Loneliness is your home

Loneliness is your home.
Loneliness is all the stuff you hide from them in the dark places.
Loneliness is your own tears you mock and burn with fire.
Loneliness is the volume you raise in order to avoid listening to your heart.
Loneliness is the noise and busy-ness of life that consumes you.
Loneliness is the raw matter of you, that a mother once called useless.
Loneliness is all the pieces of your heart you gave away, leaving nothing for yourself.
Loneliness is all the self-abuse you committed and blamed on others,
when you decided that everyone is more lovable and powerful than you are.
Go home: return from whence you came, and where you store all your truths
and all your wisdom,
as a dragon on a pile of gold.
Allow only those who honor your home,
And wouldn’t dare soil its floors or its walls,
or seek to steal its treasures;
those who see and love the light of you,
the beautiful light that illuminates all dark spaces,
one light that is as their own.

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