Winter Solstice: Walking through the portal of Death










Dante’s Inferno – Canto 3

Over the past few decades or so, or even the past two thousand years, there has been talk about a “new earth” or a “golden age” or even an apocalypse. No matter which story you believe, whether you call it the kingdom of heaven, or nirvana, it is all the same, namely, unified consciousness of Being, or Being in Time. I am just going to discuss a few of the challenges of arriving into the unified consciousness, as I am guided and able to as the Winter solstice fast approaches.

From the perspective of mind, unified consciousness means “many things (happy) together” or “love” or some other unifying force. Mind sees unity as a goal, or something to get to or achieve. And so, people meditate, turn to spiritual religions, prayers, or what have you, in order to connect to whatever higher energy they are trying to connect to. They seek love, power, riches, community, and various other ways and means to attach themselves to some kind of group, by hook or by crook, in order to be part of the world. All of this activity, all of this doing is however a function of mind, which cannot reconcile the desire for unity and the perception of multiplicity. The pain grows as the efforts grow, because there is so much effort being employed to achieve what has already been Created. This is why the core problem of our being is located in the polarity of “the one and the many”. Mind, through the means of science, religion, philosophy or politics cannot ever solve that problem. Again, the reason is that the unity is not something we need to get to, achieve, or accomplish. The reason is that we are all already One as it is. The only thing blocking its realization is the illusion of separation.

This illusion of separation is a powerful thing. It is a function of the ego and is essential for the expression of time and space. it is the source of all problems, all dramas, and the things which keep our mind occupied on a daily basis. Much of the illusion of separation becomes the fabric of our identities, and so, even though it gives us war, and strife, and conflict, we attach ourselves to it in one way or another, and even protect it. Most adults are completely invested in their wars of “for this/against that”, as an expression of their untapped and unexplored light/shadow aspects. Human beings become deeply attached to the very patterns they have acquired that keep them far away from the experience of their own wholeness, connectedness, and unity with the whole. It is a comedy and tragedy that only a god could write, and so they did.

It is now Winter in the northern hemisphere, and we are closing in on the Winter solstice. Every year, we have an opportunity to walk through the “gates of death”, to ascend or be reborn into higher consciousness and awareness of who we are. Most of humanity, are either not yet ready or are resisting being ready, and so struggle to make noise and merriment in order to avoid what needs to go. These do not walk through the portals this year. Some however are ready, and will allow what needs to go, to return back to the earth and her mysteries in order to be reborn into higher consciousness. Some of you are in the midst of this remarkable rebirth, where you are in the midst of releasing old 3D patterns and so are experiencing the birth of unity consciousness. As you do so, it can be very challenging to allow your mind to relax its grip on what is happening, and it will try to understand what is going on in its old customary ways. Many people get pulled back into old patterns because of this – because of the fear that the mind triggers. It is important to understand that the energies that influence the mind want to survive at all costs and do so through the ego. Ego death marks the birth of unity consciousness, and so the ego, and all the energies that fuel it, run it, and trigger it will become activated and will, like a claw, try to pull you away from the Winter portal. The Winter solstice, the birth of Christ – all of these are symbolic for the portals or opportunities to enter the higher realms of consciousness. Every year they come, and every year they go. A few enter. A few do not dare to enter. Most do not even notice what they are. That is the nature of the mystery.

Twin flames are a function of this separation, and your twin has been positioned to both hold you back from the portal and to trigger you into realizing the choice. This has been a deliberate obstacle to your own expansion, because it is the final one, the one to catapult your earth experience to the next level, the experience of your integrity as energy and as creator of your experience. Twin flames are in no way a love story of any kind. They are simply a mechanism of the matrix. In the end, you are both as ONE, and there is no separation. That is the end of that drama, if you wish and the beginning of the true experience of earth as a magical mystery tour, a labyrinth designed to help you find your way out of it.

This life – every aspect of it – is the Great Mystery. Each sees as they are ready to see. Each in their own time and in their own way. There is no way to teach the Tao or the Path. There is no roadmap here. For some the road seems like hell, and for others only partially so. Each adventure has been designed only for you to experience. Unity consciousness will show you this, the unity of YOU which funnels up in the Unity of the WHOLE. Both or ONE organism. Can the mind make sense of what I am saying? No. The closest science has come to understanding this is through quantum theory. However, when you experience it, even in the beginning of the experience (a beginning that has no end!), you will no doubt, through the “heart” comprehend all of this as if it were as plain as the back of your hand.

But you are still with a mind that has been programmed to think in linear terms, with spatial references, and a perception of time as a continuous line with points along the way. Coming into unity consciousness is a great challenge and is like playing an instrument. You can play as long as at you let yourself play. But as soon as your mind starts to analyze or gets distracted, you will most likely make a mistake of some kind, or not play in your fullest self-expression. Unity consciousness needs your whole integrated mind, body, and spirit on board. This is what is otherwise known as “being present”. It doesn’t mean just your mind noticing a focus point – it is every aspect of your energy noticing and experiencing the Now that is the eternal on all levels. In fact, that state of Being is pure energy and the consciousness. Your energy is your instrument, and your energy is who you are!

Many of you are experiencing or will experience constant setbacks due to the fallback into mind. That is totally expected, as we still need to use our minds in this world, to the extent that we are still involved in it in some way. And don’t forget that most of humanity is still carrying old, created forms that emphasize old created and dead ideas, whether they are musical form, political ideas, or beliefs. If we want to relax the tight grip of a hoary mind on our integrity, we will need to find ways to transform our physical and mental lives into alignment with our Source, with our authenticity, the very Source of invention. There is no other way. That is why the spiritual path can feel lonely at times – there are many people who cannot continue with us in this physical form, and we must let them go by choosing the divine path, rather than the path of time and space. When we do this, we often have to change or modify careers or styles of working. The important thing is that you treat yourself gently, and realize that you can transform, through your higher consciousness, your current situation, and, if that is not possible, to create a new one.

When you start to see the world as it is, that it is a museum of old forms, statues, and books, you will understand that you do not belong in that mausoleum, and that its language has already been invented, and its way of expression is not that of your own. At that point, you will be inspired to improve, to broaden, to enrich, and to nourish the “dead” of the old back to life into a new forms via the art of transformation and transmutation. Those who attempt to overthrow the old, through disrespect, dishonor, defacement, and disparagement are not those who are working from integrity or Source – they are still in the old ego-based 3D consciousness of war and combat. When you begin to learn how to transmute, you will encounter many of these setbacks, simply because your mind will experience these older forms that your higher consciousness has you focusing on. These setbacks are important experiences that show up for each in a way that is unique for each.

It’s important to realize that these “setbacks” are opportunities for releasing what needs to be released. They aren’t really setbacks at all, as much as they are signals for you to look at those things and how they aren’t working for you. You have the opportunity to transmute them into something else, through death and rebirth. If you didn’t feel the “setbacks” you wouldn’t think to let them go. What we do not see, what we are not conscious of, we do not have any power over. In other words, the longer was stay in a state of unconscious dreaming, the longer we experience superstition, a faith in “luck” or “serendipity”, and the inability to make choices and affect our life. Many people stay stuck because they are trying to create a “positive” environment. They are afraid to look at the disease that they have a choice of transforming. This also happens in the physical where many people are afraid to go to the doctor, because they don’t want to find out something bad about their body. They’d rather pretend everything is fine and that they’ll be living forever. This desire to maintain positivity and avoid all conflict has a dramatic and very limiting effect on one’s life: a life of integrity and truth is not possible in that scenario, and the “setbacks” they are avoiding, which are the stairway to “heaven”, are being treated as if they are the enemy. If you see clearly, when we see the shadow as the enemy we are only demonizing the very power that is within us, the power and material that gives our life expression, meaning, and purpose.

There are many people out there right now experiencing an enormous amount of anxiety, probably more than ever before. The veil over people’s eyes, and the deep sleep that has been cast over humanity is lifting. People are experiencing the shame, guilt, and pain over the experience of their shadow-selves and the discomfort of suppressing their true selves. There is no way around it, and people are desperate to find answers to their experiences: diet, self-help, psychology, physical fitness, drugs, and addiction, etc. All of these are acceptable go-tos for most people when dealing with a form of discomfort that has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years. Most are not able or ready to understand that their sufferings are located in the patterns of their mind, as manifested in what is currently their beloved friends and family, and lifestyles. At this point, most are just experiencing pain and anxiety that seems to be affecting all aspects of their lives, and in ways they have not yet experienced during their lifetime. There is no way to help anyone else, except by working directly on our own awakening which in turn will assist others in theirs. As the number grow, humanity will begin to shift, with a few carrying the weight and energy of those who are not yet ready to walk on their own. This is why it is critical for those who can, to stay on the path of integrity, of the Great Work, the Tao, the road to heaven and back again. Whatever you want to call it, stay on the path, if you are interested in the fate of humanity, or the fate of the children.

Where we go One, we go All.

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