I speak a beautiful bird

I speak a beautiful bird,
and your eyes place him there,
blue and red and yellow,
you put him there, sweet bird;
heart suddenly finds its wings,
Oh, your light is his great sun;
but I myself can barely see for long
as he flies away into the great fog,
through the tears in your eyes,
that fall only to your lover’s knees
who spells “The birds are better there”.

When you meet a new person or group of people in your life, you will also meet all their attachments, ancestral, current, and even future. When you speak to them, they will respond with any one of these. There is not one person here, but many in one. Will you know this consciously? No, you generally won’t, unless you have some kind of extra-sensory perception, or psychic ability. It is so easy to get absorbed into other people’s world, and many of us are sleepwalking through these worlds. We get some good energies, some not-so-good, and some neutral. People experience this every day, just as they experience the organs of their body, the flow of their breath, the movement of their muscles. That is to say: they don’t experience much, until of course pain or extreme pleasure or something rises to the surface. That is when we become alert to something inside of us that has entered our realm. That is when someone becomes a larger focus of our attention.

The deep and profound world of the physical form, from microorganism to skin to the tips of the hair, is world that contains worlds and has great impact on how we experience this world in this lifetime, in this body. The deep and profound world of the psychic-soul world of non-physical form is even more expansive, deep and profound, reaching far beyond what our physically trained mind can comprehend.

You believe that when you shake a person’s hand, that it is a non-event; that when you glance deeply in their eyes, even for a second, that it is a passing moment, as trivial as brushing your hand against the surface of the water. Yet, none of these things are trivial. When you are present, and are experiencing life, you will receive life, and you will receive the energies held by those you touch, by those things that have been touched by others. The world is teeming with energies and life. There is not just this individual there, there is literally centuries of worlds, and a multitude of consciousnesses that have influenced and owned those worlds.

Whatever they mumble or say; whatever they contradict in themselves is a clue to the challenge of your own experience in dealing with them.

This is why the road to autonomy is a not a trivial challenge. It requires a determination to reconcile these energies, to encounter them, to overcome them, to work some of them in, to dissolve others, to find new ground and new mastery. The road to autonomy is the road we are all on, but some are just beginning, and some are learning to embody their autonomy, to still function in this strange world of co-creation and co-creators who are for the most part sleepwalking their way through life.

How do you learn to co-create and walk with those who still sleepwalk? How do you help us build the life of our dreams? How do you help others keep the beautiful birds here, living and thriving, mesmerizing beyond whatever entertainment we can devise.

4 thoughts on “I speak a beautiful bird

  1. Hmmm. An inveterate nitpicker, I ‘picked’ up on this: When I came to “The world is teaming with energies and life.”, my thought was ‘She intended “The world is teeming with energies and life.” ‘ Or perhaps not. Or perhaps each might be equally appropriate in its own way.

    Keep up the challenging ruminations! (A bit, or a lot, deep for my 79 yo mid-dementia’d mind….)


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