Twin Flames: The myth, the illusion, and the resolution

Through this article, I hope to give you deep information on the nature of ego, cult, and twin flames. I would like to spark a fire in your consciousness about the nature of the twin flame myth and how it is goading you into your own path for awareness and deeper consciousness. In the world, the matrix world, spiritual paths seem to be reserved for “enlightened beings only”, those who call themselves priests or monks or gurus. Whatever they are, and they may indeed practice awareness, you too also have that capacity to grow into that deep well of spiritual wisdom, expansive consciousness, and to do so with no agenda such as book promotion, fame, or the creation of a lucrative online school. The true flower of consciousness, as well as art, comes from the Source and reaches the infinite bounds of heaven.

Before I touch on twin flames, let’s review a bit about the nature of ego, narcissism, and crises resolution. Keep in mind that I always remind you that you are a spiritual being, infinite awareness, non-dual consciousness. But, most are lost in duality, in conflict, in drama, and have a case of mistaken identity: they believe themselves to be the multiple personalities they inhabit on a daily basis and they experience the world as if they were a character who was thrown into a play they didn’t create. They only seek their desires in the context of that play and run from the fears that show up on that very same stage. They have no resolution because the only way to resolve a dream is to wake up.

All my writing is with a view to wake up. It is not meant to be soothing. Okay. I digress. No on with the show.

Psychology and spirituality. Religion and spirituality. Art and spirituality. All of these have in certain timelines or consciousness been confused. People often dip their toes into spirituality, and quickly veer off into religion or psychology as a way to understand what they originally might be experiencing as a spiritual being. In fact, I will go so far as to say that nearly all of the sciences and skills, arts and social structures, have, at their foundation, questions that belong to the spiritual condition of humanity as a whole. In life, deep and painful systemic problems and issues always come from the foundations. The problems of these different aspects of life, such as a crisis of faith in religion, or questions regarding Biblical fact and fiction, or issues regarding the quality of modern music, or the conflicts in society and between governments, or relationship problems, all find their answer (and complete resolution) in spiritual awareness, at the foundation. However, because most people are not spiritually experienced or aware, they do not seek the resolution through a practice of cultivating awareness, and instead look to scientific or artistic manifested forms, such as psychology, to explain and help dissolve their problems. At best, this can temporarily relieve some suffering. But it will not resolve it. In fact, over time, the pain will increase by showing up in a deeper and more powerful and critical aspect. To understand what I mean, imagine that you have a leak in the kitchen. Water is coming through one part of the wall. You patch it up by some means and that seems to work. The water is gone. However, water always finds a way, and you soon find that the water starts coming through another crack in another room of the house, and another and another. You see, you can’t fix the problem by only patching things up so that you don’t immediately notice them anymore. It doesn’t work. Eventually, all the walls have to be ripped down, and the entire pipeline needs to be replaced.

Most people live their lives patching up walls so that they don’t have to see the leaks form the inner workings of the house. They seek psychological explanations for their pain, and they definitely receive treatment for whatever it is they are diagnosed with. However, because psychology is a matrix-based formulation of the nature of soul, it will only work for a period of time, or even not at all. This is why psychiatry was invented, to provide medications as treatment, which is a brute force way of handling pain when psychology simply can’t get beyond its story telling, as intriguing and as dramatic as it can be.

All of these structures of manifestation (religion, art, science, psychology [I will never classify it as a science] and music) are dominated by ego, to the extent that ego becomes attached to their forms, the personalities that are gods within them, the structure and nature of the music itself. For religion, we have priests and gods and a holy textbook, the deep and powerful momentum of mass faith. For music, we have famous musicians, their personas, and the music itself, the industry. All of these are different variations of cultures, or cults. The ego loves its cults and it cannot survive without them because they are the cast in which it interacts with. In the cast, are people it relies on to work off of, to feed off of, to find contrast with, to find help for its own survival on the stage. If the ego loses its “role” it will feel as if it doesn’t belong in the play. That is why it craves central roles, important roles: it feels that if it holds these, it will not lose its place in the play, and thus its identity.

In addition to personas and characters, the ego relies on “things” that it “knows”. These things orient its mind to people and the world, so that it can judge and assess, and determine what is good or bad for it. Everything gets filed away as data, and processed through its programming, based on the personality code.

As a result, when someone who is suffering pain from another (as most people are) discovers narcissistic abuse as a concept or a “thing” they feel relief: “I now understand my abuser and myself as victim”. The victim then declares itself as victim and becomes even more victimized. This understanding gives solace simply because it provides identity as victim (any identity and role is better than meaninglessness), however it will not last for long. As the charge wears off, they read and consume more information about narcissism in order to try to make it real in their reality, and permanently remove the pain. Maybe they join groups or meet ups or find friends who suffered similar abuse. This creates a whole new lifestyle in itself, and it is one that they can become completely addicted to. The soothing of nature of this, to the ego, is quite powerful. However, this doesn’t and will not ever work to the deep consciousness that is dying for expansion and to experience the non-duality of the universe as awareness. As I have said in my article Separation illusion: the unity of narcissist and victim, the victim of narcissist abuse subconsciously is (and loves) the narcissist. This is why so many people, who hate wealth, at bottom want to be wealthy. This is an obvious one: they want to have money as the “rich” do, and so they despise them. This is a not a psychological condition, but a condition of the duality that mind always creates. When we “want” this. We create that. When we want “that”, we create this. When we “discover” narcissism, we create it as a reality for ourselves as victim.

This is why it is said the narcissist can never heal or become aware of its narcissism. The reason is because the narcissist is simultaneously a victim. This world is an illusion, from top to bottom. Do you think these psychology tropes are any less so? People tend to like to defend their “psychological conditions” just as much as they do their faith in a religion or their favorite rock band.

Ego is completely unconscious of its power to create its reality on all levels, dream and otherwise, narcissist or victim. It relates to the world as an external object that it suffers, as victim, because it doesn’t believe it chose it. Ego is a strange beast because it begins as a victim. The narcissist only begins to emerge as the ego struggles to reject its feeling of victimhood by chasing power, success, fame, fortune, or what have you. Ego is always running from its victimhood, in denial of it. This is how it rejects its “inner child”, because a child is always completely and utterly dependent on their parents. This rejection of the inner child can happen at an age when it is not healthy to happen. There is then a bifurcation of the consciousness, bi-polarization of the soul, and the individual is then going to find themselves on a very abusive path: a world of abuse, and a world of self-betrayal. For this reason, the ego does not want to return to Self, which is whole, because the veil of the victim still remains. As the ego increases its own sense of power, the victimhood that is still present is a source of shame, anger, frustration, resentment. Anyone who taps the victimized center of the narcissist is going to be attacked, berated, and eventually discarded because the trigger of victimhood, in the mind of an ego in self-denial, becomes the projection of its own victimization in the world. Egos project and they seduce the consciousness to watch and believe in the projection, like the people watching the shadows in Plato’s cave.

The cult of the cave is central to the ego. It must project all its pain and misery, all of its “drama” onto the world, in order to make the world more like itself. This is why ego is always looking to the outer world to find itself, to find those that accept it, to attack those that don’t. It is a painful life to live that way, because the ego cannot be alone. it feels void and emptiness without that projection, the movie in the cave that it is so addicted to. The movie is the only thing that keeps it from having to deal with the inner victim, the splitting of its soul into two. It refuses that the victim and itself is of the same Source, and that its world is a lie, an illusion, a story, a phantasm. And because ego is in denial of its connection to Source, all of its relationships are defined within the cult that the ego spends time in. Egos can belong to multiple cults, but they inform each other. For example, a Christian will lean towards music that seems to support their faith, and they will do so only to the extent which they do not want to veer from that faith. Those who are more lax and unconscious will be able to engage in behaviors and multiple cults even if they contradict themselves. It doesn’t matter. The deeper the separation of victim and narcissist, the deeper the core wound.

And this brings me to twin flames. Twin flames are a story of a broken soul, split into two. The two are narcissist and victim. The twin flame story has played out to perfection, and it has indeed become a cult. If you are a twin flame, you are going to embody both, but only be conscious of one. Generally, the female is the victim, and the male is the narcissist. The cult of twin flames calls this connection a love connection, and so the female believes that the narcissist loves her. She chases him, no matter how abusive or cruel. She tells herself “he still loves me, and one day he will change”, because the cult says he will come into awareness of his love for her and will come back to her. The feminine is also told that he will only awaken if she heals her wounds. This is why so many women are on board with the healing modalities. They are hell bent on spiritual healing because they are lured with the carrot on the stick: a love that could only be imagined by a helpless victim who believes a narcissist is worthy of her time, her energy, and her love. The female will take this on, and expect results. She may have what appears to be results, but then they will fall apart. There are a million different variations of this, but the twins will come together over this time, either through telepathy or physical proximity, only to part ways again. Each parting is a “sign” that the healing is not yet complete. The female trudges onward, and continues to do so until she realizes that he isn’t coming back at all. This is when she begins to doubt that entire story of twin flames, which promises his return.

Now, some females may start to notice at this point that they are driving themselves into misery with all of this. Who is driving them into misery exactly? As some awaken, they realize that they themselves are allowing themselves to be driven in this manner, to put more time into taking care of others instead of themselves, for loving him more than they love Self, for choosing him as a condition for happiness instead of Self and the divine. This is realization will start the next phase of the journey, which is actually the true beginning of the journey, of the inner healing. This is when the female realizes that all this time, she has been chasing her tail, generating a whirlwind of energy for the sake of a narcissistic mindset that she accepted for herself, to benefit him. She realizes how deeply she has abused herself and allowed others to abuse her.

This is the point where she abandons the twin flame story and sees that true spiritual path, which is the flowering of consciousness and the transformation that comes from that. She notices that no healing rocks or methods were needed at all, no prayers, no twin flame, nothing: all that was needed was a willingness to choose Self over narcissism and victimhood, co-dependence, and worldly pursuits. When she surrenders to her Self, she gives up the ego and the victim. She “sacrifices” all for the truth of life, for Self, for Source. That is when she begins to heal, to find peace, bliss, nirvana. This is where she dissolves the duality, the runner/chaser, the conflict, and the war and enters into true union.

So, what about “him”, the guy who was supposed to be the twin flame? //When you enter true union, honestly, it doesn’t matter, whether you get married in the physical, or whether you never talk again. Even if you did meet him again, you could only do it if he were also in deep alignment with Source. His road is his road. Did he choose to sacrifice ego and victim, or did he choose to sacrifice Self. If he chooses to hold onto ego and victim, his suffering will continue in this life and the next and the next until he makes the sacrifice. This too is the divine law. As one who has surrendered, it is not for you to control. All are proceeding in the way of the Tao.

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