Love lost in the moment

the pinprick,
it was only a moment,
the moonlight slipped
unawares into our place;
the room was dark,
but our conversation
was a sea of stars,
far enough to feel safe,
and close enough to be heard:
all is well in some moments.

But who can stay swimming for long,
especially those with small legs
and tiny hands that reach
and seek for what shines brightest,
just for the fun and joy of it?

We laughed for a few minutes
of a few days,
a year?
enough to make it worth living for,
like sweet purple flowers that bloom
between sharp slices of rock.

I was young and thought it was forever,
and thus, I made it so:
your back branded in my heart,
flesh carved into little rivulets,
figure eight flowing round your eyes,
into which I pour all other numbers.

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