Divine Feminine: Target of Twin Flame deception

The Whole Story: Twin Flames, Twin Souls, the Yin and the yang

Most of what is written on the internet about twin flames is false and misleading. Just as the true spirit of God has become distorted into something that is unrecognizable and even demonic, so too have twin flames become one of the most manipulated and distorted ideas in the spiritual community.

Most twin flame content is targeting a feminine audience. Many people believe that the reason for this is that the feminine is the first to awaken and so “chases” her beloved (the unawakened masculine). This is not the real reason, and the feminine is not necessarily very awake at all, at least in the way these internet teachers instruct.

The true reason why twin flame content is targeting a feminine audience is because the feminine is target, not for ascension or love, but for destruction, blockage, and degradation. I am going to emphasize the following on this blog over…

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7 thoughts on “Divine Feminine: Target of Twin Flame deception

  1. Wow, very beautifully written! This is just the kind of things we need to hear and understand! Very helpful and lovingly shared! With gratitude, always! Many things are much clearer and my hope is that this will be greatly helpful to all that read it! We are complete as we are and finding or being in with our twin flame is the bonus, icing on the cake! But we are already the cake! Wonderfully, deliciously sweet! ❤️🎈🧡

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      1. Yes, I do see this all around as many women complain they cannot be with or find their twin, I’m always reminded that this isn’t what it’s about… and hopefully, with the help of your words and understanding, they will give women “permission” to be who they are! And that’s ok! Just love yourself! Love the one you’re with! That’s you! And always will be! Honour your twin flame when he shows up, he may already be there! Love and light, and many great thanks, Anastasia, for the beautiful work you do! ❤️💜🦋

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      2. I never even heard of twin flames when I met mine. I had to figure out what it was. When people seek their twin, they are usually wanting this great romance. Romance has nothing to do with this. This about divine love.

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  2. Thankyou Anastasia. What is happening in the feminine sphere seems desperately sad to me – calls to self-hate and self-deny when there is so much fascination and beauty to be found in there. I think also of the issues in the masculine with INCEL (having recently seen Jordan Peterson interviewed by Piers Morgan, where the former broke down, twice). Maybe your blog will help us find a way through. Best Wishes.

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    1. I admire Jordan Peterson. He is going great work with the masculine though he doesn’t address the power of the feminine, as he stays within a rigid psychological context and has some limited ideas about the powers of feminine energy and it’s relation to masculine. I have seen the segment however I will watch the full episode and maybe write about it. I plan on doing some work on the masculine so thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it.

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