Create with eyes wide open

Every moment of every day of every year, you are co-creating your world, your experience, and all the characters who contribute to it.  This is the true nature of reality: we all get what we deserve because we ourselves are making what we serve. This can be a hard thing to accept, because so many “bad” things seem to happen; things that we know we don’t want and would not choose. But that perspective, that bad things happen and so I am not the creator of this, is due to a misunderstanding of the function of those “bad” things. It is kind of like a young violinist who is having technical difficulties with a certain part of the music he is learning. The music sounds bad when he plays it and he can’t seem to get around it. He could tell himself that he didn’t create that bad sounding music, because he didn’t want it in the first place and didn’t even write it. But the truth is that he is creating it, and he has the power to correct it. He can choose to give up playing altogether or to learn how to overcome thd difficulty.

Our bodies, our energy, are our instruments in this world. We play in symphony with others.  However, most people are in victim consciousness, and are not active players. They are either playing in someone else’s design or aren’t playing at all.  Whenever you engage with others, you are co-creating with them, like in a dream, where others are interacting with you and you are involved with them. Who is the dreamer here when you feel victimized in your own dream? Who is the one setting the action and voice of the drama when we are playing victim? I can tell you from experience, that when you aren’t driving your car, something else will, and it won’t be going anywhere you are ready or willing to go. So many relationships are designed to be train/car wrecks for this reason: you are supposed to learn about co-creating on this planet in order to master co-creating with your own instrument, consciously and effectively. That is what you are here for.  But in order to do this, “bad” things need to happen. In other words, failed or disappointing relationships, personal loss, and all sorts of other things that you weren’t expecting. These are designed to show you where you aren’t aligned with yourself, or where you are selling yourself short. But so many people dwell in these negative experiences, that they make a hobby out of them, and even social media pages create groups that mourn the evil state of man, or woman, or child. Pages and pages of memes designed to express the pain of a world where everyone is a narcissist, trying to manipulate you; or a world where men are cowards and women are whores and love is a battlefield. In the end so many people spend a good deal of their co-creative efforts on creating a world that explains why they feel too victimized to create the world they want. It is a world full of excuses, negative patterns, fueled by the unwillingless to be present to the magic of creation, and the joy of learning, growing, and developing.

The reasons for this stunted growth are deep. But I will touch on one, namely, Pleasure.

In a modern society such as ours, we can enjoy an immense amount of pleasure. In fact, pleasure is something that we have come to use a guidance signal.  We turn left because left seems to taste sweeter, or we turn right because the view is more beautiful.  In fact, we have become so addicted to pleasure that we have transformed our expectations of it into a blueprint of our ideal world, our ideal love, our ideal career, etc. Even when we seek to get away from our normal life, which is generally the pursuit of pleasure (even if it causes pain), we tend to go a vacation, which will serve us more pleasure than we normally serve ourselves.

And while there is nothing wrong with pleasure per se, the obsession and addiction we have to it is a huge disservice to our lives here on earth. The reason is that we don’t really want only pleasure. What we really want is to be good at something, and to find the good in ourselves in others. This is why, for Plato, the Good is the ultimate and highest form of being.  But to be more precise, the “Good” (agathos) is better translated as “Noble” or “Sublime”. There really isn’t a good word in English for this idea, but if you can merge the sacred together with the good, then you can get close enough to the meaning of the word.

Human beings, most of all, want to see, as Aristotle notes in his first line of the Metaphysics. And I add, that they want to see, because they want to understand. And they want to understand the truth of things, so that they can act truly and can estimate what is the best way to act (the good), which is in accordance with nature and what is required. To be good at anything, requires mastery. To be good at relationships, requires a lot of learning, a lifetime of it. To be good at guitar, requires lifetimes of learning as well. Curiosity, passion, wonder, and the ability to always be a beginner at heart, is required if we are to grow, expand, and evolve into masters of our matters. But to play victim to bad things is to halt all growth and creates worlds and timelines in worlds that will never create what you want to create, if what you seek is true love, and true good, and true mastery. If we only seek pleasure, we will always find an excuse to bow out of what we truly want to master, because the necessary discomfort, and sometimes even pain, will knock us out of the game.

The reason for this is that when we pursue pleasure, we become “soft”, and the lessons that we are given, appear difficult, harsh, maybe even bad or evil. We came to this earth to learn mastery of some area or other. You know what it is, because, in your heart, you know what it is you desire to accomplish. Perhaps you are here to create beautiful relationships. Or maybe you are here to create beautiful healing music. Whatever it is, you are here to do that, and so you will create (with others) the challenges and resistances with the very thing you desire to achieve. In fact, the more advanced you are, the more extreme these challenges will be. This is the nature of the art of creation: the more advanced, the deeper the challenge. And the most interesting thing is that the challenges are given by you yourself. You can choose to become victimized and create a world of being victimized with other victims, or you can choose to integrate the challenge into a strength and further you along the path of achievement that you desire. In fact, the easier route is to take on the challenge. It’s easier because you already have the ability to solve the challenge, if you look deep enough with you, if you care to spend the time you need with ourself. The hard way is to go against the current, to be at odds with yourself, to continually be victimized, controlled, beaten, and abandoned by the resistance that stands between you and your freedom.

So many people spend so much time wondering why their life is so hard. Their life is not hard, they are just too busy seeking pleasure, instead of seeing these difficulties as challenges to overcome in their area of interest.  Those who are here on earth to create unconditional love, a deeper and higher love, beyond the seeking and co-dependency of pleasure, are going to face the challenge of being with and dealing with energies that run resistance to the unconditional love they wish to create. This resistance should be a temporary (not permanent) challenge to your manifestation. The problem for many is that they wallow in self pity or find others who also wallow in it (this is easy on social media) and create a reality that’s constructed of the energy of resistance, rather than the energy of what they desire. That is why they look at their life, and wonder how it came to this and why they have to suffer it. They shake their heads in disbelief if you tell them they have co-created this reality.

Your birth, who your parents are, the length of your life, the challenges, and your form of death area all planned out from the beginning- by you and those who co-create with you.  But you can’t experience growth if you remember all these things and you can’t respect the process if you remembered who you truly are, outside this virtual reality we live in. You are an infinite being or soul consciousness that is experiencing a strange and dense form of reality we call earth. Here, you can create yourself into whatever you wish, and experience the world in whatever way you wish. The current of the human mind, however, is generally one of limitation, doubt, and negativity.  And so it is imperative for you to first and foremost address that kind of resistance within yourself, as that is a form of self-sabotage and an imposition of limitation that was created outside of your nature. Your nature, your own soul, your consciousness is here to guide you as you dream your way through this world, until you can meet with that consciousness directly, embody it, and dream with eyes wide open – to create the magic of all possible worlds.

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