Twin Flames: The One, the Two, and the Trinity

This article discusses the law of duality (TWO), its relation to the ONE (UNITY), and how this Sacred Trinity relates to twin flames.

Twin Flames are of one source. Some call this the oversoul, some call it the higher self. I don’t like the word “higher self” because it implies “better than” or “bigger than”. It is in fact what is often called the I AM PRESENCE, which we experience as consciousness/awareness. Those who are not twin flames also have a source in their I AM PRESENCE. Twin flames are, during certain incarnations, the embodiment of two souls (anima). The anima animates a particular body in time and space.

Twins have incarnated on earth to face the manifestation of their soul that carries oppositional programs and energies. Those who are not twin flames carry oppositional programs within themselves only. Once individuals master the balance of the soul, of the yin and the yang and in such a way that they experience a sense of peace on earth, then they may split into two during an incarnation, and experience life as a twin flame.

One twin is of the light, and one is of the shadow. Keep in mind that the light is not the pure light of source when they begin. It is always of the reflected light, like the fire in Plato’s cave. Some call this false light, because it is still accompanied by the shadows. The challenge for twins however is that when they meet their “darker twin”, they will mostly locate that darkness in the twin, instead of themselves. This becomes incredibly challenging because twins are advanced souls and are very much connected to Source. However, their ego often gets in the way of wanting to see the shadows that are cast by the light here in earth.

When each meets their twin, each necessarily experiences – simultaneously – the energetic union on the level of I AM PRESENCE or Being, and the adversarial ego/personality of their twin. The confrontation of the opposites is similar to this following scenario: imagine that a devout Christian is being led to confront their mirror incarnation as demon-worshipper: the same Being in a different body. They feel a pull and a curiosity towards them and will perhaps mistake this as love or attraction in the romantic sense. At the same time, there is a sense of repulsion and avoidance. The entire experience is confusing as they do not know whether to feel love or loathing. These energies cannot be hidden from either twin. Both are able to feel the repulsion of each other, as well as the attraction. This chaotic and confusing energy causes both to avoid the connection. Some people teach that the female energy chases and the male runs. This is not true. Both run from the connection and have different reasons for doing so based on their programming. The light twin usually believes they are closer to Source and the I AM PRESENCE, and so feels like they are the one who is being rejected. This is never the case at all. Both twins have not accepted the connection in their consciousness. They do not understand it.

Plato describes this situation quite well when he has Socrates say the following:

“How strange it seems to be, men, this thing human beings call `pleasure’, in that it naturally grows in the direction of its apparent opposite, namely, `suffering’. Yet, although the two don’t want to be present at the same time in a human being; whenever someone pursues and takes one, they are always required to take the other as well. It’s as if both, though two, are bound together from one head. “It seems to me,” he said, “that if Aesop had noticed this, he would have put together a story like this: The god, in being unable to make the two enemies friendly with each other, attached both of their heads to the same thing.  This is why, when one is produced in a human being, the other will shortly follow later, like what is happening to me now: there appeared to be suffering in my leg from the shackles, and now pleasure, following from behind, appears to have arrived.”

Plato, Phaedo, 59c-60e

So why would a Unified Consciousness want to experience itself in this manner? Why isn’t it sufficient to just incarnate in one body, and work with the energies in that manner? The reason for this is one thing and one thing alone, namely, divine Love.

The programming on earth at this time is one of disconnection from Source. We are in a technologically devout age, one where Mind is no longer even experienced as something foreign to us. Instead, we are completely absorbed in Mind and experience the world through it. Most people, even when having spiritual experiences, do so through the mind. Modern minds are not comfortable with experiencing anything without an explanation, justification, proof, or what have you. To them, anything else is simply considered foolhardy, emotional, or fraught with error. This is why most people seek certainty of quality in relationships. They are looking for specific emotional or experiential configurations, much like when we look for a specific kind of house or job. These things do offer pleasure, and a feeling of pride and gratitude even. However, the acquisition of these objects have nothing to do with love, and everything to do with fulfilling the ego. The mind compensates for any feeling of unease or dissatisfaction with the feeling of virtue in relation to being in a relationship, or the illusion of safety or indulgence in distractions, and a focus on trivial things such as vacations, excessive boozing, television watching, shopping, etc. The average person in life is spent in the constant search for entertainment and indulgence of pleasure, some in moderation, some not so moderate. It is all just a form of coping and for millions, it works well enough.

Twins also, no matter how advanced in soul, relate to each other based on their current physical configurations. For example, if one twin was abused as a child, and is always looking for abusive type patterns in relationships, she will eventually receive that from her twin, in one way or another. Yet, at the same time, the Source energy will be felt on a profoundly deep level and will be so strong that the twin will feel a pull towards their I AM PRESENCE, the energy that they in fact share. At first the twins mistake this energy for the person or personality of the physical twin. The twins will separate if they are attached in this manner, because the love of the divine is what is driving them, and not the physical human relationship. This experience of pain with separation reminds the twin of the original separation into two souls. This pain is what drives the twins to go inward, to experience that love again and alchemically transform themselves back into unity. They will only do this, however, after they learn that they cannot experience that kind of love outside themselves and the world that they have indulged in through the mind is an illusion. When they know this, they realize their Unity in the I AM PRESENCE is connected through the within and into the realm beyond space of time, in the field of the quantum consciousness, unity, aligned with Source/God.

Where so many twins get stuck is the polarity and duality of the earth plane. One twin thinks they are closer to Source than the other. One twin thinks they are too good for the other. Another twin thinks that they are not enough. There are many programs that a running through the minds of twins, justifying, reasoning out, trying to create stories around why they are alone or not alone with their twin. Many are not even conscious of the connection and have no idea what it is. Many think they understand the connection but are simply under the delusion of their mental understanding. On that basis alone, their mental reasoning rejects it as anything at all or that at the very least it is something painful and unwanted. When the twin is doing this, they are spending too much time on the outer world, the world that is the field of their own perception. The power of that perception is generating and running the programs that the other twin feels loud and clear. They are always reacting to each other, through physical and “telepathic” interactions because of the shared unified consciousness. The deeper they go into the outer world, and fall into the thrall of these programs, or even worse, demonic entities, the worse the experience becomes. Anger, resentment, and despair rule the day, even when the twins hide it through denial, addiction, and preoccupation. Many twins use spirituality as a cloaking device, to convince themselves that they no longer are connected to the twin.

Our society is completely saturated with romance programs. We take them in, for the most part, through the entertainment industry. When kids spend a good deal of time on TV or the internet, watching movies and listening to music, they are being programmed to attach themselves in bondage. To this day, many women feel like they cannot be a woman without a man at their side. I have written extensively on romantic bondage and how that impacts our creativity and our spiritual connection. Twins are also subjected to this and will often relate to their twin in terms of these programs. But these are the programs that they must learn to dismantle, piece by piece, logic by logic. Mastery of the mind here is key, because all religions, all stories, all ideas are functions of Mind. This Mind is the lens through which we see the world, understand it, and so interact with it accordingly. Those who do not master the mind will not be able to experience the world that exist outside the mind, through the heart space. Our education system is not designed to teach kids mind-mastery. It is instead designed to teach them mind absorption. Even some of the most popular spiritual teachers are unaware of this absorption, because it doesn’t matter what your mind is thinking about. Your mind could be thinking about what to do after dinner, or why your friend said something that they did, or why work isn’t going well, or what the nature of spiritual ascension is. Whatever your mind thinks about is in the realm of the mind to think about it – all of it is on the same level of consciousness, even though its outer expression is completely different. You can understand the same principle in geometry. All triangles follow the law of triangles, but triangles can appear in nature in many different unique ways. The more detailed and grounded in the material world, the more differentiated it becomes.

Twins are no different. They are of the same I AM PRESENCE, and they are of similar configuration on a logical and structural program level. However, their programs run differently and in different contexts. On the service, they appear to be completely divergent, but they are not. As Socrates notes in the above quote, they are of the same source. To take an example. Your twin could be in poverty, perhaps due to low self-esteem, parental neglect, and situational circumstances. You on the other hand could be doing great financially, or so it appears. However, there is a common thread there, buried beneath the surface. The wealthy twin has underlying fears of poverty, and it is that fear that has by and large driven her to riches and pride in such. The other twin has those same fears running (these are all programs) and yet, due to his configuration, he creates a mindset to deal with fear by not caring about finances at all, and in fact will generally despise wealth and all the trappings of it. He will take a righteous position against the “wealthy”. Go figure that his twin will be one of those “wealthy” ones. Can you imagine the conflict in these two, although they are derived from the same fear program? This is just one example configuration that can happen.

Until the two twins can resolve these apparent differences through removing the underlying fear and reconnecting deeply to Source in their consciousness, they will remain separated. Until they both allow the One Consciousness to connect with these two divergents (forming the Trinity), they will remain in this divisive state. This however does not mean that one twin is responsible for the other’s choices and path. This is not the case. The personal programs of each twin must be resolved by each. So, one twin will often be “ahead” of the other in terms of progress in releasing these patterns, as the human timelines diverge quite remarkably, and many twins get caught up in cycles and patterns that are difficult for them. Some twins turn to drugs or alcohol and that doesn’t help things. Despite common myths, drugs do not open the mind to anything other than more confusion and programming of deeper and darker natures.

In the end, each twin is responsible for their own evolution into higher and more powerful consciousness. When that happens, the lower frequencies can be transmuted and integrated into the higher frequencies. The excessive imbalance of demonic type attachment will simply dissolve into something more aligned with who they are as One and Who they are TWO in the form of the trinity.


3 thoughts on “Twin Flames: The One, the Two, and the Trinity

  1. Hi, thank you for this post. I have gained much clarity on the path of the twin flame. The example you presented around wealth could’ve been describing my wife and I in our attitude to money! Much blessings and divine love 🙏

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