Waking up to the Artificial Intelligence of the Simulation

Technology has made our lives easier. It has given us the opportunity to communicate with others at far distances, and to keep in touch with people that we would have otherwise lost. Technology has allowed us to create virtual social networks, and to have access to groups and communities from the comfort of our homes, our laptops, our phones. Very little effort, it seems, is needed in order to feel a sense of belonging, purpose, identity. Everyone is always here with us at all times. All we need to do is to poke them or post to them, to send them a message or to tag them for attention.

Technology has allowed us to experience a collapse of time and space even in the simulation. It has done a good job of trying to repair the simulation’s program that is so heavily reliant on physical proximity. For thousands of years, it has limited the capacity of the simulation to imitate the eternal and so replace it as the source of all things and make all human beings a slave to its desires and intentions. It does this by achieving two things: 1) To improve the simulation to include a continuum that appears to be beyond space/time (internet protocols and AI) and 2) To make sure that each individual is thoroughly removed from the natural dialogue of Self, and to ostracize and diminish the value of any individual who express it.

Technology is in the service of the interests of profit and greed, like other aspects of our modern society simulation. We have come to believe that this state of things is “normal” and is something that we should expect. Most people don’t think twice about the profit and greed that technology serves. It is something that they embrace and promote even in their own lives. Large corporations chase profit and power. The word corporation derives from the Latin, corps, meaning body as in corporeal or corpse. A corpse needs a soul and spirit to thrive. Corporations are intellectual and legal entities. They cannot “live” unless they hold and employ souls as employees. Without employees and the energy employees provide, corporations are just that: corpses or even zombies.

But while corporations famously chase greed and power, many individuals desire the same for themselves. They want that power that they are jealous of. Make no mistake. The bedrock of social media is the underlying human desire for love, attention, purpose, and identity. The best way to get those things is to chase identity and purpose through public attention, flattery, or recognition. Fame and the seduction that it provides is the prize. Attention from the larger companies is highly desirable. Social media has exploded, and the more individuals become distant from their own self-evident freedom, worth, and love, the more they chase these things, and the more they despise not having them, as well as those who don’t have them. It is a whole new form of elitism and class hierarchy. Most modern people scoff at the past generations, who honored and abided class systems that were determined by bloodlines, race, or financial status. But we have created our own, one based on a “social acceptance score” that threatens to one day become a digital social score system, such as the one suggested in China. The social acceptance score, if implemented, will weed out those who aren’t interested in playing in that particular simulation or in somehow trying to subvert it.

It is important for your mind to realize that technology itself is not limited to computers or devices. Technology is now infusing our minds with its own methods of programming, replications and cloning. Some of these programs are invisible ideas. Others also include projections of personas on the political or entertainment stage. Most people are already aware of Deep Fakes, but they only admire their trickery, rather than realize what the implications are for life on earth. Deep fakes are already used throughout the media industry, and this will continue to grow as long as their minds of many accept them. One area however that has not been as recognized is writing. Articles on the internet are either concealed advertisements or propaganda or are just ridiculous distractions from any true and meaningful content. Most articles on the internet are written by artificial intelligence programs. Most accounts on social media are bots. This has been going on for a number of years and has gotten to the point where many people can’t tell the difference between a piece that is written by a human and a piece that is written by AI. The reason for this lack of differentiation is not because AI can match human writing. AI will never be able to match anything like a Tolstoy novel or a novel by Proust or a play by Shakespeare. The reason for the inability to differentiate AI writing from human writing, is that the social mind, the collective mind, has been thoroughly programmed to the point where its core or its soul has become non-existent to it. Shakespeare has become unintelligible; Dante, complete foreign; Proust, impossible drudgery. Programs cannot parse a Shakespearean play without removing all of its multidimensional meaning and energy, the essence and intention behind the mere words. So of course, on the surface, what is the interest of Shakespeare or Proust? Proust can’t seem to finish a sentence without making the sentence itself into a novel. Too many notes? Too much detail? AI emphasizes the importance of information, and the suggestion is that the words it uses are and must be self-evident and data-complete. So, when AI says that word “love” it means just love. That’s it. Don’t question it. Don’t think about it further. It is what you think it is which actually means “it is what we programmed your to believe it is”.

If there is a hell, a world created by AI would be that hell. For AI, dialogue with nature isn’t possible because nature doesn’t speak a modern language. Your mind is your God, and all that is given to that mind (programmed). The program, the game that we are in, must become your only source of information. But that is why so many human beings suffer. They cannot find themselves in this AI universe, this game. In order to experience who they are, they must emerge from it.

Emerging from this game, into the consciousness that can see the AI for what it is and what it is not, is the process of awakening. But we can’t cherry pick. There are not some true things of the world and some illusions. All are illusions. The truth is not however like that illusion. It isn’t something in the world at all. Truth is not an object that the mind can point to and say “Eureka, there it is”. Truth is who you are and who we all are. But that just sounds empty to the mind that is programmed and can only understand projected objects and simulations.

The awakened one doesn’t exist in that simulation. You will not find the beloved there. You will not find Self there. The only way to experience that love that you desire is to emerge from that simulation completely and entirely. And you cannot choose how or when this happens. It will happen at the time that is right, just like that particular seed, will fall in that particular place, and will grow a flower at that particular time. No one can set this. No one can predict it. So, you do not work on your awakening. Your awakening is as the flower in its time of growth and becoming. It is only because of technology and data that you believe you can control or do anything about your becoming awakened. There are no methods here that actually work, except those that are already written by nature. If you do anything, it would be to keep your mind silent enough to hear the writings of nature. The writings of nature are not the writings of an AI bot. They are the writings of Self, of God, of Source. But, before you can hear those true writings, you must listen to the writings of the program and the simulation, the one in which you can read my writing here on the computer or your device. This is how it has to be. We have to start here, in the delusion before we can realize the truth of it.

There are many beings who are responsible for creating the illusion and maintaining it in order to help us into greater and greater challenges, to unravel the mysteries of mind and to eventually master the power of the intellect. One who learns these truths will never manipulate others with it. It is forbidden and it is impossible. Manipulation, or using the Source energy in order to serve the program, of which the ego is a part, only continues the momentum of the illusion and so the momentum of current or eventual suffering. You cannot control the journey of others in this situation, otherwise you too will fall into the delusion that always results in suffering. Each individual is here to learn their own way, in their own time, when their flower is ready to bloom. It could be this life or the next, but it in the end, it is truly no one else’s business.

Society is designed to create the illusion of safety in numbers, and it works for a while until it doesn’t. When the individual is ready for the next stage of evolution in consciousness, they will feel a rejection of their world either through others or their own mind. Many resist this because it creates fear, and that fear also attracts others who will challenge their ascension by offering temporary relief. Some people choose drugs or alcohol or some other form of distraction – anything to keep from the pain of growth and release of the old. Our current society has been deliberately constructed to provide maximum opportunities for comfort, and distraction through entertainment and addiction. This is why so many people have failed to progress in their awakening and have rejected their mission to help humanity ascend as a whole. They have collapsed into what Plato called the “City of Pigs” where only their pleasures guide them, and nothing else. Many of those who call themselves twin flames have fallen deeply into this state, mostly due to greed and lust and the desire to possess another. It is a travesty. Some however have risen above this, while their twin has fallen into drug abuse, addiction, and self-rejection. That too is a travesty, but it is strictly their path. The twins do not control or manipulate each other in any way without again falling into delusion. Do not listen to those teachers who are programmed to tell you to “heal” your twin – or anyone else. You do not have power like that over them. Only their Self-God holds the writings that are communicated to them, to help them enter the portal, the op-port-tunities that are given to them. Eventually, they will walk through, but it is not up to anyone but themselves and the divine that guides them, as it does you yourself.

Blessings XO

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