From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self

On this blog, I have written a lot about relationships, both directly and indirectly. Here, I want to discuss the power of relationships, their current configuration in the collective consciousness, and the possibilities that are emerging for an energetic way of formulating and experiencing relationships, not necessarily in that order, but only in the order that I am given, as is my custom.

This article is going to be a little on the heavy side, but it is incredibly important to understand for those on the spiritual path struggling with the current state of relationships in the world and in their life. It is a common source of angst, the issues of relationships and their place during spiritual awakening, because it seems that relationships are one of the first – and last – things that we must leave behind in order to continue the expansion of consciousness, which is the allowance of Truth and Love to move your entire mind and body. I am looking straight at those who claim to be in twin flame relationships, twin soul connections, or soul mates.

The word relationship is derived from the Latin root –lat-, which is the passive root of the verb refero, from which we get our words refer, referral, and reference. Referring is an action that describes passing attention or energy to another party, and for this reason the Latin word also means repayment, as well as any other kind of external referral in the form of oaths, bindings, contracts, and the like. This is why marriage is a relationship, with bondage on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and sometimes spiritual. It is also further grounded in the material world, through contract and contract law. The power it wields is devastating: both parties are now offering their energy and all their battery power to the relationship. Marriage is and has always been a sacrifice of Self for the greater good of the relationship, which will continue to define itself along the current life timeline, regardless of the expansion or contraction of the consciousness of the parties involved. In fact, expansion and contraction doesn’t play well with such relationships, or even friendships, because the expansion of consciousness is always a function of Self, not a function of relationship. In the context of the spiritual journey, which is in fact the expansion and contraction of the universe, relationship is a blip on the radar, an encounter of some kind of force that is usually present for you in order to redirect your expansion inside a smaller context or reference point.

he Latin word refero also came to be used to mean repetition, because repetition is a constant exchange of energy that happens over intervals of time. Repetition can only happen in a timeline and repetition is associated with relationships because relationships that endure are by nature repetitive: you owe money to a certain company over the course of a year. You owe, through the martial contract, actions of love to a certain person over the course of a lifetime. You should go to church every Sunday to make sure you keep up your bondage with the god.

People generally believe the measure of reality is determined by the extent that something endures over a timeline. So, if you have a friend or someone who appears to be a friend, cease to appear so in a couple of weeks, you often conclude that the relationship wasn’t real. Even more, if you start to an experience, in a relationship, that the energy exchange is no longer in balance, you will stop and doubt the authenticity of the relationship. This can happen if you were charged more than what you agreed to pay for a certain service or product. It could be a friend that isn’t giving you an equivalent to what you are putting in. It could be that you are depleting your energy and getting nothing in return with your relationships.

When we feel drained, depleted, as if our wallets have run dry, and we are not getting anything filling our hearts in our relationships, we start to feel deceived about the relationship, swindled, bamboozled, etc. Most people ignore all of these signs of relational imbalance, because the modern psyche has been programmed to repeat relationships and to continue to repeat them for good and for bad. At that point, the relationship, becomes the highest priority, and the Self, for all parties, becomes simply a battery or energetic supply for the repetition to continue. Most people, when their relationships begin to feel unsatisfying, try to do more to “fix” the relationship like you would fix a kitchen sink. In these cases, people try to get back to the “way it was” when they bought the house. But this is like being charged more money than you agreed to pay and trying to fix the problem by paying even more!

What we are all learning through this is that our connection is not grounded in the relationship, but simply uses relationship as a vehicle by which we can expand and contract in our evolution in the context of our energetic body. This is of the highest priority and always has been but can only happen in stages and over a period of time by which we can integrate all frequencies into our Self expression. What is happening in any relationship is not “in order to be loved” or “in order to get his or that” or “to be there for someone else unconditionally”. What is happening is that we are receiving light codes, in the form of energetic language inside our relational experiences. Through those transmissions, we receive an education, and are given the opportunity to experience the obstacles in our path that we have yet failed to remove. Every relationship, every event in our life, is a means by which we can grow and expand. If you love someone, desire them, or are repulsed by them, they are a gift by which you can continue your spiritual journey, as they always reflect what you are attracting on the physical plane, and what is keeping your from focusing on your Self, your energetic being, the true Source of who you are. None of this is meant to be comfortable. No relationship is meant to be forever. Only Being, Unity, and Source, the I AM presence that We are, is forever.

Still, human beings resist this because currently they are extremely addicted to their relationships and their relationships, like a kid hanging on to the side of the pool for dear life. He is afraid to trust the water and his body to swim. Human perception from the standpoint of the current human consciousness manifests in the form of these limited and limiting pool-side relationships. In their fear, they have invented the idea that these relationships, these clinging co-dependent structures are necessary for their survival. This is why so many masculines have become infantilized and diminished, so much so that their wives are by and large t heir mothers with benefits. All of this simply memories the epistemological nature of perception. Human perception is relational in nature; in that it appears that it requires other beings in order to manifest itself as something real. For example, in order to be successful in life, it is generally believed that you must have relationships with others in the world, in the form of contacts, companies and clients. There is the saying “no man is an island” and this refers to the rejection of the Self as the object of and subject of perception. Relationships, as the word is formulated, requires two or more parties. One is not enough, because you don’t need to exchange energy with yourself. You don’t need to pay yourself to do your own laundry, do you? There is also the more obvious perception of the trees falling. Can they be perceived (heard) if no one is there to perceive them? Again, the apparent requirement for perception is relational, which means it requires two: the perceiver and the perceived. Without these, the perception seems to become impossible or dissolves into impossibility. Perception is grounded in duality and separation.

And so modern relationships (which includes the twin flames and soul mates) is grounded in the nature of human perception and the egoic faith in mind. As I have said in previous posts, the ego can only exist in a relative universe. It cannot have any power without something that it can formulate itself with, patterns of success, objects of desire, objects of fear, etc. Ego identifies itself with the external world of its perception, and it does so in the frequency of those particular objects. So, when an ego identifies with grunge music, it will vibrate on the general level of that style of music, and it will assist in resonating and reverberating with it throughout the universe, like the power of the wings of a butterfly. All egos will collect their costumes and their masks, to perform in the show, inside the relationships. This period of time can take up the bulk, if not the entirety of not only one incarnation, but way too many. The dramas become addictive, the stories interesting to the teller, and action packed if they want to be even more of a nuisance, but most people aren’t moving far away from their computer screens and their masturbatory obsessions, let alone their ancestral bloodlines. Much of their storytellings are simply repeated tropes and exchanges that are mirrored inside their relationships, which, as I said above, are simply energy exchanges of consistent and equal vibration.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

Shakespeare, Macbeth

Modern relationships, as such, are egoic relationships, based on what the other person can give to the other. The ones that aren’t based in ego are currently in the minority, as manifested on earth, simply because most of humanity is obsessed and attached to the world of perception as a means towards identity and meaning. Some need to dress a certain way and make a certain amount of profit from their spiritual teachings. Some need to publish books and art works in order to feel as if they are contributing to a relationship (with clients, an audience, their friends and family). Some need constant confirmation from various sources in the world in order to feel as if they aren’t alone. Very, very few are aware of the true power of Self and how it emanates throughout the true Oneness of humankind, which, because it is one, doesn’t require relationship. That kind of communication and connection is an emanation of the one and is only received through the heart space. It cannot be perceived through the senses and it cannot be perceived or understood through the mind alone. The mind, is only, after a translator of the emanation, and so it cannot be relied upon to transmit the original transmission. Plato called this kind of communication, phronesis, which is a communication through the heart, establishing the only true and healthy relationship that humans can afford. There is no attachment in this relationship, as the is simply a decentralized, entirely open transmission of energetic expression from the highest vibration of our being. When more and more human beings begin to connect at the heart space, their mind and body will follow suit and become instruments of expression on that level. This “new earth” will not manifest in the collective timeline for as long as it takes to create its internally generated momentum.

We are at a crossroads. Governments are corrupt. Money is correct. Love is corrupt. Our relationships are correct. The world falls apart as we cling to these old patterns of relating and relationships. Many of us are here at this time to ease the deconstruction, to make way for the new. In my case, I work with many of those I meet in the heartspace as well as the physical space, but I do not interact with them on the level of ego. It is not my assignment to cultivate the egoic relationships in any way and so that is why so many of you may feel alone, and even resistant to feeling alone. The more you resist, the more you seek out relationships in the egoic world as it stands now, the more you delay your own charter, your own expression of Self. I know for a fact that we are in the company of each other, those of us who are here to soften the blows of the world, the deaths, the destruction of the old relationships that have long outlasted their life, both in the blood and in the mind.


4 thoughts on “From the Ruins of Relationship, Emerges the Phoenix of Self

  1. Beautiful, Anastasia,I can relate to all of it! I often have of unplug and dump it all. It’s easy to get pulled down into the Matrix. When that happens there is a lot of mind chatter. Then, come the overwhelming feelings of all the outer world’s disappointment and longing. Through those dark nights, the healing comes. It makes it all worth while! Love and blessings to you!

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    1. It’s a constant rhythm and flow. Of we didn’t have the contrast none of this would work. It’s hard to see that when all that’s seen is darkness. But one is always reminded that we can’t see darkness without the light 🙂

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