet lived. But it does no good to focus on others or what they are doing or not doing. The only way towards awakening is through self, for recognizing that the mind you thought was yours was actually the hive mind that your ego appropriated as its own, to give the illusion of individuality and personalization. Your political opinions have never been yours. The Reiki you practice was an agreement to participate in the dream of a large organization that claims to have the right to “baptize” you with the right to transmit source energy. This is all illusion. We are all conduits for source energy – if we consciously choose to be. Again, though, all matrix systems serve different purposes in our journey. They aren’t bad because they are not true. As Plato points out many times, there is the noble lie and the ignoble one. The distinction between the two can be difficult to discern. Everything in the matrix is polarized. Even as I write this, you may be visualizing a polarity in my speech. Language and words themselves are polarized because they assert being and non-being at the same time. You think I am saying X is real, and therefore non-X is not real. It isn’t that simple, which is why I often write poetry. Poetry is the ONLY way to write from source in a way that is not polarized. That is why most people (minds/egos) find poetry incomprehensible. They prefer polarity because polarity gives the ego something to fight for and be against, from which it gets its power.

This is why the ego-characters of a play are not autonomous. They are created, imaginations of the author whose abililty exist at all is to fight against or for something. Otherwise, the play would be boring. Can you imagine a Zen monk play? Not enough drama. No one wants a Zen monk in their play. It would ruin the intention of the story, rendering the entire thing absurd. This is why many people avoid awakening. They won’t get invited to the parties. They won’t have the success they imagine they deserve.

Inside the timelines of the matrix, there are many teachers of manifestation and spirituality who claim to know how to manifest and will teach you their methods. These methods involve bindings and binding spells – and agreement on your part to engage in the timeline of the teacher, who is not really teaching how to manifest, but to only do so in accordance with their timeline and its directives. When you get involved with these things, you will take a journey into learning what that particular timeline experience is like. When this happens, many people experience the timeline and the teacher as truth. They will go on about their alien heritage, their identity as star seeds, etc. This is all 4D delusion. You are none of the timelines – you just participate int them. That doesn’t make them “not real”, but it doesn’t mean they are you. We are creators, and our imagination has created the world that we imagine we derive from. The true source of who we are would be difficult to accept when we are still attached to drama and timeline-dreams we call “our life”.

This seeking, for yourself inside of the timeline-stories of others will continue until you awaken to the dream of it all. Awakening is a bit like watching a movie that you used to adore as a child. When you are a child, you loved the movie and felt deeply connected to the characters. They made you laugh and cry and feel more alive. When you watch it as an adult, you laugh at it for its bad acting, its corny dialogue, and shallow character development. The plot seems ridiculous to you. At that point, you can’t even bear to watch it. That is what happens when you awaken. You can’t bear to experience or watch anymore. You abandon your role.

Awakening happens layer by layer, and character by character. You start with the layers that peel off easily, the ones that you yourself weren’t very comfortable with. As you experience your life, you will meet other characters who have agreed to enter your life to help you on your journey, to help you learn. Many of them will be catalysts for pain and discomfort when it is time for you to let go of what you have been holding onto. For example, you may enter a relationship that feels good at first, only to later experience great and ever-increasing pain inside it. The more you try to hold onto what is known as a “karmic relationship”, the more pain will be granted to you. Some people do shut down here, and instead of moving on in their journeys by letting go of the pattern or entity that is binding them to this other person, surrender to their situation, and eventually die with very little progress. That situation has been more common than the journey of awakening. However, today, that is changing. The universe is creating hardships that very few can tolerate and remain inside of for much longer. Some people have chosen to let go of their life. We all know this. We are blaming the phenomenon on something else.

Every physical being in nature is a rainbow of frequency. The rainbow represents, not diversity or pride. It represents the frequency of our energetic being. We are both of the physical and the spiritual planes. For far too long, too much emphasis has been on the physical plane the mental prison attached to it. This is the source of all our problems, both personal and social. Yet, it is impossible to convince anyone of this state of things until they are free. That is why no argument, or presentation will convince a prisoner that there is a world beyond the prison. He has never seen it, and refuses to believe it is possible, both for fear of not knowing what it is, and that he has always been wrong about the prison guard being his all-powerful god and lover.

7 thoughts on “Life is but an ego dream

  1. This is so fabulous! It’s taken me a couple of days and literally several read throughs to understand (as much as I can). Very powerful and very true! I learn so much from your writings, even as I know that it’s so much deeper than I get! Thank you so much for sharing with us, we are grateful! It’s very painful stuff to face oneself and say hey, this role (or this person) is not working for me any more and I’m suffering because of it! I really feel what you’re bringing forward and often feel that you are speaking directly to me, and it feels weird but good! I try to hold on to the lessons and revelations in your articles, as best I can, and keep continuously reading and re-reading them! It’s very helpful, if not painful also! Again, thank you for the love and light (and sometimes the painful stuff too). 🦋


    1. Thank you for being present and listening to yourself. You are far ahead than most. The pain we feel isn’t deriving from who we are, but we think we are supposed to be. I can assure you that. And yes it still feels difficult. But that is because there are energies that influence us and want us to keep them alive with our energy. We become the characters that have momentum in the timelines that run through us We become enrolled because it feels like who we are. But that is the mind talking and maybe a thousand ancestors.

      Practice compassion for yourself in this and learn to reclaim yourself as a soul. The more that happens the more unaffected you become by the things that appear to be leaving you.

      I am going to write a bit about feminine energy and how it is arising because this is what we are experiencing. The true divine feminine awakening.

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      1. I hope so. These can challenging spaces as the feminine has to lead the way. She is not used to that as she has related to herself as needing a man and generally allowing him to treat her as a doormat. What has resulted is a lazy fat and unconscious society on all levels. This will change over the course of years beyond this lifetime

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      2. I am very hopeful even as it is a very difficult journey for most of us as we release the ego nonsense and embrace our divine energy. Thank you for your wonderful guidance, as always, with blessings! 🌸


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