Was ego a mistake?

00001000 = 8
011 + 001 = 4.
November 6, 1983 = (1+ 1+ 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 29; 2+ 9 = 11 = 2 (binary).

Ego has been getting a lot of hard knocks lately. The other day, I saw a YouTube video on my feed that was a on old recording of an Eckhardt Tolle interview. The title was something like “Is ego a mistake?”. I didn’t listen to the video, but the question has been lingering for a few days. That means it’s something I need to address.

It is commonly understood that when we awaken, we awaken from ego. That means that awakening is in some way connected to or dependent on being in ego, as principle and as a starting point. So, of course, to wonder if ego was a mistake would lead to the conclusion that awakening is a mistake as well. This is as clear as day requires night, and that thirst requires both lack of water and water simultaneously. As I have taught in this blog, presence teach us that the opposite are the same, but are only experienced by ego as different. The reason for this is because ego understands itself through the Mind, which is a hive Mind, and it feeds off of that, like a child attached to his mother’s breast. That is where the ego gets its food and sustenance.

If you rip an ego away, the individual could very well die from fear itself, or the fear that will launch them into panic and terrible choices. This is where compassion comes in. The ego is blind to much, if not all of Self, and it is also blind to love and true connection. It is always by nature fragile and usually confused. That is why it tries so hard to look and feel powerful, either through high achievement, excessive body building, or excess anything. Because the ego doesn’t allow the consciousness to experience itself as presence, it has very little awareness of the right and right place, or just the right amount of salt and pepper, the right amount of basil. The consciousness that relies on the ego construct will follow the recipes of the Hive Mind only, however and whenever it received them. For contrast, true creativity is to create out of “nothing” which is another way of saying, outside of the realm of the known. Ego cannot, by nature, do this. When the individual is absorbed in Ego, they are not yet ready to experience their true power in the world.

Now awakening is what happens when we let go of “parts” of ego, or patterns of ego. This might mean that for a single moment, and in a single circumstance, a person connects with their presence and works off of intuition. This happens to every single person on the planet, unless they have become so robotic that they can’t do anything at all from within. Most people are in between the extreme of absolute awareness and absolute unconsciousness, however, and they often will experience a connection to presence that will immediately be hijacked by the old lower frequency ego consciousness. For example, you might have an inner knowing about something or someone. Your mind resists it because it can’t demonstrate its truth in its memory bank of the Hive Mind that it thinks belongs to itself. You reject that feeling you have because you can’t prove it, only to discover later that you were correct after all. People live lives that bury themselves and their presence in Mind-stuff, to the point where they do not allow it to guide them, particularly in areas of business, career, and love. This is projected into their world, which is by and large dependent on producing things such as data and statistics to buttress an assertion. I won’t invest in this unless you prove to me that it is likely to succeed. I will not love her, unless I know that she is attracted to me. Those of us who play in this world, know that most bodies will not make a move, if they cannot guarantee a high percentage chance of success. The power of numbers in the matrix-ego is incredible and is completely debilitating for life in its power. Too many people are afraid of Love, because they want safety in numbers. If you think of society as one big collective ground hog day movie, then you wouldn’t be far off.

When you see this state of society, and of people, what else can you hold except compassion? No one is doing this to anyone. Everyone is doing it to themselves. Remember that when someone doesn’t come through for you, or steals from you, or betrays you. They cannot put themselves in the shoes of another – the ego never can. Yes, it often postures itself as if it were kind, generous, and accepting of others: that is what society tries to do, as we have seen often enough in this “woke” culture. However, this is just more ego-matrix projection. It has no integrity, because it is not coming from Source/Love. It is coming from the fear of not being liked, accepted, and supported by the Hive Mother Matrix. Let’s put it this way. If the ego lived in culture that promoted hatred of another group, that ego would comply with that personality. If the ego is in a group or society that promotes openness and kindness, it will try to conform to that. None of this is real or reflective of the actual essence of the human being, their connection to Source, and their true capacity for love.

This is why there are people in the world, to whom you are deeply connected at the soul level, and yet deeply divided on the surface level or ego level. In fact, this is one of the greatest challenges we face in this earth-school: to challenge ourselves to listen to the heart that connections, even as it whispers, even as it is gentle. We must do this in the face of the loud brashness of the ego, the flagrant self-absorption and need to be seen, liked, and accepted; the wars, the anger, the pain.

The awakening cannot happen without the context of egoic-delusion. No one has “awakened” yet. All of us are still half-asleep, walking in a dream. Anyone who claims to walk on this earth and simultaneously be completely awakened is under the greatest of all delusions. The power of ego is greatest where we believe we’ve “made it” or reached our destination. Socrates is said, through Plato, to teach nothing and proclaim to teach nothing. The Platonic teaching is that there is no teaching. The Platonic teaching is the Western version of Zen Buddhism. However, the Mind of Western Culture has buried it in its pleasures, its architecture, its music, and all its costumes and reasonings. It is a beautiful deception and a remarkable challenge!

I am going to reiterate. You cannot “argue” or “show” an ego the way. They cannot see except what is filtered through what they perceive as a separate self that is just trying to “survive”. They can of course try to understand what you are saying. Ego only sees what it is designed to see and it always chooses its action based on what is its own advantage. It is a beautiful thing and divine inspired because it allows the ego to receive from Source in a way that is like feeding a child soft food, as it is good for them, and as it is healthy for them. Other people – who are in their own egos – are brought in to feed the child as needed. But they are not meant to stay for long. They are meant to provide and participate in lessons, something we all do for each other as we grow and learn. Since the child is unable to fend for themselves or maintain their boundaries, they rely on their ego to do it for them. The problem has been, however, that many parents of many children, have done enormous damage to the boundaries, and have, instead of guiding the child towards self-trust and increasing self-awareness, have kept them slaves to their dependencies. The world right now, the mother-matrix is falling apart as we speak. it is going to continue to spiral not only into absurdity but into what will be perceived as extreme corruption of the highest order. Many won’t be able to withstand the onslaught of what the collective has created. The pain will be far too great for even the body to handle. Awakening is not just a feeling of spiritual awareness that the consciousness can comprehend. It is also a deep physical upheaval and transformation, which will destroy anything that is not willing to participate on the journey.

We all must learn now, more than any other time, to practice the compassion and forgiveness that will be necessary. The pain of seeing what we have all created in this society is going to be excruciating for many.

Things are never what they seem, and how the ego perceives itself and the world, is an illusion designed to get us situated on earth and launch us into a specific trajectory. The transformation we are all experiencing now is happening from the highest levels of consciousness, that is to say, Love. Anything that appears to not come from Love is a perception or dream that is some form of Matrix-Mother contraption designed to keep you on the lower rungs of death, disease, and despair. Do not follow those thoughts. Watch them pass as clouds. Remember that the light shows all the dark places.

The challenge will always be to maintain that Love-consciousness and awareness; to be able to hold that energy even when the world around you is challenging you in the most of extreme of ways. Always find that portal that will raise your consciousness back into peace, love, and bliss. And not the ego consciousness of peace, love, and bliss, but actually the presence of your own being, where it is always and always will be.

Everything in this waking world is a sign for you, a symbol. You don’t have to go to bed at night in order to dream. You are already dreaming, and we are collectively being given that dream in a million different ways. You were born to see, not the light, but all the dark things that were hidden due to the extreme unconsciousness of the past thousand or so years. Remember that you are seeing and will see some of the most heinous acts of humanity come to light. These are not yours, but they are ours and we all are here to heal each other through the highest echelons of our Spirit and Source.

Keep aware of your surroundings. Look for repeating patterns and experiences. They are telling you something, showing you something that needs healing and opening to the light, to gather back the energy into wholeness and integrity. Some of the artifacts in the dream are very old and tired such as Egyptian symbols, or symbols of Shamanism or Tarot. These still show for some, but for most, are not resonant.

Some are new and are streaming on Netflix. Do not react to the story. Absorb it and find yourself in it and find the Love there. Just remember that Ego believes that Unity is expressed as 1 + 1 = 2. Both ones must be destroyed by the two. The heart knows, however, that 1 is only 1 and never can become something else, nor can something become it.

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