Twin Flame Pitfalls: The Vibration and Manifestation Trope

The Whole Story: Twin Flames, Twin Souls, the Yin and the yang

The notion has almost reached full cliche, the idea that you must raise your vibration in order to manifest love, to meet your twin flame, soul mate, achieve ascension, what have you. Make no mistake: all things have reached cliche status when they become popular and easily understood intellectual tropes. They are as melodies that everyone can hum to or play on their own fiddle and guitar. Spiritual goals have become similar to career goals, relationship goals, and any other goal you can conjure. Much of the advice and wisdom has become as trivial as cleaning the counter with soap and a cloth. No wonder so many people are so confused – because it isn’t really effective at all.

Vibration and frequency are related to how we understand music. Music is a whole of many moving parts that involve human physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interaction. The Greeks understood music…

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6 thoughts on “Twin Flame Pitfalls: The Vibration and Manifestation Trope

  1. “When you need nothing, and are in sheer bliss, you cannot be manipulated.” I love this! Thank you, this is so helpful! Your article is spectacular! So clear, so true! Thank you, for sharing yourself with us! ☀️


    1. Try again. I had moved it to draft because I wanted to flesh it out more. But I can do that in another article. I wanted to emphasize that the creative power we hold becomes illuminated as we realize that art is life and our life is an art.

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      1. As an artist, I see that the creating is the divine! It’s making something out of nothing, and really nothing else feels like this. My creating art is my connection to source. It is source creating itself! I work only for myself, for my own sense of creating! I have long since given up on “showing.” Art is an internal process, it’s life, it’s alive, it’s love! It’s creation! I just let it flow (and never judge it), it is what it is! Source! 🙏🦋🌞 it makes me happy! (Just wanted to share this with you!) Ps, article still not showing up 😦


      2. Maybe try clearing browser cache? The article is up!

        Yes creation is the sacred act on all levels. When we are not conscious of our creating we are passive in the creation of
        Others, otherwise known as possession.

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