Mother Matrix and Matrix of Mothers

The matrix (mater in Greek) is a strange place of shadows and shadows of shadows. It is the birth of all mothers and the mothers give birth to it. It is the chicken the egg. Perhaps they are the same.

The existence of spirituality: spiritual teachers, spiritual books, spiritual groups, modalities and methods is indication that the matrix has created a place for something that is lacking in the “other” areas. This organization is a function of the matrix. All slots are created, all silos are placed for the things the matrix needs to find place for. But this is like a human being who believes that he doesn’t have time to breathe, and so makes a slot for it in his schedule, and a meetup group for breathers, for those who can’t find others to help them breathe. Nothing quite works. Some of it helps – just a little, but that is only because for every matrix creation, there is a bit of Source light, a taste of truth, a bit of who we are.

But this mother doesn’t raise to be of Source. She raises you to be of Her.

One of the principles of the matrix is that it wants to enforce that idea that Source doesn’t exist, and that even if it does exist, it doesn’t have any need of it. The matrix does contain places for “God” to inhabit, mostly in churches and various religious structures. These religions are all functions of the matrix. There are lots of arguments generated on whether or not “God” is real, but these arguments are just activities of the obedient and dutiful matrix mind and is similar to people who argue whether or not death exists. One side will say that death is nothingness. The other will claim that it is something. These arguments would be complete avoidable if the arguers were present to death in the first place. But they are not, and they know it not, and she knows they fear it most. She keeps them there with her large breasts and her promises of safety. They are smothered in Her and can love no other, not themselves. They play with argumentation and various forms are reasoning. It doesn’t matter. They are still breathing and their bodies are still preparing for death.

The matrix is binary and divides each into two, and each one of the two into more two, and so on. It is like a cell that replicates by division. The matrix is divisive and warlike, when the parts struggle with each other. The matrix ensured that each part struggles to survive, as it is inhabiting a body that wants to survive, as is the nature of the biological form. The female form has become corrupted by the matrix in every way, striving to be like the mother in order to capture a mate.

Why do you struggle in life? It is because you are a replication in the matrix. Your task is to reclaim your unity. How do you do this? You have to work out these divisions and merge them back into whole. There are spiritual groups in the matrix who call this transmutation. You can’t do this by working with matrix energy. You have to connect to Source in order to this. The challenge here is that the matrix forbids Source access, which is truly your Core. It forbids it in many ways, through its systems of survival; separation, and the attachment it has created to your consciousness, When I see the energy of many men, I just see their mothers and the women they conjure.

When you are attached to the matrix, you are hooked into the hive mind. People are not really who they are, because who we are is One with Source. But in the matrix, we are attached to personalities, and unfortunately, in this matrix, we have fashioned it to be as far from Source as possible because a mother doesn’t want to lose her son.

It is a strange world where in most areas of our lives, intuition and divination are not taken seriously. This has cut ourselves off from the strange dream of the 3D world, the physical world, which is filled to the brim with messages from Source, self-guidance, and unconditional love. Instead, we see it through the matrix mind, to which our consciousness is attached. This matrix doesn’t show love. It shows expectation and demand. But if you can perceive through Source, you see the ever-flowing energetic waters, the connection between all things. You feel and experience the Mind of the collective, the hive mind, and all that generates from it. That is how you can predict the future. You see it in its potential, and you know where it tends towards and you feel who you are, unattached to it, the watcher of the drama, the free soul, the bird that can fly.

Most people resist their connection to the hive Mind and pretend it doesn’t exist. They think they have their own mind, inside their head, called their brain. If they do receive a message from the heart, it gets filtered through that space, and appears as meaningless as the matrix wants to be. Men marry and think they have left home. But they have just returned to the basement and they will one day leave their daughters there, buried deeper.

Each one of us, while hooked into the matrix for our consciousness, feeds the Source energy to that matrix. This is called “giving away your power”. This is the true nature of co-dependency. You are not really co-dependent on that one person. You are co-dependent on the matrix itself, the false mother. Your attachments are projections from that matrix.

We are all truly, as we are, emanations of Source light. The love is real and can be grounded into creating a new matrix, a new world that maintains integrity from the Source. This is the new grid that many speak about it. It is golden and filled with Love, not of the creation but of the Source itself.

To reject Source is to reject the breath of life, the true beloved, the true lover. When you chase the things of the world, you are running from your Source. You are chasing dreams and shadows and shadows of shadows.

The matrix teaches you that you have to know things in order to go towards them, that you need to understand them in order to create things. In the presence of Source, you are guided always and powerfully. You’ll find yourself knowing things and creating things that you never dreamed of, because the matrix dreams cannot imagine the power of Source energy. Matrix dreams are only based on the past and the expectations created from the past into the future. This is why those who live in matrix-created egos are always lacking in confidence, motivation, and willpower. One can’t conjure powerful energy from matrix-awareness. One can only do this in Source. Boys remain with the mother. It takes sacred ceremony to become a Man.

Allowing Source to guide you means you must no longer allow the world to manipulate you. This is a journey into itself. Everyone at their own pace and in their own time, will reach the timeless/spaceless realm of the heart of Source. As you “ascend” your true powers will emerge, whatever they may be. As you do this, you’ll see that the Mind is One and that the separation of souls into bodies affords the great illusion. It is an illusion where the Souls who generate and participate in the matrix believe they are victims of its happenings. It is an illusion where the Souls who generate the matrix believe that they are conscious and awake because Mother matrix tells them that they are. They look to the matrix for everything: for their identity, their value, the value of their children, their beauty and their pride, their confidence and their power. They do this and they still suffer. Comedy or tragedy? It is also your creation.

There is always a global awakening within each one of you, each one of the sons. But each awakening in a man, requires first an awakening of the mother, of the girl, and the crone, and she must take the first steps into her own unknown, so that he can find love there, where he was meant to be, alone and with each other.

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