The one and the many, the bloodlines and the God.

What does it mean to say that we are One? Some people think that it means we are the same somehow, or that we are responsible for each other or that we are supposed to love each other in the way humans imagine love should be. In many instances, people translate “we are One” to mean that we are family or lovers or friends or related. All of those interpretations are based on schematic and formulaic understandings of who we are, on the linear and histrionic/egoic level;  all of which are simply mental projections and enactments of who we think we are. They don’t contain much substance and are instead emphasized through entertainment such as music, writing, and various other modes of projection. They are all usually invoked in terms of desire and lack, as most people see that the world is “one” but no one seems to manifest. For example, in unrequited love, or the appearance of war, etc.

But unity is something that already is, and is already present for those whose consciousness can experience it. It is not something we need to convince another to do or to be or to act in accordance with. In other words, we can’t create any human law that would create so that the lower consciousness can experience it.  If the lower consciousness tries to project unity, it will  become “monstrous” (the beast, anyone?) in nature.  This has been seen even on the level of communism and various other attempts to inflict solidarity on a people.  Lower consciousness will also give us something like Ezekiel did, in his vision of God. But unity is not monstrous or outrageous if seen through what Plato called phronesis, or the perception of the heart. Unity must be understood on the level of a higher consciousness. As soon as it is translated into lower consciousness it becomes distorted and even grotesque. The idea that you are in fact your parents, for example, is monstrous if taken in the literal sense. And in the context of unity, you literally are your parents, as well as other things. But if you said this to a child, they would imagine that your body is merged with that of your parents, which is not the case at all.

For each one of us carries the energy, patterns, formations, not only of our parents, but of our entire ancestral tree.  In that sense most people are “haunted” or “possessed” and “occupied”.  We do not begin our earth experience with full possession of our reality and our experience. That only comes later as we expand our consciousness. As we gain more awareness, we have the experience of “knowledge”, of finding out something about life and the world. Many people will become experts in certain fields, or write books, or what have you to demonstrate their knowledge. But there is no knowledge that is finally truth.  All knowledge ultimately is just a form of illusion, a launching point from which to expand even further.

Back to ancestral patterns. The family structure is the most powerful structure on earth. We see this in the royal bloodlines, the bloodlines of kings and money makers and corporate lords.  These bloodlines always intend to replace the divine energy, the energy that allows any individual to expand into success at any time, place, and situation. In other words, the bloodlines and the timelines they set want to maintain control over all those who are in their bloodline. The instinct to preserve the species is present here and it is the most powerful instinct on the planet.

People can leave friends behind, jobs, and various other things. But when you are dealing with a powerful bloodline, the challenge to leave is enormous.  All bloodlines carry shadow and light, the good and the evil, the meanness and the kindness. But all bloodlines carry unresolved polarities, and most of the ones in the modern age are “stuck” in timeline loops that recur from generation to generation. The children in such bloodlines may think that they will escape from their family patterns (usually of some sort of abuse), but they end discovering that the road to their freedom was actually the road to their slavery. By the time they reach middle age, it becomes apparent that they are starting to embody the striking aspects of their family. Guilt, shame, and secrets are then buried deeper because one doesn’t want to face the truth about who they are as a carrier of the bloodline. This is what makes it so difficult to let go of family, because your identity is so tied up in that bloodline, and it includes all the secrets and evils committed by the bloodline going back centuries.  

This is why Courage is one of the most important aspects of awakening. Awakening requires shadow work, to train yourself how to balance the light and the dark energies through the raising of consciousness. You cannot do shadow work without great Courage to face what you need to face. But you also need Strength as well, because without Strength, your Courage is simply foolishness.  Many spiritual teachers teach that you must meditate, do clearings, say prayers, connect with your guides, etc. These are false light teachings and at best are romper room formulations of spirituality that put you to sleep even fruther. No. You need to learn Strength and Courage in the face of what would otherwise appear to you to be the Great Monstrous Thing, namely the nature of yourself as a component and carrier of all the energies in your bloodline, whatever they may be.  This means facing who your family actually is, on the level of humanity and the level of bloodlines. If you want to be free to be yourself, it is critical to remove yourself from the false obsessions with personas and personalities, as projected on the television and the internet.

So, in the context of bloodlines, what does it mean to be yourself? Well, that is where the divine connection comes in. The light of the divine is what actually gives you the inner Strength and Courage to work in this world (not in prayer alone or imagination) on the level of the physical timelines. Who you are is not a being that is in any way attached to the physical dramas that play out in family bloodlines.  Those bloodlines, and your experience in them as a child and young adult empowered all of your decisions, choices, thoughts about the world and yourself. They determine who your friends are and aren’t, your relationships, and your challenges – until you are able to release those bloodline patterns and programmings. Otherwise, these relationships will pull you down, like a drowning person will pull a savior down if they are frightened and panicked enough.  Hasn’t Yeshua been dragged down into the mud enough? I use this metaphor because the world of timelines and those whose consciousness remains stuck in in the mental projection of the physical world, are actually trapped in their own programming. The deeper they go into that programming, the less they are able to experience the world as it is. The idea that a single person, namely you, could achieve the high consciousness of their imagined savior, is something that is heresy to them. In fact, if you proclaimed yourself as a son of God, wouldn’t you too be stapled to the cross and left to die for all to see?

Only the individual can connect to the divine source. A church and a pastor cannot do this for you.  The divine nature is not something that can be prescribed by those who still believe that the divine is in a translated book on plastic paper, or that the divine is something that returns from the sky or the heavens; or that the divine only cares about those who are in power and only speaks to them. The divine connection is not empowered by the things you learn in books or under certain teachers. When I interact with someone, I listen for the divine speaking through them. Most of the time, I hear a lot of programming, but sometimes I hear the pure wisdom come through. For that I stay to talk some more with them. Otherwise, I always must depart and let them continue on their journey. The divine is as lightening – it strikes outside the planning or efforts of human beings. IT occurs when speak and when we create or when we smile, or when we do not. It sends messages through dreams and through those around us. It’s beautiful power begins from the roots in the earth to the stars in heaven. The experience of the divine nature is never proven by how many years you have been praying to gods or angels, or by how much experience you have with tarot and astrology. None of that matters. You and only you have the power to balance your shadow and your light, to express what comes to you as messages to the world, because you are one of the few still living in your bloodline and so it rests on you to balance what needs balancing and to provide more freedom and expansion for those who may come after you, whether in your timeline or in the timeline of all of humanity. When you begin to respect yourself as a vessel of God, as an instrument of Source, then you can being the journey of learning how to be clear, brilliant, a flame to ignite all other flames, no matter who hot or painful it may seem. When you take on that challenge, you know through that inner knowing, without need of demonstration or poof or judgment, that we are One, and that, most of all, where we go One, we go All.

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