Twin Flames: Black Magic and Demonic Influence

This article is about the demonic influence of twin flames. It is not easy for me to write, as you can imagine its darkness. I am writing this as an urgent piece of information that I received last night and have been receiving over the course of a few years. The reason it is urgent because so many lives are affected by the current distorted manifestation of twin flames. The distortions that have been implemented and manipulated by the very forces we, as those who embody divine love, are here to dissolve. Inadvertently, twin flames and twin souls are being enticed by black magic and by those who wish to continue to keep the twins not only in separation, but as a means towards whoring an entire civilization, including adults, children, and animals. The reason for this is because twin flames are powerful conduits of divine source energy. Black magicians know that if they can channel this energy for themselves, they can use this energy for their ends.

So many of the current teachings around twin flames, including those teachers who mean well, are instruments of this demonic energy. Yes, some of what they teach is true, but it is true just not enough to feel legitimate and real. But they know, that most twin flames flock to their teachings because they are in a state of desperate and painful lust. The desire and longing for the twin flame is always located in lust and earthly desire, based in separation, difficulty and pain. This is what the dark energies love to manipulate. This is where most women are completely vulnerable.

Many of these women claim to have sexual visitations by their twin. These are not sexual visitations by their twin. These are sexual visitations by succubae or succubus who want to feed off the Kundalini. Kundini is the divine energy as it courses through our body on all levels of density. When we master it, we can learn to master our creativity. It begins in art and music and crafts, and various other forms of creativity. We are here to be creators on this earth, and it is the essence of power to be creative and co-create with others. But when our Kundalini is siphoned off through physical orgasm constantly and without limits and with whomever and whatever allows it, and on whatever plane etheric or physical, we never reach the ability to create. Instead, we become weaker and weaker, and in turn more filled with lust and desire. it is a deadly force that ends up in addiction, excuses, and the eventual difficulties people have with life such as anxiety, depression, bipolar sickness, and various other illnesses that may lead to suicidal ideation, and finally, suicide itself.

All diseases are sourced in the blockage of the Kundalini energy.

Black magicians are those who divert the Kundalini, divert the power of the snake, who unwind it, to create spineless, week, uninspired beings who follow the will of the magician instead of their own. Tolkien, in his Lord of the Rings, depicts this state of things with the creation of the Orcs who were once Elves, a highly intelligent and creative race. Sauron used their energies and magic in order to create his own race of slaves, who only followed his bidding. They are deformed, cruel, heartless, and unfeeling creatures: the complete opposite of their former selves.

This is what they do to twin flames at this time, when they can. They will encourage their separation, and it will become so extreme that one twin becomes the grotesque opposite of the other.

It is important to understand that those who wish to control others to this degree are also those who are willing to dabble in black magic, on some level. The lust for fame and money and power will lead one into the lower practitioners of this magic. These won’t necessarily gain much power, but they will taste it occasionally, like a carrot on the stick. Many of these people are used for feeding fodder for higher magic. They are necessary but easily replaceable. The highest practitioners are those who gain power and control in areas affecting entire corporations or governments. These are replaceable too. They are like the Orcs who get killed. One dies, and another one easily replaces them. They have no true power of their own.

With all this going on the world, the presence of twin flames at this time is to embody divine love, and to dissolve all t his black magic. This requires deep inner work and clearing at various levels, depending on the twins. Some twins are together in the physical for life, because they are working together in the physical to clear a certain area. Some are not to be together in the physical because they are here to work with high magic. The ones who are in separation are the ones working on the deepest and most fundamental problems of the universe at this time. It is for this reason that twins in separation are targets for black magic, more than those who are physical together in a stable relationship.

For those twins in separation, there needed to be a way to weaken them, to make sure they do not do the work they are here to do. Since they need to be separated in order to do the work they need to do, the best way to prevent them from doing this is to divert their Kundalini-creative-sexual energy into focusing on desire and lust. The romantic emphasis on twin flames is not love or divine love at all. It uses lust in order to entice twin flames into a program-cult that is designed to use sex-magick in the service of dark energies. These energies are largely performed as a ritual by succubae that feed off the population’s energy through sexual arousal. This can be achieved through videos, music, films, pornography. For twin flames, it can be done on what appears to be the etheric realm. These beings are actually manifested in the lower realms and will attach themselves to bodies at night in order to create arousal of desire. Thousands of women are online seeking their twin and are wondering why he won’t return to them. So many women spend thousands of dollars on beauty products and vitamins that will keep them sexy and young. All things are with a view to seduce and continue to express their sexuality. This is all driven by these beings who wish to use the sexual energy in order to deprive an entire civilization of realizing that sexual energy in higher creative projects like improving civilization as a whole. They are filled with lust, desire, and want on a scale that drives them mad with passion and pain at once. This phenomenon is intentional, but it has nothing to do with twin flames per se. It is simply a way to divert twins from their true selves, the expression of divine love, and the eventual dismantling of the demonic forces or what is known as the whore of Babylon. Divine love never gives pain. It can only give warmth, joy, and inner peace. All other forms of so-called love are lust, want, need. True twin flames know they are one already. They don’t lust after each other.

When anything manifests itself here on this earth plane, it will be distorted, like the light that distorts in the depths of the water. Masculine energy is the creative form of energy. It is the manifestation. As such it is always going to be distorted. Its destiny is always death, the dissolution of form. Through eternity, it formulates itself in new ways, as nature inspires him. This is the balance of yin and yang. Death is life and life is death. They are hand in hand. The idea that men control or should control civilization is rooted in the desire for the immortality of the form, which is an abomination of nature. In other words, it is demonic in nature.

Most men during this time are obsessed with egoic control and power.

Most women during this time want men who are powerful and in control.

Do you see the diabolical relationship here and why the male twin always seems to be the unawakened twin? The truth is, however, that both women and the men are unawakened! Most twin flame feminines are simply being used by the sex magic of black magicians and they discover the twin flame cult that is mostly found through the internet. This takes them into a journey of passion and despair that allows the magicians to use their source energy. That is all. Eventually, however, because the magicians have done this, the feminines have more potential to actually awaken. When they do awaken, they finally see the truth. That is the risk these black magicians took in order to get their energy source.

When the feminine starts to awaken, she may begin to see that her twin is actually a narcissist and will begin to doubt twin flames even exist. This will of course open her up to the diabolical nature that is infecting her twin (her masculine is usually possessed) and at that point, she will still blame him and will attempt to cast him aside in her mind, trying to find ways to heal herself and bring her into understanding of his motivations. However, the masculine has no motivations when his will has been stolen by the black magicians. He is like an orc with no ability to think or act through his own heart, which means to act through Source/God.

Who knows how long some feminines will spend in this period of renunciation of twin flames and hatred towards their twin, even fear.

As true as narcissism is and as real, this too has become another instrument of magic, as it is used to keep the feminines in a state of lustful desire. They will seek out another to fulfill their desires. Rinse repeat. Even if they find a man to settle down with, they will fail to do their true work on this planet, which is to resolve the demonic forces as a whole. Instead, she, the feminine, has allowed herself, like her counterpart has, to become a victim of these dark energies. In this state, the wheel of karma dictates that she will return to earth plane again, bound to it and her current consciousness, until she and he can resolve it.

However, if the feminine awakens truly, then she will begin to see what is happening around her and how she and her partner have been deceived. At that point, she will be able to recollect her scattered energies and begin to learn how to create a new life for herself, for those she loves, and for the planet at large. This is how she learns the art of high divine magic, which is the natural magic of the universe, of the trees, of the birds, of the magic of life itself. Wonder fills her heart and love for all things are they are herself. There is no lust for her partners, as she knows he will find his healing too, in this life and the next.

And the healing of both is the reconciliation with each other and with God/Source. The more twins achieve this, the more light they bring to all, and the dark things of the world dissolve, disappearing into the bright rays of the everlasting Sun.

7 thoughts on “Twin Flames: Black Magic and Demonic Influence

  1. Wow, this is so powerful! I’m in awe! Yes, this rings true for me, very much so! I thank you for clearing up so much for me on my journey! With deep gratitude and love! 🦋 It wasn’t so dark, but very hopeful and gives me much hope and light! 🌻 Thank you! 🌸 I was suspecting so many things already which you have cleared up for me! Thank you! Yes, very powerful and healing! 🙏


  2. Thank you Anastasia!
    This is the exact truth of how it really works. My hope is that more people on the TF journey awaken to this fact. It all goes back to black magic . It has been practiced on this earth for centuries. These magicians have returned to the earth many times. The forces they work can only be dissolved through purity of purpose!
    Many blessings !

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  3. Trying to grasp this by relating it to my experience. It is very difficult relating to the inner and outer feminine. The demonic elements of the feminine, I have to say as a man, are frightening. The Arthurian romances give examples of these. So great care is needed. I ask and get answers from an entity inside, Isis. How should I relate? “Look into her eyes, find what is beautiful and relate to that.” (eyes as windows to the soul I presume) and “Women are here to be loved, they are not here to be understood.” and so on. I suspect the demonic can be resolved by “love”. It is a matter for me of how I live this in the world, as always. How do I relate to the angry woman, the woman I pass in the street (where do I look, do I acknowledge or not etc.) or the woman who is a little too friendly etc. Men of all ages I suspect need to know at a practical level, how they might best relate to the feminine principles and evolve with them in the best way.


  4. You raise a lot of good questions that show me you are in the beginning steps to healing, but you are still looking for ways to manipulate and fix or control something cannot be manipulated or fixed. It needs to be completely dissolved and transcended. This is how spiritual growth will happen for you and you will no longer experience this demonic energy directly in a way that makes you feel frightened.

    Fear is what feeds the demonic forces. So as long as you are afraid of it, they will continue to feed off of you. They are very deceptive, and will not only create more fear, but will make you feel powerless in the face of them. This sense of powerless and fear is due to an illusion. You think this is something real that you need to be fearful of, and you are looking to literature in order to confirm it. This is not helping. It is making it worse. They are literally playing you in a drama and you are buying into it and it’s depleting your joy and energy.

    As long as you consult the world outside of you, and not from within, they are happy. That is how they feed, when people abandon their own soul in order to walk the paths designed by others who don’t have your best interest in mind.

    This is not a matter that can be solved through books or even whatever concept of love that can be conjured. Understanding the problem intellectually and then trying to ward it off will not work here. We are dealing with magic, not psychology. The magic that is used on the general population is highly sophisticated and even deceives the intellects of men like Jordan Peterson. He can’t see through it. He has a lot going on himself. The magic works from the inside out. It doesn’t come at you from the outside in.

    The law of attraction is at play here. We attract the beings at a frequency that matches ours. This is why all healing must come from within. We need to want to do the inner work required, to really be honest about who are being that we are allowing self-doubt, fear, and powerlessness in the face of X even enter our reality. There is no “outer” feminine. There is only what appears to be feminine, and she is expressed in your life in your own way. In this case, it appears that there is a lot of fear there when it comes to her energy. That energy, again, is not feminine. It is more like a hungry animal, a beast. This is how the demonic works. Your soul only truly recognizes the true feminine, and that is what you need to learn to see from within your heart. Until you see the true feminine, the others will make you believe that they are it. At that point it becomes very difficult for men to be able to distinguish true from false, which is the predicament you are in.

    You’ve suffered abusive women a lot and in your past life and you are waking up to this fact. The next step is to look and see what has bound you to them in the first place and release that bondage. The feminine and masculine energies are from within us and are expressed through our creative individuality. It is truly not possible to have healthy relationships without balancing our own energy. And yes, that means that most relationships are completely dysfunctional. So, first thing is to stop wanting one of any kind, and if you can’t stop wanting, it is best to start exploring what it is that makes you think you want one, the very thing that is frightening?

    This is where Jordan Peterson leads many more astray. He is constantly emphasizing the importance of marriage. That is because his own marriage has kept him from reaching his inner feminine, where he would have been a true powerhouse of spiritual and mental strength. His wife has kept him back there, and so he insists on a mad religiosity and zealotry for what he sees as an essential part of healthy life. No, the essential part of a healthy life is to first balance our own masculine and feminine energies through the Source/God energy. In that way, we can emanate that energy out and attract that balance towards, us, like a fire that ignites others who still remain in the dark. When we are truly experiencing that kind of life, we experience the Love of God that Jesus taught. Relationships flow from that point, but there is no longer fear, need, or lust of any kind.

    When we reach that balance, life is not a sacrifice nor does it demand it. Life flows because we are in alignment. We don’t look for things to go our way or carry expectations that are outside who we are. We truly allow ourselves to flow like a river, and that is the essence of the divine energy, the flow of the kundalini, and the way to bliss, regardless of anything circumstantial in the world.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if it is unclear.

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  5. Wow, thank you for your long and considered response. I am grateful to you for taking your time and trouble to do this which I believe others will also find useful; it is clear and it helps. My way has been envisioning through dreams and waking dreams and come into unity there, a kind of mergence has happened, but there is still much to do. Thankfully I can recognise your last paragraph, though I have not thought of it in terms of Kundalini before. So your post and reply are timely for me, of course.

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    1. You are welcome. This is why I write these posts :D. Kundalini is the creative divine energy. It is what demonic energies feed off of (because they have blocked there own/their connection to Source/God), so they are just energetic vampires essentially. When we focus our attention on them, physical or otherwise, we are feeding them. Focus of mind is a powerful thing. Most people think they are consumers of media (which is driven by darker energies these days). They are being consumed.

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