Lion’s Gate of Infinity: Unconditional love

“A pen went scribbling along. When it tried to write love, it broke.” – Rumi

We are nearing what is known as the lion’s gate, the portal that opens on 8.8 of every year. 8 is the number of infinity, the multiplication of the 2, the first number after the ONE, the polarity that manifests from Source into the Multitude. For those who are sensitive to the energies of this portal, it is a time in which we experience an enormous influx of solar energy, energy from Source through all the material forms of the world. This year it is remarkable force that many are already experiencing now. It is the fire of unconditional love that is making its way into the planet in a way that is entirely unprecedented in our lifetime.

Of all the manifestations and arms of love that show up on the material plane, parental love is the most powerful of all. No matter what kind of parent one is, the power of unconditional love does emerge, even in those who are unable to manifest it through blockages, curses, and what have you. The power of it is presence itself, as it is our own presence in itself, shining through all the dark spaces, the places that serve as the bars of the prison that we have intentionally created in order to contain it. For most human beings contain it through fear, through addiction to drama, addiction to neediness, and the energy of their childhood that was distorted through the distorted neediness of their parents and their parents.

But regardless of the attachments of the parent, a child feels this unconditional love through even the most unconscious parent, and wants to connect to it. The child must connect to it. It is essential for the child to hold on to this rope, the arm of the sun, as they grow into young adulthood. This light, this force of love, will guide them so that they are able to easily recognize its presence in themselves, the unbounded aspatial and timeless love of their being. This will help them to launch into their own autonomy, and expansion, their experience of life as a creative act and a powerful passion of love and ecstasy. This is the nature of true autonomy and the power of love. It is the true emergence from the cave this is form and illusion.

However, due to the thousands of years of distortion on this planet, so many have been crippled into lower expressions of love and attachment and desire. All of this has been cemented by media, entertainment, music, sports, and various other forms designed to deprave and create lust, want, and greed. Parents who block unconditional love, usually through some form of ancestral curse or black magic (all of them are installed patterns/prisons), remain as starved of love as their children do. At that point, love, instead of guiding them into autonomy is used a weapon of manipulation, a tease, a carrot on a stick, an object of barter or trade. It becomes hypersexualized and perverted. The child learns from his parent that love must be earned and he must do the right thing in order to get it. This is the meaning of the Whore of Babylon – it is a whoring of children to create love in this manner. The child grows up still longing for fulfillment from the parent figure, dead or alive. If alive, he will still feel the energetic pull of the Mother, and will confuse through reason, love with loyalty. Loyalty has brothers and sisters, one is called shame. Another is called guilt. Another is called Disobedience. Their children are Wrongness and Rightness, and, finally, the youngest sibling is Insignificance and its twins, Lack, Destitution and Poverty. At some point even Death feels preferable to Love and so Death is what it seeks to marry. The surrender to darkness is what we call Hell on earth, and it something that so many have indulged themselves in. Children of thirty years of age look at themselves and slowly see themselves becoming their mother or their father. They take on the same characters and patterns, the same jobs and hobbies. It is a defeat that is a surrender not to love, but to years of ancestral programming. Some parents encourage this, as they announce how proud they are that their child has walked in their footsteps, to repeat their lives for them, or perhaps to make them look right or better.

The manipulation and distortion of Love, is the power of the Matrix, and as it increases its power, the souls decrease there. It feeds off of Love, which is Source energy, which is YOUR true nature and at the same time tells you that your true nature is found inside of it. The reason for the powerful solar energies now, is that we had two choices: one, to destroy the world yet again, to allow it to completely self-destruct, or to bring in the most powerful influx of transformative Source energy into the matrix dream. To open the windows, and let the light stream in enough that many people would awaken and help each other to awaken, day by day, week by week, month by month. We who allow this Source energy to course through every breath, every heartbeat, and every movement, are being the Love that so many have been deprived of for so long. There is no need to persuade, to heal, or to do anything, EXCEPT to clear your own energetic blockages to love, to clear them in order to make way for the Love of the world to enter, for the Love of Heart to enter the world.

That is the true meaning of saving the world. Do not wait for Jesus. Be Love Yourself.

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