Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego

I want to talk a little bit about duality today. I speak about it endlessly, of course, but that is only because the core program and network of programs, that is commonly known as the “matrix” is a binary system. It runs us absolutely, but most people, especially those who are obsessed with being good, have no desire to understand this. I have no idea where this article will go, but let’s get started. Duality can take us in so many directions after all.

The ego doesn’t see itself as two. It sees itself as one, in terms of being a certain person with a certain personality; in terms of being someone with a single name, vocation, moral system, religion (or no religion), and body. As far as the physical world data is concerned, the ego translates everything into two possible categories: Mine or Non-Mine; Me or Not Me; I and Other. The ego rejects everything that is not for me, to me, by me, through me, or related to me. The ego considers all those prepositional relationships as being outside of its interests.

Twin flames, for example, are the embodiment of one soul in two bodies. They contain the binary code of that soul and manifest that code in different ways. For all intents and purposes, they are identical. Remember though that the ego sees itself as one. That can be pretty comical in a twin flame situation, can’t it. If you are a twin flame, or you are listening to the teachings of a twin flame, and there is even a suggestion that their twin is “bad” or “evil”, you know you are dealing with someone who has not yet been able to master the duality of earth and the duality of our nature on this plane. They are still completely consumed by ego. I don’t care if they live on a mountaintop and wear an orange robe; they have still rejected their twin and perhaps society as a distraction or as something that needs to be punished or dealt with by the gods. I am endlessly amused at the polite way some people go about rejecting the “other”. They do this by showing gratitude, pity, or suggest that they will eventually get their karmic deserts.

But the truth is that all twins contain the shadows (and the light) of each other. To meet your twin flame is the most powerful way to experience your own shadow, because you cannot keep it hidden in the bowels of your own darkness. Your twin will continue to display it right there outside of you, for you to see in the light of day. Even if you are not physically together, you will still experience the shadows through other energetic methods. This is why these connections are so challenging. It can take twins lifetimes to figure this stuff out. But once they do, the actuality (not possibility) of pure and unconditional love is there, and I am not talking about unconditional love in theory or ideas, but truly deep and unconditional love for life, the planet, and all of humanity. This is Yeshua type love I am talking about. The kind that doesn’t dissolve and doesn’t cherry pick.

But we all know that unconditional love on earth is not easy to attain, and so many are under the illusion, due to greed, that they have already achieved it, and enjoy making exceptional gestures and expressions of this supposed state that they’ve achieved. But all of that noise is only an attempt to achieve something before one is ready, something that is so typical in this modern egoic program. In a binary system, like the matrix, egos reject almost everything “else” and “other”. So, even that ego that proclaims to express and hold unconditional love, will still find argument with others, or will find that some fall away from this love, or do not accept it, etc. Things like “the world isn’t ready for me (or love)” or “the world has chosen evil over good” or “people are deluded by…..”. All of these statements are the equivalent of Yeshua complaining in the Bible about how no one listens to him. Ridiculous? Maybe. Egos struggle with love because they are always looking for something suitable for its own needs at a certain time and circumstance. That temporary demand always creates temporary love and temporary relationships. At some point, most egos decide that they don’t believe in unconditional love at all. Some may resort to manipulation, and other means of getting by in the world – a dark path indeed. But this is the reason why most people don’t believe in time travel. They continue to believe that time travel has to be done by the body and the physical dimension, which is impossible, because the physical dimensions is not possible without the continual and unending differentiation time and space. They don’t understand that they are not a body at all and that they and this world are multidimensional, and that who they truly are (hint: not a body) can in fact time travel. To drive matters home, nothing the world can be achieved or accomplished through the physical world at all, except the repetition of already created programs and their effects. If you want to be creative and inventive, to bring your music to the world, literarily or metaphorically, then you must work on the level of soul to do this, and not on the physical plane which is always old news and is a bit like choosing to go dumpster diving to find a five-star meal. The world is completely bored of dumpster meals. This is why we are experiencing such a lust for spiritual pursuits such as yoga and meditation. People are hungry for something real in a world that generates musical “talent” faster than a thousand McDonald’s employees can flip a burger. But the problem remains. It is the ego that desires and serves lust, and it is the ego that demands things in terms of the programs that create its very expectations. And so, around and around the circle we go. The polarity of ego has it chasing its own tail indefinitely.

The polarity or duality of ego is why only an ego can feel like a dust in the wind, a small ant a world of anthills. Animals do not do this. They don’t feel better than or worse than. They just are. An ego program, on the other hand, can see “other” as being “more” than itself. This is the road of the depressed and despondent ego. But that same ego could easily hold a program that allows it to feel like as if it is at the top of the world, or the greatest of the others, or top predator, in mind or in function. If these programs are displaying extreme versions of “more” and “less” then you are going to get some serious programmatic dysfunction. Psychology calls this “bipolar disorder”.

The true ego is bi-polar by nature, however most standard egos are programmed to conceal this nature by emphasizing one polarity over the other. When that programming doesn’t do its job or isn’t translating well inside the program of that individual, they will have enormous mood swings that are completely antithetical to each other. Bi-polar disorder is incredibly destructive to the individual and the people around them. The main outcome of bipolarity is chaos and disorder, a since of “no true self” and constant fear of the unknown and uncontrollable, coupled with excessive and unrealistic notions of hope and exuberance. Depression, anxiety, and attempts to save oneself with moments of grandiosity disguised as hope and positivity are all just symptoms of a binary program gone wrong. Most people seek psychiatric care at this point, or drugs. These methods may ease the symptoms, but the underlying bug in the program is still there, and it would be better if it were addressed directly. Unfortunately, the idea that ego is a program is something that escapes the world of psychology to this day, and it still believes it maintains some kind of scientific foundation for its premises as it continues to perpetuate one of the most fraudulent scientific hoaxes on mankind that has ever been accomplished. Today, psychology has reached the status of religion and spirituality, and has nearly surpassed them as the source of truth regarding life and the human soul.

But it is my belief that psychology and its methods itself are directly related to the enormous amount of psychiatric and mental disorders of our age. Psychology, a word that means an “account of the soul”, rejects the soul and attempts to formulate its understanding of human nature with a combination of pseudo-philosophical premises and decorated assumptions that all appear to make sense to minds who are already distorted programmed with the assumptions that psychology maintains. Words like “soul” and “mind” are almost interchangeable. Words like “sacrifice” are identical to “giving up one thing for another”. The precision of meaning that belongs to science actually is not really of help to something as imprecise as the nature of soul and the nature of life. Common understanding of psychology and its diagnoses are always created in terms of the current running program of the ego and have nothing to do with anything that falls outside that binary system. To make myself clearer. Psychology is like the computer programmer who has learned the software that runs on a computer system. If there is a bug in the software, they know how to find and heal the bug. They can even add to the software system in order to improve its usefulness and utility in society. The truth is however, that the ego is just the same program it always was and the soul, meanwhile still has not taken back its own power of configuration and creation. In fact the soul becomes ever more buried in the usefulness and fanfare of the egoic program that is always given priority over anything actually related to soul. And that gets me to the final point: all egos are programmed to treat the soul as the “other”. In other words, the soul is the enemy of the ego.

When Zeus, it is said, through all the Titans into Tartarus, he buried them there for justice’s sake. Zeus is what happened to the modern Western soul centuries ago. This is why religion and science both have done their best to bury all things related to true connection to soul and Source/God. Egos are deeply programmed to seek salvation, truth, and wisdom outside of themselves. They are encouraged to do so and if they don’t, they will not receive the programmed validation that all egos seek outside themselves. The egoic world is connected as a network of egos that must receive acknowledgement from each other in order to survive. This of course is hidden from the ego, which is programmed to think it is “one” and an “individual”. It doesn’t realize that it is completely dependent on the world in order to even exist. In fact, one can go so far to say that a so-called ‘healthy” and “successful” ego is given permission to exist as long as the other egos approve of it.

Now I am not writing this in order to create negativity towards ego. That is just more of the same ego. There is away to be in this world that allows you to interact with it without attachment to it, and to even be successful in it and enjoy it. I emphasize enjoyment, because that is the original intention of the earth plane – namely, to enjoy and find pleasure in creating inside of it. But that kind of pleasure cannot be attained by spiritual escapism, ignorance, and a lack of curiosity. One needs to want to learn how to play and to play well with others, and by using the fuel of egoic depravity and absorption, but instead by the light of being, higher consciousnesses, guided by the only North Star of the world, which is unconditional love itself.

Blessings XO

3 thoughts on “Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego

  1. Beautiful explanation, and so true! Every situation that triggers emotion in TFs is the opportunity for growth. It brings twins closer to understanding freedom of choice. That is the ultimate step towards healing at a soul level.
    Love and blessings to you!

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    1. Thank you. It has nothing to do with free choice. Free choice is only limited by the possibilities presented by perception, which is extremely distorted in the earth plane by egoic perceptions and programming. Programs don’t choose. They are given data and logic that is calculated to determine choice. Free choice is not possible in that scenario. However, when it comes to the divine Will, to which Twins align choice becomes meaningless yet again. Does the sky choose to be a sky? Does a dog choose every day to be dog? We are no different. We either become who we are and on the path that is required, or we fight it and create the idea of free choices and various other complications.

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