The Ancient Problem: Mind vs Presence, Seeming vs. Being

When we are in a state of matrix-designed fragmentation and programming, we are unable to experience being, which is also called the I AM PRESENCE. The reason for this, as I have said again and again is that the matrix structure is based on a binary code base. Our experience at that point is only achieved through the mind. When we are living in and through the mind, we are living in a world where we believe everyone and everything has free-will enough to choose their life, create their own circumstances, and to understand all of those choices and circumstances. As a result, we project blame on others when we don’t feel they are doing something we like, or we place blame on ourselves when we feel we have done something wrong. Blame is a form of punishment, and it is an activity that is actively and popularly engaged in by most of humanity. Where there is blame, there is no empathy whatsoever; no compassion – just an egoic form of logic that pretends to understand something like cause and effect. The empathy that a mind talks about is really just a mind that thinks [falsely] that it understands someone else. Usually, it will do this on the basis of common attributes, like any other computer program would. But true knowledge (which is an experience of energy) of another isn’t even possible. Others cannot understand others. Only I AM can experience I AM and that can only be experienced through energy.

This is why, as you grow closer to experiencing being, you begin to see a divergence between a person’s mental construct and manifestation of that construct and their energy. They will often conflict with each other, and it will feel extremely uncomfortable.

The fundamental premise of mind is that what appears to it is the truth. The core of the Platonic teaching is to begin to notice the difference between SEEMING and BEING. This is not something that can be seen instantaneously. It is a process of unfolding and understanding that cannot be articulated by mind. The reason it cannot be articulated by mind is because the mind denies that what it sees as truth is seeming at all. Of course, it can choose to see some things as lies and other things as truth. However, the problem is that all things project a seeming, and all things are in being. Even right now when you are reading this, you think you are — as mind — understanding what I am saying, and either nodding in assent or disagreeing quite forcefully. Either way, the energetic presence of these words will come through to some, and those will of course have to remain silent in their assent and dissent because experience, as opposed to mental understanding cannot express itself as it is in being inside language; it can only be expressed through language and so at a slight or major distortion.

But mind will continue its forcefulness because mind is what most people live in and rely on to make them feel as if they have solid ground. When a mind is projecting an analysis of a situation, it doesn’t question the basis of its rationalization. The foundational bases that a mind uses are embedded in the roots of logic, the assumptions of the localized language, and various other substrates that I don’t want to get into here, for fear of boring the reader. Let us just say that the human mind operates on the basis of its contextual programming, and it interprets the world through that programming. If empathy can show up, it will be formulaic and take on or require a specific form. For example, most people think they know what a kind human being should look and act like. They make judgments on others based on this assumption. There is very little if any questioning of the truth of their idealistic form of “kindness”. Thus, the phrase “to kill with kindness”. Something that kills isn’t really that kind. It is a phrase that suggests that what we see isn’t what we get. How many people in the world experience disappointment? Many. The core reason is because they expected what has no business being expected.

But when we are fully present, we can see the mind much more clearly, and it is a bit like seeing under the hood of a computer. It’s just code and it is conclusions and actions taken based on code. The human matrix system is light years more complex and intricate than current AI computer technology is at this time. This could of course change as we are integrated into the future timelines, which are designed to continue to unravel. However, the one thing AI will never achieve is being or being-ness. It cannot do that. The more people remain aware of the power and essence of presence, the less seductive AI will become. This is why it is so important that young people learn logic and computer technology now. This will give them the first steps they need to see behind the code that has become the modern manifested mind. Prayer and various other spiritual practices do not work against programming whatsoever. The only one who can free themselves from the unique configuration of their own mind – which is an encoded prison – is themselves and through the power of their own presence, which is the true connection to Life and Source, and their ability to see the illusory nature of the programming.

A program cannot unravel the programming of another. So, if you have not yet been able to look at your own programming, you will not be a very good deprogrammer of others. It is really that simple. You will only, in fact, program them further with whatever kind of programming magic you are inflicted with. All of us are, if we are in this matrix, carrying various programs. Some are extremely sophisticated and so are difficult to see except to the trained “eye”, as it were. Some are easy and most people can see right through them. People will notice that “he seems fake” or that “crying episode was conjured in order to get likes”, or whatever.

It is of the upmost importance that each of one of us focus on our own programs, our triggers (the forms that launch certain looping programs into action), and anything else that appears to us to be “the world” but gives us great pain. To put it another way, you know it is program when you are not experiencing creativity, peace, and absolute connection with others, so much so that you feel no need for anything else, and yet blessed when the wind blows it your way. There is no time or space or anything at all. There is deep communication with the Whole, and so you have no feelings of being “left out”, “abandoned” or anything of the kind. The experience of the I AM PRESENCE is also not only felt inside of you, but you see it emanating through everyone you interact with. It is truly a powerful force running through the whole world. There is nowhere to go and nothing to do, and yet you are everywhere and everything all at once. This is not a mental state that can be achieved by drugs or anything else. It is truly a deep awareness and LOVE that is a pure MONAD (UNITY) and is in no way afflicted by the binary contraptions of mind.

So, how do you find your own programming. Start with what bothers you and go from there. Honesty and clarity is very important here. If you can find these things. Pay attention when others annoy you or upset you. You will find programming in that. Focus away from them and always be responsible for the world that you perceive. Your perceptions of others is YOU and only YOU and no one else but YOU. If you start on that basis, you will learn how take care of your world, as it is your garden, and you will stop letting others in willy-nilly for whatever reason, and you will take care of all the living beings in it – the ants, the bees, the decay, the flowers, the fruit, the weeds, the worms – all of it, even the rain and the rain clouds and the sunshine. That is all in the scope of your experience and is yours and yours alone.

Notice that whenever you think of someone in a negative way, you are projecting them through your own mind and you are doing damage to them and yourself by focusing away from your own garden. Do not materialize the projection of others, because you will treat them in a manner that is not related to them. Know that at that moment you are not present at all but are damaging integrity. Others will always feel this projection and most will not like it if it is not correlating properly to their projection. In other words, the programs will not be able to operate together.

Notice the difference between experiencing I AM and convincing yourself that you are experiencing it. When you are in the experiencing of it, the idea of thinking about it never occurs to you at all. You are in it. There is nothing to say and nothing to project. Right now, when you are reading this and when I wrote it, there is the memory of the presence or the desire for it. There is no presence when we are reading. There is only presence when we are being. Stop trying to think of yourself in a certain way. Get in touch with what is actually present and happening. This is the NOW that Eckhardt Tolle speaks about. It is really the key. But too much talking about it will not get us there. The only good thing about discussing it, like right now, is to learn how to know what it IS NOT. That is the beginning of the journey of finding out what IS.

The NOW is not nothing. In that space, you can actually hear and see clearly what is going on around you. You can hear the pain of others, the death, and the life. You can hear the dreams and see how truly aligned we actually are. When you are in that presence of ONE, everything becomes easy. Your profession becomes easy; your relationships, and all other things flow, in and out and to and fro. Nothing can shake you because nothing truly ends and nothing truly changes. We are all connected at the Source level and we create through that means.

If we are too absorbed in mind, we are unable to experience that Unity and we will suffer through much of life. It will become hard and difficult, and people will appear to be difficult and hard. We will not learn and our skills will not develop the way they are meant to. We will see others in this light as well and will not be able to detect the hidden genius, nor will we carry the light far enough so that others can feel that genius. This is where many people are: they complain about the world, as if they are living in a bitter age of pain and misery. This has always been the case. In every age, there is the manifestation of misery, because that is what people experience first and foremost as a function of their mental programming. They become victims of their own life, and they seek to blame others and groups of others. The true sickness of society is caused by the individuals who create their own sickness. And that is the core reason why so many people are experiencing clinical mental health issues. There is no doubt that the next “savior” in the mind of the people will be some sweet-talking psychologist and that person will promise to give them hope and he will reprogram them in a way that dumbs their pain, and keeps them even further away from PRESENCE.

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