On ego: the trickster and the conundrum

This article is about the tricky nature of the ego and how it manifests its trickery in all aspects of life, particularly the spiritual new age aspects such as twin souls, twin flames, manifestation techniques, and others.

Always remember that the mind doesn’t distinguish between knowledge and experience. This is because the mind cannot experience anything itself. It only processes data. It can project into the past and into the future. In fact, it is a function of collective mind, to create the ideas of past (history) and future (predictions). Regardless, the mind cannot be present and regards presence as being something more like emptiness, nothingness, and void. This is why you cannot “understand” or “know” what it means to be present. You cannot “learn” being. You just need to be.  But being can only be experienced when the mind-chatter stops. This is the purpose of Yoga – the true purpose of it. But in order to achieve this purpose, we must learn how to quiet the mind.

The problem is that we must do this while still in the clutches of mind. That means we must use illusions to unravel illusions, until we can finally surrender to no illusion at all. That state is the final state of nirvana, bliss, the Platonic Good.

Ego is a function of mind always. It can never be present, simply because it has no “being”. The ego doesn’t really exist except as illusion.  It is an illusion that spends its existence trying to appear like it is not an illusion. Crazy. It lives on the past and the future and clings to both. It is forever at war with the other, which can be other people that it projects or the very body it inhabits.  The ego has a vibration of panic, anxiety, anger, frustration, and desperation. It’s fuel is fear. Ego is a conundrum to itself. It is its own problem and solution simultaneously. It feeds off fear and so it loves fear. If fear were no longer present, the ego would dissolve into the emptiness that it fears. For this reason, it needs to manifest the fear into physical form, in the expression of the body and mind that it uses to survive. When ego rules, all energy is fed into it, in order to keep it going, chasing the impossible, and running from what no longer exists. This is the state of most of humanity that’s dominated by egoic mind. It is the core of this diseased modern society. For when we cannot be with ourselves as we are, and we live in imagination alone, the world around us goes into disrepair. Nature is shunned and becomes a hindrance.  Basic needs are no longer met, and society becomes difficult to even breath inside of. It becomes an environment that is both physically and mentally unhealthy.

Speaking of imagination. New Age religion and all of its entrapments are generated through the collective ego-imagination. These projections occur in the matrix and are designed for those who see through the materialistic deception of ego.  Twin flames, soul mates, soul missions, manifestations techniques, guardian angels and spirits are all conceptual and imaginary experiences. They manifest as the physical forms manifest, except they stop short of physical form.  Many of these creations are extensions of collective or individual egos. So, for example, if I meet a person and welcome them into my life, then they bring all of their energetic attachments, manufactured beings such as demons and angels, and anything else they are carrying for others as well. They bring them into my life if I invite them in. I am one of the lucky few who gets to see these beings. Not all of them are bad either. Some can be very helpful and kind. Regardless,  this is how so many in the new age religion find comfort in “connection” – it is not connection as much as it is viral in nature, like spreading a disease and enjoying the collective malfunction together. Misery loves company and so ego loves it too. In fact- and I may be digressing here- but most diseases are spread on the etheric realms, and not in the physical realm at all. This is why we will never cure or remove a disease by physical means. It is entirely up to the soul of the person whether they want to be healed or not. Some egos love their diseases and many egos, as they come close to the death of the body, align with it, as if they are the body. They find identity in the body as it suffers, and seeks out others who listen to its stories of pain and misery, as well as nostalgia about the good old days.  Dementia has become so common as a result of the egoic takeover of the mind. It is truly a biological computer malfunction.

Back on track. So when you join a new age group or teacher, you will receive all of their groups beings, entities and attachments. It is overwhelming energetically, and you immediately feel the connection. Ego enjoys it, because there is plenty of fear to feed off of. Fresh meat. Ego lives off fear and in a community, a herd, a pack, they can all hunt together for more of it. Once they catch the hunted, they sacrifice it for food and ritual. The twin flame community for example, is an example of this. Those who enter it will leave feeling depleted, lost, and helpless. Luckily, there are many avenues out there for escape. Unfortunately, many end up in the Christian church, which is an older and more established matrix program that many new agers originally rejected. In fact New Age religions was created in order to frighten large groups of people enough to send them back to Jesus, primed and ready to serve themselves for a better and more improved ego trip.

Most people go from one deception into another. As they do this, the deception gets more and more clever.  One must be sharpening their intuition during these transitions from one kettle to the other. Egos, after all, seek other egos in the matrix system for “help”, in order to find a away to lessen their troubles.  Ego, again, isn’t interested in truth or in actually solving problems. It likes problems. It just wants to live the good life, which means to prop itself up into an immortal being. Yes, the ego wants to be a god. That is its ultimate goal. It is the reason why the “chaser” twin flame will treat their beloved as god, as someone whom they can’t live without.  You can see the problematic here again. Ego wants to be a god. It seeks other egos who it thinks they are gods. It does this in order to either worship them (thus becoming a servant or groupie of a god and so itself is a lesser god) or it attempts to dethrone that god and take its place, either in physical or in their own egoic imagination.

Spirituality is the what egos seek when all other avenues of power of failed them. The ego is first attracted because it promises something that the particular ego desires, which is either success, love, money or powper. This is why so many spirituality teachers promise the manifestation of dreams, desires, and hopes.  They are simply another program that attracts egos who search for happiness through these things, these mental/physical forms. They charge thousands of dollar with the promise of getting more money, more love, and a better career. An ego would not be attracted to spirituality without that kind of carrot. All of these fake spiritual teachings are absolutely necessary on the path because without them, no ego would go anywhere near anything spiritual. The deceptions along the spiritual path, whether that is manifestation type deceptions, twin flame, or what have you, are all honey traps for the ego, in order to allow Self to emerge and eventually dethrone and dissolve the ego that once held it in its grips. As I said above, it is necessary to use illusion in order to free the Self from illusion of the ego.

For this reason, do not be angry or vengeful for the lies that are in the matrix. They are there to help you find your way, even though they are not the truth. There are many videos on the twin flame deception. Yes, it is a deception, like everything else. But those who are ensnared by it, needed it in order to emerge into Self. It is very important to see the big picture. Eventually, each will come to realize this.  Most of the twin flame deception videos are feeding off fear and disappointment. They are all ego based. Our goal is to release the ego. But the ego is a tricky thing still. It takes on many shapes and forms and makes it challenging to find it. We give up one form of ego, and we get another. This is why I have been seeing Fox lately in my visions. Ego is the trickster and it will manifest itself in a way that it appears to be the right path, until you figure out it is wrong, and you choose it yet again in a different disguise. People spend lifetimes in this conundrum until they figure this part of the game out.

Once you do figure the illusion out, and you being to listen to Self, rather than others who have ruled your life, your life becomes easy. This is because you are living in your presence, and not in the contradiction, the uncomfortable lie that is ego. Life as an ego is always hard work, difficult, confusing. For the ego, life is always a problem. One damn problem after the next. That is the creation of the ego and the life that most people live. They are trying so hard to be something that they are not, and they are fearful that they never were and never will be. If you just be in Self, none of that is a concern or worry.  You are water? Then it is easy to be water.  But it is not easy to be fire. That would be very painful. Ego lives life in that way – trying to be something and allowing others to try and make it be something.  There is so much delusion that many people call this behavior “love”. Most love relationships are egoic and are based on expectations and demands that are created from disappointment and fear of rejection. Again, like fear, ego loves this bipolar existence too. It is completely attached to it.

Today, people are learning about narcissism. But narcissism is a function of ego and is nothing new. Currently people are getting good at identifying narcissistic behavior in others. Soon they will have to do the real work to find it in themselves.  This game that we are playing on earth demands it. We are shown bad behavior to condemn it in others before we recognize it in ourselves. Shame will be experienced.  We then clear that shame with compassion and we expand that compassion to the others. This breaks down the ego even more because it diminishes its sense of separateness. Eventually we come to understand that the entire cultural is egoic and narcissistic and then we can collectively find the momentum to create something different. That is happening now. It could take a generation or more for it to take hold. This is how human consciousness is raised a few notches ever so slightly over time. To the ego, however, there is nothing happening at all. The ego never has a birds eye view of the whole. It only sees what is right in front of it.

When you are in the illusion, you will think it is real, until you see the illusion. It will be illusion after illusion after illusion until you keep the mind still an remain in quiet presence. At that point you can still play in the illusion, dabbling in this or that, if it fancies you, but you will never suffer the antagonism that ego thrives in. You won’t have the desire to change anything, or fix anyone or anything. Self is perfectly content with what is, as illusion and as truth, in the whole and the parts of the whole. In fact, the entire life appears as beautiful magic. For God, did say, it was all Good.

Blessings XO

9 thoughts on “On ego: the trickster and the conundrum

  1. You talk about Dementia as the “egoic takeover of the mind”. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! I’m feeling it too and seeing evidence of it all around me. Very intriguing! Thank you for your deep insights, they’re very helpful, indeed! 🦋

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    1. I will keep that in mind for sure. I write what comes to me so I have no control. Lol. My grandma had demotion. All her life she lived in her head. When we leave the body we cling to the consciousness we had at death. Most people are always focused on fragments, chasing things, obsessing, confusion. When their body fails them all this comes to the surface and we see that the outer shell of sanity has always been an illusion.

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