Twin Flames and Star seeds in the age of Narcissism

Before we awaken spiritually, we are immersed in the momentum of the physical world. The momentum that is present is a result of the energetic creativity of all of us, who live now and who have ever lived before. The planes that you fly in, the cars that you drive, the books you read, and the computer device you are looking at now: all were sourced in the creativity of the human consciousness, for good or for evil, for better or for worse.

There are different aspects of seeing this, as we walk through the world, as if in a dream. There is the historical consciousness, the one that follows a certain timeline, in terms of stories or a sequence of events. For example, you can learn about the history of the computer or the history of Russia. Of course, we tend to be interested in those histories which involve areas in which we ourselves are involved. Your interests are always clues to who you are now, and who you were in a past life. It is not some fluke that you find yourself constantly drawn to a certain era of the past. It is no accident that you love frogs or lions. But because modern minds are so obsessed with trying to be something they aren’t at all, they pay very little attention to these things, and pass them off “scientifically” as something random or uneventful: “I collect everything about horses because I grew up with horses and my mom spent a lot of time with horses. I just love being around them”. That’s about the extent of it. If you look deeper, your connection to the horse energy is a profound aspect of who you are, and the reason why that energy stays around for so long is because you still haven’t learned the teaching of the horse.

So, you see people think that their obsessions are who they are, and they preserve that identity and keep it that way. They will also defend that identity to the death. This can be easily seen when people identify with nations, nation states, religions, or any other type of logical or geographical collectivism. All of this is for the purpose of learning and growing, for learning the wisdom of the horse, or the wisdom of the culture, and growing up and out of it. Human consciousness and the soul want to expand beyond all that it experiences. It doesn’t want to get stuck in it. However, what has been happening on earth for thousands of years is that the mind has taken over, and has discarded its curiosity, its education and its growth in exchange for prestige and power through identification. Identification is that which generates what we call “ego”, and it is that which makes us feel important, powerful, and significant.

Do you see how identify politics and the cult of identity is designed to push people deeper into this hole of ignorance and limitation? Today much of the previous generations’ historical consciousness has been lost, and the ego is obsessed with finding its own identity because it must recover the same power it once sought in national identities, or any other group or set. But this way of identification is becoming extremely difficult, because while the culture is encouraging identification, it is doing so on the basis of individualism and egoic self-expression which says, as Aleister Crowley taught, “Do what thou wilt.”, which is a function of egoic will. This cannot hold for very long without plummeting oneself into narcissism or worse, as the ego, being encouraged to “be itself” at all costs and even in the name of love, it will claim to “love itself”.

Most of those who are plunged into unchecked narcissism are those who have not mastered the lower energies, Because of this, they easily release all their inner demons on the rest of society, and they are sanctioned to do this. These are the hordes of Babylon or the hordes of Mordor, however you want to see them. This is why we are witnessing even in schools uninhibited sexuality, addiction, and unfettered self-expression, all of which becomes justified under the questionable Pride banner, which, incidentally, is one of the seven, if not the greatest, deadly sins. Pride is the very foundation upon which all other sins are able to grow and flourish because Pride is exactly that quality that prevents us from looking in the mirror. That is why Narcissism is so rampant in our current society. Narcissism is simply another word for Pride.

But as they say. Pride goeth before the fall. The Greeks called this hybris, which, in a dramatic tragic setting, is always that quality which leads to the downfall of this or that protagonist. It has nothing to do with homosexuality at all. It is simply an unleashing of all demonic activity of the subconscious into the light of day, without cultivation, mastery, or any other art applied to it.

Because the modern world is so heavily saturated with fragmented consciousness, completely separated from Source/God, it must operate only to gain money, fame, fortune, prestige, and personal pleasure. Most people are in some form of bondage to this society, and it is that bondage which prevents them from turning inworld and take on the challenge of education and enlightenment. They are taught that fear is real, and that the world is only material. It is no accident that a singer called Madonna in the 1980s sang a song called Material Girl. All listened to it and sang with her. That in itself was a creative dark incantation.

As it stands now, for those who are souls here and star seeds, and who are twin flames, it is very challenging to go against the grain of this programmed world. Even those who struggle to be “real” in this kind of world, and maintain their integrity are easily lead astray because even the churches and the synagogues are drenched in money, greed, and jewels of those who enter and exit on Sunday mornings. Entertainment has normalized all this as well. And yet more and more young people are dying of suicide and are suffering depression and anxiety. As we close out of 2022, we are finding many poorer countries are now on the verge of starvation, and richer Western countries are battling high energy prices, depleted reservoirs of produce, dairy, and meat due to draught and artificial weather warfare. We are at war, and it began long ago, just as the invention of the plane began long ago, as well as the invention of the book, and the refrigerator and everything else we use. This war however begins within ourselves and it begins when we abandon our education about how to balance the dark and the light. We are magic and magicians, and we have forgotten that, and so our life here has become difficult, treacherous, and confusing. That is what happens when you abandon a great work that needs tending. That is what happens when you leave your gardens to rot. This earth, all of it, requires our love and our art and creativity. Yet, so many humans have abandoned their responsibility to themselves and have given that responsibility to something else in the form of perverse teachers, governments, media, and even computers themselves. Most people have sacrificed the responsibility of their own education to those they say that they love, in order to please what Plato called the great beast. What they have done is sacrificed their children to a God that is no God. You know who that is.

The physical manifestation of our society in all of its aspects is a result of a long process of materialization in which all of us has contributed by simply being a part of the energy that impowers it. On a lower level, you easily understand that if everyone listens to a song- no matter how awful – it will become powerful and will become the center of focus of many millions of minds. Everything that manifests in reality is due to a powerful momentum that began in the higher planes, either through dark magic or light magic (creativity). It is important that light workers only use this condition of matter in order to improve their art of the light, to make sure that they see through the dark magic that binds, and that they guard against getting ensnared by it. However, if you do get ensnared, use that as an opportunity to learn how to unravel yourself. You know when you are unraveled. It is always the same: you are and you feel grounded, loved, protected and eternal always.

Blessings XO

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