The Christmas Program (Carol)

Christmas-time: if you watch the movies, it is a time of family gatherings, the exchanging of gifts, the smell of cookies and cakes and pies, memories of childhood anticipation, and all sorts of other idealistic virtue-filled confections.  And then, so many people wonder why Christmas brings on the opposite, such as depression, loneliness, a sense of failure and loss, and disappointment. The binary polarity is real, and I have spoken about this on this blog scores of times. And so I will bring it up again here, for a reminder, to take a step back during these days of the Winter solstice and look at the program called “Christmas”. It is very important to do this at this time, for when we get involved in the binary program that is Christmas, we miss out on the opportunity to take care of ourselves during this time of letting go, of death, of preparation for the new spring that is to come.

Christmas programming is incredibly powerful and is a core part of childhood programming in the modern world. It is designed to make us, as adults, long for those times, or to long for the dreams that we had at that time. Many people in the world have lived through abusive childhoods and Christmas, for them, may remind them of the things and experiences they desired to have: a loving family, presents, a warm and safe place, comfort and joy, and the presence of Jesus and God. Christmas, for them is about hope, and there are so many of them that live in that hope, as the thing they never had but always wanted.

But hope in this programmed matrix runs on a binary operating system, and so it is always accompanied by the opposite, which is fear or dread. Fear and dread are generated out of trauma in the past. Hope is generated out of the trauma, by holding out a cookie, something to get one out of the trauma. The cookie is different for each and can the form of anything that embodies that kind of hope that is most tantalizing to them. Trauma based mind control is very specific to the individual, but is, as a matrix program, fundamental to all.

For those who are caught in the binary web of matrix hope and fear, Christmas is the time when this conflict becomes more acute, more vicious, and more pleasurable – at the same time.  The pull of hope and fear have never been more dangerously and obviously close, and it is something that creates a deep internal conflict that is felt subconsciously by each individual – the need to be joyous and the need to be afraid, all for the sake of survival. The twisted reality of this cannot be underestimated but would probably be best be depicted if someone were to write a horror film about Santa, an anagram for Satan, or some other such thing.

With all that drama occurring within the majority of individuals inflicted with Christmas programming, one might wonder what the function of this program is. It is certainly not the teachings of Yeshua, who taught us unity and wholeness in God, and the release of attachment to earthly forms. No. The function is to create a stage, a veil of attention and pre-occupation with the dance of hope and fear in order to make us continue to forget about what we really need to do during the Winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.  The wintertime is designed to be a time when we let go of what is no longer needed, like a snake letting go of his old skin.  This is a time of a great energetic awakening and growth. We are no longer needing the “clothing” that we used to wear, as we are emerging into ourselves as wiser, smarter and more expansive adults.  We cannot create our new lives with old materials and so letting go, which is truly a letting go of aspects of our ego, is a necessary step. Just as a tree must let go of the old leaves in order to grow anew in the spring, so too must we do the same, if we are following the nature of our rhythm.

But when we are too absorbed in the activities of Christmas, which at bottom are programmed activities, year after year in the physical, mental, and emotional planes, we are not doing the work that is required to let go: to go within, to sift out what is not the Self, and to reflect on what is no longer required in our life for our growth. Instead, most people are falling into the downward spirals of depression and the chasing of pleasure, the refusal to face change, and to be responsible for one’s own growth and expansion in life. This resistance to the winter solstice, the time of death and rebirth, is what further increases the pain and depression and fear, and so accelerates the individuals desire for hope, escape from pain, partying, and seizing every opportunity for distraction, gatherings and companionship.

I wish that all of you find time for peace and silence with yourself at this time, to be present to your own voice and the strength and love required to listen to it and create from it.

I hope this message is received in the spirit that I am delivering it. I wish you all a very blessed Winter solstice, and I invite you to reflect on who you are being, in all aspects of your being, now in the present, and to allow yourself the opportunity to experience who you are without judgment, shame, or resistance. This will give you the gifted opportunity to let go of what is standing in your way of your own ability to be perfectly in harmony with the strange and wonderful nature that is your very presence, the mysterious and beautiful silence of your soul song, the sounds that eternally connect you to God.

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