Nothing is as it seems

Everything in your world is a portal, or a clue to who you are.

Every enemy is your friend,
and every friend is your enemy.

When someone hurts you,
they are showing you where your wounds are.
This is necessary for healing.

Friends are often afraid to hurt you,
friends are the ones who hide your wounds,
even as you slowly bleed to death.

Nothing is as it seems,

If you confront your friend,
you yourself open the wound,
and so the pain begins,
and so does the healing.

if you want to be real,
you must welcome the end
and the beginnings,
clinging to nothing.

But so many live lives of safety,
which is a life of:
holding their hands over their ears
keeping their feet in their mouths.
No one can walk that way.

I’ve even seen those who fill their silence with talent,
and find comfort in that:
They’ve worked hard but have not done the work,
and so they shall return again,
and maybe work even harder to become even better,
only to find out that they haven’t done the work
hole in their heart,
lies are corrosive.

Nothing is as it seems,

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