The Ecstasy of Wholeness

Hearing, tasting, seeing, touching, and smelling: every art and every skill requires all of the senses, all of our faculties of perception. Each one is a contribution to what we call our experience as we devise, create, build, and play. Mind, however, is the realm of tracking, memory, recollection, and projection. Mind is a tool that acts as mode of comprehension, and so it creates metadata that relates to our experiences.  When we are in Mind, we are not in experience at all. This is why, when we live inside of our mind, we cannot free ourselves from time. We are either worrying about the future or regretting the past. Or, we are excited about the future, and we are longing for the past. But mind is unable to be in the Now, simply because mind cannot directly experience the sense faculties at all. At best, it can label the things of perception and stores them for recollection. But that is all.

Most people live in not only Mind, but only have experience of the concepts of mind. They cannot look anything without labeling it. This is why so many people become bored of life and seek out entertainment in movies and politics. Even though they are totally absorbed in Mind, they still crave the experience of wholeness, and seek it in sex, drugs, and various other experiences – experiences that only a Mind could imagine. Because in Life, in the Present, there is so much magic and wonder, that the idea that you would need drugs or sex in order to experience ecstasy is absurd.

This is why any artist or performer of a sport or an instrument will tell you that thinking will not help you. If you play the violin, you need to be playing the violin. Thinking about it will only disrupt the music. Music, as all the other arts, is an ecstasy.  A musician that seeks sex, drugs, and rock and roll, is not playing music. They are playing in their Mind. Over the past two-thousand years, mankind has been more and more absorbed into Mind, and in exchange has traded in experience. This is called “giving our power away”. What do we trade it for? We trade it for the convenience of living inside a false world, of false understanding, misconception and lies. As we have become more accustomed to living inside the mind, we have all created a momentum around the virtual reality we live in. Very few make their own juice every morning. Very few enjoy the entire process of cooking or tend to regard the slicing of ginger as beautiful and peaceful. No, beautiful and peaceful is the end of a yoga class filled with 25 sweating bodies and a loud instructor telling us what to see in our minds eye. What about the sound and taste of words? To write a poem that captures the stars and the fish of the sea; that connects the sky to earth, the enemy to its enemy, and the opposite to opposite. To experience it, is to experience incredible joy and a pleasure that is beyond anything the Mind can imagine.  In the present, all the perceptions merge into one, and so tastes can be heard and smells can be seen. Unity IS sexual energy, but it is not the union of two separate bodies. It is the union of beings that know that they are experiencing oneness – not concept, not imagination, which are both mind – as being.

When all perceptions merge into one, inside the NOW moment that is eternity, there is a feeling of wholeness that no human can avoid. If you are an artist creating in that moment, you will always create what is real, powerful, and without a doubt attractive to all those who cannot resist the unity that is truth. The mystery of the universe resides here in this unity, and it is a place where the mind cannot go, cannot fathom. Why can’t the mind go there? Because it is formless and creates form. Because it is timeless and creates time.  The mind cannot see it or understand it for the same reason that the fish cannot see a life without water. The mind swims only in its own structure, as a created being itself, as a network of all possible knowledge. But it cannot experience sexuality, even though it has tried through pornography, both soft and hard. All it can create is desire, addiction, and a desperation. The mind cannot understand the sacred being of unity, as one with passive and active energies, as one of male and female, as the true and only marriage of this world, the divine power that is yin and yang, and sacred One of the opposites.

We have, each one of us, been deluded and tricked into thinking that “I am mind” or that “I have a mind”. No one has a mind. Everyone accesses Mind and the ego that is formulated and shaped around it interprets Mind through the perceptions of its body being separate from other bodies. And the more an individual gives away their power, the less access and enjoyment they have in the perceptions of the body, and they lose their power to create, to create beautiful pieces of art, with the physical substances, as an expression of a whole. Instead, they will create out of pain and anger and loss, and love will be desire and pain and anger and loss. Misery is the theme of most popular culture and music. Misery is Nirvana. That is the final loss of power. The dark depths of despair. Seattle is an epicenter of pain, the dark whole from which so much longing grows, like weeds in a neglected garden. All the beauty it thinks about, and strives for, through its music and its technology, it an attempt to save itself from its own darkness, and what it perceives as being wrong with the world, what is lacking, and what is lost.

But all of that is an illusion. There is nothing lacking in nature and there is no scarcity. How much and who in the world has convinced you of scarcity and fear?  The more you trade your power for the ease of living in your mind; the more you trade your natural capacity to ask questions for Google searches, the more you enter the hive Mind, detached from your own reality, your body, and your soul. You become victim to anyone who has access to mental manipulation, through dreams, through the media, through anything that it wishes. How did so many people get to this point, where they no longer could see the birds, but knew all their names; where they could read ten self-help books a year, but can’t bear to look in the mirror without also fixing something that they see in it.

You have been taught that every person is a collection of emotions, thoughts, and skills, or some other kinds of attribute. All of this is wrapped up in a body or a personality, that can be explained by a Mind o science. You have been taught these lies, like everyone else, and you agree with them because they agree with them. But you are nothing of the sort. Your consciousness is limited, extremely limited, because it is informed by Mind, and is programmed to know things in the way they want you too. The truth is that you are more like an energetic vehicle on this earth, and we all carry each other, influence each other, trade energy, steal energy, manipulate, influence, and provoke each other. All of this goes on behind the seemingly benign and often shallow conversations about the weather, or work agendas, or conversations about who will pick up the kids after school. What if you found out that your boyfriend has a presence designed to provoke you into anger and rage, to keep your energy low and to continue to trade your power for the comfort of not having to be alone. What if I told you that your marriage is there to keep you in bondage to your ancestors, and to challenge your commitment to eternal love? Behind the consciousness, beneath the banality is a rich and complex interaction of energetic distribution and redistribution. Angers, fears, desires, and a desires, an all sorts of energies emerge in between the words. The silent spaces are everywhere, and carry the pieces of who we are, like train cars, all stringing together, linking and unlinking, joining and unjoining, expanding and contracting, and yet moving forward in a single direction, a trajectory towards a goal of which most people are completely unaware. For we are absorbed in the Mind, and the ego-illusion of “my mind”,  something we mistake for life, for world, for the whole. We image that “this is it”. And we we say that, that “this is it” and that “this is me”, we have begun the process of decay and dying, of no longer living.

I have come into life to say such things, whether I like it or not. I am saying these things because they are coming to an end, and all will eventually feel that it is coming to an end. What they called life is falling away, perhaps  gently or perhaps violently.  What you once saw as people or personalities, as conscious beings, at work and amongst your friendships, will fall away and give rise to the perception of the energies they carry. You will notice which ones they provoke; which ones are more controlling; which are hiding and manipulating, which are trying to influence your perception or the perception of others; which are loving and giving support to the life of the world; which are jealous and difficult to be with. You will not see these as “that person”, but you will feel compassion for all, as they struggle, like you do, with the energies of this planet, the high octaves and the low. You will be called to continue your journey here and the next lifetime, to learn how to make music out of all the frequencies through your presence, through your dark and your light, your shadow and your sun. You will be the storm and that which calms it. You will be the sunrise and the sunset, where all opposites converge into an ecstasy of peace, the nature of our wholeness, the return of human power.

3 thoughts on “The Ecstasy of Wholeness

  1. So wonderful! So beautifully put and so very powerful! I see what you say about “seeing” different energies and recognizing and feeling them. It seems to me to be more and more obvious. I admit to struggling with this for years and years! Feeling things but not having the understanding of what was going on! Just feeling everything (other peoples energies mostly) very deeply! Very confusing! And then not having anyone to share this with because it seemed I was the only one who felt the conflicting crazed energies around me! But now I’m better able to sense different energies and there’s a kind of knowingness about it! It’s more manageable! Allowing it around me but still being able to hold my own energy! And staying in a loving compassionate energy too! It’s quite new to me! But I feel I understand what you mean! It’s very helpful and encouraging! Feels true! I feel connected to my true essence and it feels good! Happy to know things are changing finally! I feel hopeful and loving! Thank you once again for your amazing ability to see things clearly and share with us! Love and blessings and deep gratitude! 🌻


    1. In the 4D, there have been many attempts to categorize and embody certain energies through conjuration, and replication and embodiment. It is a bit different from the 3D, but was set in place because we weren’t ready to let go of the Mind quite yet. Most are still not ready, but the portals, for lack of a better word, have opened, and it is available for us to have that experience when each is ready to walk through them. There is no time here and no place. We are already here now – its just an awakening from the Mind-Dream. We each of us, participate in the creation of the world we experience. We also create the Mind that doesn’t experience that creation in that manner, and instead experiences itself as a victim. What kind of strange game is this? We are finding out.

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      1. Yes, this is it. Brilliant! Uncharted territory, it feels like that for me. It feels very magical too. Like sky’s the limit. I can breath again. Creating my world in front of me and embracing the love, the love within me. Feels surreal! But brilliant. It’s never before been like this for me… I don’t know why I wrote all this as a reply to your comment! Hope it makes sense, or not! It’s all good! 🦋


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