Twin flames, like all archetypes and forms, are an illusion.  I am not going to get into the New Age historical evolution of the twin flame concept. You can find that easily on the internet. But, like all concepts and beliefs, they have their place and time, and then have it no longer. This does not mean that a connection wasn’t forged with your “twin”. It was, but it wasn’t forged by God or Source, as many people claim. We are ONE in the I AM presence, and that means all of humanity is ONE through Source, and not “together” in terms of some kind of math equation where 1 + 1 = 2. In Unity Consciousness, there is no twin or second to contrast the I AM presence, as the I AM presence is indivisible and by itself and for itself. The idea of twin flame is absurd at that point because it posits something “outside the ONE”, which is impossible.

I have taught, through this blog, that separation is an illusion of the ego and the consciousness of our physical bodies that appears as separate organisms. However, in the realm of consciousness, when it ascends beyond the physical form, very clearly observes that separation is only a function of the lower frequency planes. Once we dissolve into Source or Unity, boundaries and separation become meaningless. But I stress, this Unity cannot be achieved, forced, or promoted on the lower planes without the use of manipulation, violence, and cruelty, as seen in the realm of politics and various other forms that employ black magic.

“Twin flame” is only meaningful inside a dualistic world, such as the one that is the mental projection of the earth plane.  And like all experiences on this earth plane, the living concept is meant to deeply challenge us in order to provoke an expansion of consciousness, and awareness of who we truly are. It is a journey that seems neverending in the context of time and space, and can span multiple lifetimes. Many twins do come together in the physical, but that is because both have chosen to work on their shadows, which means both are willing to look into aspects of their being that are hidden, concealed, and abandoned by ancestral secrets and the secrets of humanity at large. When twins do this work, they discover that the shadow is a product of the collective, and that it is not entirely personal at all.  This is a freeing experience, but it runs deep because although it is collective on the level of higher consciousness, it is also deeply personal in that consciousness. That twin flames come into some kind of physical relationship is simply a choice to have a physical relationship and really has nothing to do with the journey per se. Those who do not come into physical union are usually of the form where one twin is willing to do the shadow work, and the other isn’t, or both aren’t or some such thing. Many twins have been bought together through black magic. Can they become lovers? Anyone can become lovers. Again, it is not a spiritual badge or some kind of spiritual achievement to have a physical relationship with someone. Spiritual awareness consists of shadow work and the process of expanding consciousness to where you experience the I AM presence. Your I AM presence doesn’t need an invitation to come into the body or be invited in. If you are doing that or performing prayers that ask for that, you are not inviting your I AM Presence in. You cannot do this with meditation or prayer. You must do this through expanding consciousness which only comes through the experience of doing shadow work.

So what is shadow work? Having this question in the forefront of your mind is very important when doing this work. Shadow work has nothing to do with helping others, or working on others, or trying to help them clear, or even helping yourself clear. Clearing is not the goal, but is actually only a passive result. In actuality “getting clear” is an absurd goal. It is like cleaning your house. It will just get dirty again. It’s of course nice to clean, but so what? That is earth plane stuff. It won’t expand our consciousness. When we do shadow work, we are in the process of seeing ourselves as a whole, not just as the false light we like to project, but also the corresponding darkness that we also project. The more extreme we are, the more extreme the shadow is. So, if you project that your are practicing white magic and are of Source and of Love, and you work hard to project that, and spend time clearing or exorcising darkness as a rule, you are also practicing dark magic and are doing the exact opposite at the same time. We create within ourselves our own enemies and friends. We engage in our own conflicts by ourselves. This state of things is very hard to the mind to process, because we don’t like contradiction and we don’t like being alone, and we definitely don’t like responsibility. It makes no sense to the lower mind that I am doing good, and because I am doing good I am also doing evil.  But, that is the state of the world of duality.  When our consciousness tries to create on the earth plane, and doesn’t do so from Source, we create the very thing we believe we are against, as it were and we play out the drama in all its aspects. Some have called this “God playing out the roles he has created” and that wouldn’t be far from the truth.

If you have a sense for this, for the complexity of human beings, you will, even as a child, feel a lot of difficulty with human relationships.  The very experience of seeing or experiencing your own shadow and the shadow of others is very traumatic for a child.  That child may even grow up thinking that they cause the shadow themselves, and thus suffer self-imposed guilt and shame. For example, a parent may be projecting love and concern, but the child senses the opposite as well. This sensation is unarticulated and feels to the child as if it is in their imagination own imagination in some way or that they are evil because they deserve it or because they are innately bad. To the child, the entire world may see the parent as being a wonderful parent. The child sees something else. Do not underestimate the tremendous pain for that child, a pain that is often buried into their own shadow, only to become more convoluted and difficult as they age and as their thoughts ripple into the pond of the universe.

When people meet their twin, they encounter a form or expression of their shadow. The person who is their twin could be someone they have spent many lifetimes with, or someone who is best suited to provoke the shadow, the fears, the desires, and the longings – all the things that the person is trying to hide. When a person meets their twin flame, a door to the underworld is opened and they can either choose to explore or choose to fall into even more illusion, to escape who they are. The shadow world that is opened is the shadow of the polarity of Self, cast by their own distorted illumination. Most twin flames cannot remain together because the power of the created shadow world is too intense and they are not ready at that point to work with those energies.  Many twins, especially the feminine, get too caught up in the relationship aspect, and degrade themselves to the point where they become ineffective at working out their shadow aspects. Most of these pretend to live in love and light, and believe in the entire mission theory of twin flames. There is no mission. We aren’t here to save others. We are all here to expand consciousness in the higher frequencies. That is how we assist the whole, because that is all there is. Period.

Healings, exorcisms, and various other modalities are all band-aids to our situation here on earth, a situation that is best described as a “problem of consciousness”. Where we focus our attention is where our contribution to the world happens. Shadow work will reveal how enormous our power is in that respect. When you engage in negation by either throwing excessive light polarity or excessive darkness, you are creating that in the world for all beings as a possible experience. And yes, this happens through thought alone. Our thoughts are not private egoic engagements but are like sound waves that ripple throughout the human organism.  When you speak negatively about yourself inside your innermost being, you do that to everyone else as well, because we are ONE I AM presence. Unfortunately, most people do not take responsibility for their thoughts, because they are invisible and they can’t see them in the physical.  This is why it is so important that human consciousness expand beyond the physical world. Otherwise, the harm we are doing to the planet and to each other will become irreversible.

And that is why it is so critical to engage in real shadow work. Feel-good new age practices will not help and will only serve to create more shadow, as I said above.  Fear in its various forms, shame, guilt, etc. stand in the way of most people seeing the shadow.   But the interesting thing is that the shadow is a collective organism that can express itself in terms of the egoic structure as well. However, the shadow is not personal at all, and is actually something that accumulates through the contribution of the collective unconsciousness. If you are a twin, and you speak negatively about your twin, that is a sign that you are burying your shadow. If they are engaging in what you believe to be harmful activities, you are also doing the same. This is because they aren’t your opposite at all – they are projecting what you are hiding. Those activities that you do not like are there in your ancestral lineage, in your personal history, or otherwise. Its up to you to find them, but they are there.

For those who aren’t twin flames, no worries, all the world projects yourself for you to see. The only difference is that twin flames are extremely powerful forces and the awakening process is truly kickstarted for at least one twin in the most extreme way. Most people don’t notice the day to day interactions they have with people, and when they feel triggered they simply project blame or dislike. With twin flames, it is different, because the love and the desire is also triggered and the Pandora’s Box is opened, never to be closed again. This is when many experience psychic experiences, spiritual knockings, visions, entity visitations, and many other things that send not a few running into a church for redemption. But running to religion will only further conceal the shadow, and which is a like wound or a cancer at that point. Many do go mad, some turn to drugs, and some maybe suicide. The twin flame experience is a not a Hollywood love story. Make no mistake about that.

Our culture is completely inoculated against shadow work. We can barely accept aging and death, let alone the dark shadows cast by the light of consciousness. One of the only thinkers of the modern era that even mentions anything about shadow work is Carl Jung. Hats off to him. Unfortunately, he is excessively psychological and has been shelved inside the domain of psychology and psychologists.  It will take a long and dedicated line of philosophers and spiritualists to rectify the problem of consciousness in the modern age – there needs to be a merging between mind-body-spirit that has not yet been achieved in its full expression, as most people involved in spiritual activities are simply finding ways to profit off of lost souls, to parrot old outdated beliefs of “ascended masters” and various other imaginings.  Shadow work, the work as attempted in the ancient Mysteries of Greece, is the only way we will truly begin to heal the world as a whole, not by judging, condemning, shaming, medicating, or casting aside, but truly be loving the Whole that the I AM Presence that is God.

Blessings XO

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