The Return of the Divine Feminine, the Sacred Marriage, the Divine Masculine

It doesn’t matter which frequency you tune into, you will find many heated discussions about gender. The conversations and arguments around these are quite confusing and tangled, as most people – who have no mastery of the various frequencies of which our being consists – confuse male/female, divine masculine/divine feminine with male/female physical representation. The intention of this article is not to analyze the various arguments about gender or sexual orientation and lifestyle. This article is a communication about the nature of the divine feminine and masculine, and how we have yet to, as a human collective, embody them in a healthy and powerful way.

The ancients saw the polarity of female/male as a fundamental essence of the physical world.  This is seen in the plants, the animals, and human beings.  This is why all ancient languages and some modern languages (inherited from ancient) contain male and female forms of nouns, as symbols for the beings in this world. There is a natural order and harmony to the way the world operates in terms of the union of the sexes, which happens only for a short time, and for the immediate purpose of reproduction.

But we are not just physical bodies, as I teach in this blog. In fact, our physical bodies are here to provide an experience, as they carry the memories our ancestors, the patterns and the traits that we inherit and either must continue or purge, as is best for our current situation.  When we enter our bodies, we are not master of them. We are actually new to them. Watch a baby as she explores her hands and feet. She is learning her body. We are designed to continue to learn our bodies. To grow and evolve and explore.

But as human beings in the 21st century grow, they are trained to leave behind their bodies as much as they can, and focus on their mental perceptions: their knowledge, their attitudes, their conception of self. What energy of focus is left for the body is only in terms of their mental perceptions. This is why so many people pursue beauty over health: breast implants, plastic surgery, excessive makeup, hair products that contain chemicals, ridiculous habits involving excessive exercise, steroids, and the like. They are taught that their bodies are deficient and not good enough.  The hegemony of mind is at play here. Modern humans don’t grow into and with their bodies. They try to control them. Of course many just choose to ignore their bodies altogether and gain weight, drink too much, spend too much time partying, eating and watching television. However, in the end, both are the same: they will eventually lead to disease and a sense of “something missing”. This state of things can be seen not only in individuals, but in their jobs, their corporations, their relationships, and their connection to life and the world in general. The actions of one, each one of us, impacts the whole of us. Where we go one, we go all. This is the truth.

Have you ever seen a garden that hasn’t been taken care of, neglected, and abandoned? You can tell yourself the many reasons why you have let your garden get to that point: you have an important job, you don’t have enough time/money, etc. But your body, your life is a garden, and you are here to take care of it, explore its power, and help to grow into something beautiful, life giving to all creature, and, most of all, into something that is an extension of your passion and your life, and the magic that is life.

I ask you: how many people could embody what I am saying in corporate meeting? For too long, we have accepted that as being okay, to take on a corporate persona, even corporations who own thousands of acres of land, control food supply, have huge impacts on the environment. Many of us work at these corporations and know, deep in our hearts, the neglect that is hidden there. And so, when a woman walks into an office, she begins the ritual of putting on her suit persona, and leaving behind her intuition, her connection with all things, and all frequencies, even as they flow through her. She still ignores them as if they were unruly children, and even treats them as naughty monsters, until that is what they become.  And as she ignores them, they begin to make deals with her, to perhaps have some license when she is home, to engage in promiscuous relationships, to pretend to have an alternative lifestyle, to indulge in narcissistic and destructive behavior. To lose, every day her ability to master her own being in an way whatsoever. Her only relief will be her own old age, or her death or both. But until then, she bonds with others who, like herself, engage with themselves in a similar manner, getting involved in all sorts of nonsensical political activism, pretending to be stand for women and women’s rights.

In order to tend a garden well, and in order to play music well and create food through the art of cooking, you must be present. You must here the subtle messages of the insects, the birds, the soil, the seeds, the sun and the rain – of all of nature.  You cannot create fear and monsters out of the insects and the dirt. You must taste every spice and every flavor. You must listen to every subtle note and give it it’s due. All the elements are important and contribute to the beauty of the whole. If you are present to yourself if every human being is present to himself, he would taste this beauty, the beauty of his own being. He would not make monsters. He would make love.

The only monsters in this universe are the ones created by us. I have seen them, heard them, watched their patterns. They enter our channels through dreams and through visions, thoughts, and desires.

But most men don’t see or taste it.  They ignore their dreams as if they were “just dreams”. They want to possess beauty and get rid of ugliness. They want to buy or download the song, instead of create it out of thin air. They imitate rock groups and singers, instead of singing from and for her heart. Take out and fast food is preferrable to cooking by the taste on his tongue. Most men have been, since boyhood, taught to acquire things and to get success and money – to achieve an ideal of fame and fortune, in order to possess and keep her.  And she, in turn, allows this prison game to continue. She inspires him to be lazy once he has her, to grow fat and boring, to fear all other women, to fear the feminine inside of him, longing for adventure and wonder and magic.  Modern men are not taught to cultivate art: the art of fishing, the art of cooking, the art of music. They are taught, instead, to gain attention, to be cool, to control the direction of their success and their overall performance. Because to actually be an artist, is the essence of life. And to live, is to be present – to listen, not to dictate. To wonder, not to know. To ask, not to command. The essence of the feminine nature demands it. She is the priestess-like energy, the unfathomable, and yet the flowing river that gives life, gives birth. She speaks softly like the trees speak softly, with their great branches and their joy when the wind moves through them. She cannot be found on the magazines, on the videos, in the TikToks, in the books. How many people tell me to read this or that book in order to understand themselves???  She, the divine feminine, is not in a book. She speaks only through your heart. She doesn’t hold a position in politics. She is not the CEO of a software company. And yet, she can be all of these, when she enters the stage. She can be anything, but she would never want to remain there, for her nature is flow and becoming and expansion. All of these are just tiny rocks in the rivers; a fish who lives only for a few weeks, a child’s toe in the river water, that quickly abandons it for the grass. Modern men aren’t taught about the feminine or the wisdom of this river that flows through her, as the moon cycles flow, as the seasons run their course. Modern men aren’t connected to her, and many of them fear her presence that nevertheless runs through their veins. Instead they are connected and attached to their mother’s image, and the image of her mother and her mother’s mother, all of them who served the father in the suit, an the father in the chapel.

All physical men and women contain the frequencies of divine masculine and feminine energies. However, the perception of man and woman, in terms of historical formulations, traditions, and gender is a distortion of the highest frequency expression of both, which is divine unity, sometimes called sacred marriage, or hieros gamos. This unity expresses the essence of life, of its emergence into being (masculine) and yet its continual ever present becoming (feminine). Without her, no life is possible. Without him, no consciousness of anything is possible. Without their proper union, conflict, limitation, victimization, and a lack of creativity is what characterizes life. No joy can be found there, and all interactions between the sexes is either compromise, bondage, or self-sacrifice. There is nothing born of that but more of the same. The history of human suffering is the history of the suffering of man and woman, their dysfunction and the lack of mastery on the part of the woman, her unwillingness to free herself.

The divine feminine is now awakening from her slumber. The frequency consciousness of humanity has been so low that most women think and act like the formulations of mind, old and encrusted, mummified remnants of what was once a great and flowing river.  So many women have abandoned their intuition for Oprah, religion, “experts”. The idea of inner knowing has become confused with inner feeling.  Women have been captured for thousands of years: as slaves, as prizes in marriage, as trophies, as concubines, and as objects to be owned. In the modern world, women are proud when they are able to make it in a man’s world. But this is like a prisoner who thinks he has freedom because he is now working as one of the guards of the prison, taking more prisoners, creating more slaves, just like his masters. This is the distortion of women, which is also the distortion of men.

The feminine intuition, which is connected to the earth, is a powerful force, that like the earth and nature herself, must be honored as sacred. It is time for that kind of awareness to return to this planet. The collapsing timelines are a collapse of the prisons that women and men have found themselves in. The feminine energy will have to lead the way, and that is why so many women across the planet are, in their awakening, experiencing a great deal of anxiety, dark nights of the soul, all challenging them to let go of the patterns and behaviors that have allowed earth to be dominated by a distorted energy that wants to dominate, control, and destroy every remnant of the dialogue inherent in the natural world, that is reserved for the divine feminine in each one of us, that is the source of our education and expansion, our love and our experience of magic and beauty. It is everything, this world, and its preciousness is beyond anything the mind can imagine.

The matrix world, dominated by distortion, tells everyone that it is the source of love and the objects there are the source of love. The divine feminine in us knows this is false, and it is time for her to attract the masculine energy back to a healthy state, to create from her river, to follow her flow, and to protect their sacred union. From all rivers, from all waters, are all things created and come into being. The masculine energy is all about creation, establishing a home, as a reflection and magnification of aspects of her, the great beloved. Environmentalism, men who talk about saving earth from climate change: They cannot do it without her. They must turn off the TV, the internet, and all the politicians, talk show hosts, and YouTubers, who run distortion campaigns. No man can save the earth. She doesn’t need saving. Why does he believe or even know about climate change? He watches the news, the experts, and the internet. He has plenty of arguments about it that confirm his position. He lies to himself. He, the divine masculine, will his feminine when she chooses to speak her truth, to speak the language of the rivers and the trees, the birds who sing, and the insects who whistle when the sun begins to fall and the sky closes his eyes, head buried in the pink and purple blanket of her dying day – all in order to create a new one.

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