Possession of the Creative Consciousness

I am going to speak a little bit about possession. It is important to understand that only objects can be possessed. To be possessed is exactly to be a slave and even worse (an object to be manipulated). One can be conscious or semi-conscious of their own possession, but most are not aware of it.

Most people are possessed by multiple beings, but not actively so. They are instead programmed through their mind, to conceive of things in a certain way, a certain formula. This appears to them to be “real”. It is a mistake to think that we see with our eyes. When we are programmed, we only see what our mind is programmed to believe through our eyes. When we are conscious creators, we only see what we want our mind to create. In conscious creation, there is choice and their responsibility for that choice. If I don’t like something, so I change my view of it and it emerges from that view. Often, when we create, we will find resistance to it, but that has no effect on the creation whatsoever or the joy we take in it.

The majority of people do not understand nor want to understand that our reality, each of our realities, is created out of thin air through our own creative powers. The reason they don’t understand and aren’t responsible for their lives, is because, to them, someone else is always creating it for them. And they are correct in this. They are correct that life “happens” to them. They are in fact possessed and they are serving some other master. You can call it the devil if you like or a demon, but it is more than that – you are serving the momentum of forms and formulas that humanity has been willing to adapt for itself and identify itself with.

There are many teachers of manifestation who teach people that they create their own lives. This is not truly the case, as creation must be conscious creation in order to manifest. When we consciously create, we know and realize that we create our perceptions and that we can change them just as easily. This is essentially the nature of high magic. When we do this, we alter the realities of others on the planet. The reason for this is simple: all perception is an understanding of a particular energetic form with a particular momentum. The more people believe in something, the more momentum it gains. The more people see through that belief, the less momentum it gains. For perceptions and orientations with huge amounts of momentum, such as religion, it can take lifetimes to for an individual to clear themselves out enough to be able to recreate their life from the ground up, from foundation to ceiling. One of the most difficult structures to deal with is language, something everyone uses, but rarely questions. Language is even more powerful than money in this sense.

When we work in creation, we do not work in the visible realm or the realm of form. Those realms are already created stuff, already manifested objects, where most of the world dwells in its consciousness. Conscious creators are inventors and are always tapping into the infinite potential that life offers. This infinite potential will always usher in the new, or a new age. It is absolutely the case that those who are awakening at this time, are doing so in order to tap into this infinite potential, in order to transform the life of earth as it currently manifests.

For this reason, many of those who are on the path to conscious creation are those who are experiencing a sense of loneliness and isolation. It is and has been very important for them to distance themselves and let go off the old possessions that have dominated many aspects of their energy, breaking them into fragments, and unworkable parts that don’t seem to get along. This perception of brokenness in the world, as it were, results in a feeling of being broken. The programs that once possessed them no longer make any sense. They must let them go, but in letting them go, they let go of the ties to others that are a working part of those programs.

When you begin to set yourself free from the programming, you will find that your “insolence” will be directly challenged, sometimes from other human beings, sometimes by entities from various dimensions, depending on your path. In all of these cases, you are no longer able to be tamed by these simple programs and require now direct personal attack methods. This is where so many on the ascension path experience great fear and even sickness. It is one of the most challenging times, but it is also one of the most critical times. It is so easy to fall into despair, to believe that the world is against you and against spirituality in general. It is in fact true that the world is designed to keep spirituality out and replace it with false suggestions of it, little rooms and pockets of what appears to be spiritual practices, which are more often than not, negotiations with possessors and entities willing to possess through worship, reliance and co-dependence. Here at this point, it is critical that you practice some form of creation: gardening, cooking, painting, music. These will give you access to your creative powers, which can eventually expand into the comprehension that you not only create your friends, but that you also create your enemies!

But for now, it is important to play the game of “I created that”, and to look and see if you can see how it all works, how your life has all fallen together. Be certain that your life makes complete sense and is a thing of beauty, like a flower, though seemingly small, is an expression of an infinite world and possibilities of worlds, by its very being and connection to every breeze it touches, and every insect it feeds. As you start to put the pieces together again, you will, as time goes by, regain the power that is yours, and no longer will you have pieces of you possessed by others, as trophies for their aggrandizement and power.


3 thoughts on “Possession of the Creative Consciousness

  1. Yes, this all makes perfect sense to me. I have enriching and loving friendships, and professional connections. In spite of that, I have always experienced being alone. When I fully embraced my spiritual path I understood why. Beautiful writing, it’s something those of us on the journey can relate with!
    Love and blessings!


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