Dementia: The fragmentation of ego

This article was prompted by one of my readers, Mary, whose mother in law is experiencing dementia. I had mentioned dementia in my article On ego: the trickster and the conundrum. My grandmother had dementia as well, but knew what it was when I saw it and I know what it is even more now that I have cleared some powerful ancestral patterns and curses.

The word “dementia” is from the Latin and means a falling away from mind (mens).  Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as losing one’s mind.  There is only the mind losing us, like a tree losing its old leaves, or a snake shedding its skin.  Mind is something we are absorbed into in this life. It is not kind, but it knows how to create the appearance of kindness. It is not love, but it knows the music and actions of love.  All on this earth are being absorbed into the Mind, and through the ego, we are easily deceived into thinking that it is “my” mind.  

And just like Mind only appears to be personal, so too do “diseases” of Mind appear to be personal. Dementia is one of them. But dementia is not a personal disease, but is suffered as personal by those who witness it in a loved one. To the one inflicted by dementia, their person-hood/ego has already fallen apart. There is no person to speak of. Dementia is not something that the inflicted can learn from. It shows up in this world so that those who are able to learn from this life are able to see what it really is, namely, what the Mind looks without the illusion and veil of control that ego presents us.

The control that ego has over each individual is similar to the control handlers have over their celebrities. In public, the celebrity almost appears godlike, wise, beautiful, and successful. However, in private, when the ego is relaxing its external personation, it expresses its true raw self. Dementia is the public unmasking of the egoic control and it is extremely ugly to see. We want to believe they are not who they once were, or that they are inflicted with some sort of brain disease. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You are actually seeing the untended garden of a multitude of lifetimes. In fact, most people who suffer dementia, if they have suffered anything, are generational curses, usually associated with black magic in some form, that have not allowed them to progress in their spiritual awareness, connection with Self and God. Dementia has shown itself in the world, as the potential face of most of us who choose worldly pursuits, distractions, mental and imaginary egoic patterns and attachments of truth, Self, God. It is my belief that we are meant to heed the warnings of the nightmares, just like we are meant to head the warnings of the ghost of Marley in Dicken’s Christmas Carol. Most do not heed it, but pass it off as a random disease of mind, an unlucky bit of cheese, a piece of undigested groul. At least that is how any Scrooge would have it.

The true heart and mind are one and they always work together in harmony. Each individual can access that from within his inner connection to Self and God. On the physical plain, we first become confused in the ego-centric world, where we believe that the appearance of our separate physical bodies proves the separation – and so private ownership of – our mind. This illusion of separateness is what constitutes the nature of ego, and it spends a a great deal of its lifetime experimenting with all sorts of superglues and cements that make it appear “sane”, better than others, superior to most, or entitled to special treatment. The word sane comes from he Latin sanus, which simply means clean and healthy and is from which the English words sanitary and sanitarium derive.   Individuals, when they are young, are good at creating the illusion of sanity or order, either based on some kind of good behavior,  personal presentation, or success.  Whatever the form their appearance of sanity takes, it still appears quite shocking to those who watch them as they age, and as the develop something that we now call dementia. Currently, people witness many of these individuals as narcissism. The popularity of narcissism is another way of teaching us about the consequences of living in the mind and ego. That is all it is.

Dementia is what we experience when the efforts of sanity by an individual are no longer being activated. Everything starts to fall apart and the individual` lets go of all appearances of acceptable personal hygiene, comprehension, health, good behavior, social conformity, etc.   There are many cases of early onset dementia, but most of them occur at the end of one’s physical life.  It is what happens to us when we live in the collective mind, and never activate or ground in Self, the true energy of who we are. Dementia has become so much more prevalent today because many people have been able to, through industry and technology, live in a world completely concocted and run by mind, a.k.a. narcissism. The disconnection from nature, and their own nature, is a disconnection from God, and that is what cements and grounds the downfall. But nothing mind or ego conjures is real. What is not real is a sandcastle, and it will eventually in time be destroyed into its minute pieces, some going back to the sea, and some remaining on the land. The scattering of mind, is the state of most people today. The appearance of sanity takes great effort and only appears that way if we stand at a distance from them. When we get too close to people, the truth does show itself.

People who will suffer dementia  have created artificial purpose in their lives through a feeling of having control over others and their environment, even if that control is imaginary.  This could be trying to keep old friends around beyond the expiration date, holding on to memories and behaviors of childhood or early adulthood, attaching oneself to family, clinging to adult children, gossip, and excessive interest in external events and people they don’t know or have true connection with.  If you look closely, this egoic type behavior constitutes a great deal of the modern population who are obsessed with external news, celebrity, politics, and the like. These are obsessed with attaining people as if they were trophies, using them for their own needs, controlling their actions, and inhibiting their growth. Once they reach old age, the mind will abandon them, because they are too old to provide the energy the collective mind needs in order to continue this mass hypnosis. When that happens, the individual is left with nothing but a shambles of memories and imaginations that seemed to once be so real, and they are, even more devastatingly, deprived of the control they believed they once had (though this was false too). This loss of control can unleash an enormous amount of pressurized and repressed energy, such as anger, jealousy, and complete dissociation with everything and everyone they had once “loved”. The black darkness, the dense sickly weeds around their heart rupture into an uncontrollable rage or a complete absence of presence, as if they have imploded into themselves.`   The family and friends of the person undergoing dementia will experience the uncultivated garden of that soul. It is wild, painful, and the energies can be terribly wicked and even evil.   How unreal it all seems! But it was always unreal. Through dementia, each one of us is being shown something about human life and human mind. We are still not paying enough attention to what we can learn from this and many of us are on the path to a similar demise, unless a physical disease such as cancer, takes us first.

The manifestation of dementia shows us what happens when we sacrifice Self in order to live in the trappings of Mind, or the matrix system, with all its distractions and trappings and allures. It promises us love, individual glory and success, beauty,  love, and all the things that people chase needlessly. They abandon the Self. They don’t trust God or the universe. But they will trust people they watch on TV and experts of all sorts who they are told understand these things. They have betrayed themselves and dementia is what happens when we betray ourselves. Unfortunately, when we experience it in ourselves, we have no ability to have consciousness of it.

If we want to avoid dementia, it is important that we learn how to become the witness, the one who is aware, the consciousness that we are. If we do not do this, we become absorbed in the external world, to live a life of madness packaged in a socially acceptable or attractive heart-shaped box.  When we are in the heart-shaped box, we see everything as upside down at he whims of the collective Mind.  Evil will appear good, and good evil. Wisdom will appear in the depraved and wicked. Healthy people will be rejected by you for unhealthy people. You will lust after those who want to destroy you, and you will hate those who want to support you.  All of this becomes a serious ball of confusion when you are ready to see it that way, but you will continue to see confusion as sanity and sanity as confusion until that time. That is the nature of ego and the delusion of the Mind. What you focus on in life is what you think about when you wake up in the morning, what you dream about, what you really think about others, what you argue about to yourself in your own head, what you secretly desire. Your focus is what will be left when you leave this life, and you will continue in the next one exactly where you left off. Some people spend scores of lifetimes with the same consciousness again and again and again because they refuse to learn how to let go of these false patterns of focus. But, I believe it happens to those who have been influenced by deep ancestral curses,  black magic, or other forms of destructive intergenerational mind control.  They have lost their ability to grow, to learn, to expand, and simply let go of the mental constructs they have been attached to. It is very devastating and I hope all can avoid it by learning to love, to hear the calling of their own true deathless and eternal Self.

Always follow the light, no matter how dim it seems, of the SELF, the true teacher of you and you alone. Heed no other, as you will only lose your way there.

Blessings XO

3 thoughts on “Dementia: The fragmentation of ego

  1. Thank you, Anastasia, that’s very beautifully put, clear and very helpful! I believe my mother in law to be a great teacher. Her struggles are a gift to me, and I endeavour to learn from them. I try to stay in a self loving, open and compassionate heart-space, my true-self. Thank you, once again! 🦋

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