Meditation on Ego Playing God

Letting the ego die is a process that takes as much time as is required. The required time could be a lifetime, or two or three. We make the mistake of thinking that this body is the only body and that this life is the only life, the first and the last. We also make the mistake of thinking that ego is different from one body to the next, from one lifetime to the next. The mistake is due to our absorption in the illusion of physical/mental projected reality.  The one who sees himself as separate from others is one who doesn’t see God. It is very simple.

The mind and the ego makes things complicated because it believes it needs to think about things in order to see them.  But thinking is a programmatic act, and it only manifests things that are created through it, either through division, addition, or replication. This is why everything becomes complex and impossible to the ego. Life often seems impossible. Dreams becomes unattainable. The ego settles into whatever form it can survive in until the body dies.

Ego doesn’t care about life. It only cares about what it gets out of life. A good ego, a kind ego, does it for the sake of getting love or reciprocal action.  For ego, as Plato taught, the good is a means to an end, namely, a benefit to the ego and what is good for it.  Those who are the watchers, the aware ones, however, are those who love Good for itself and only for itself with no other aim. This is unconditional love. Unconditional love is not in any way available to ego in any of the forms it makes up in the maya or the illusion.

Ego chases love and dresses it up in many different forms. It always lacks the perfect love and when it attains it, it no longer lusts as after it. It secretly and often with shame, lusts after others. Many an ego is so ashamed, it will castrate itself, and its deep desire, including the vibration of unconditional love. This is what many call “faithful”. It is only faithful to the image of the Beast, the illusion of the Matrix, the goddess who is the deceiver. Who is the deceiver? Do you know its name?

Your ego configuration is carried from this life and into the next life. Whatever you don’t let go, you take with you. But ego doesn’t see this as configuration or baggage. The ego only sees it as “me” in the “world”. The ego is a projection of the consciousness, a shadow to the light. When you see it as a movie, it has already left you. When you see it as the programming, you will not take it into the next life. You are on the road to freedom and bliss even while in this body.

When you let go of all the ego, when the ego has its death, you will no longer need to enter a body again. This will be the last time you have to suffer the body, the illusion, the distortions. It is not easy to witness or even allow ego death.  Every aspect of who we are and how we look at the world is rooted in ego. Even our finest qualities, our success, our sense of morality is rooted in egoic fear of survival. There are layers upon layers of conceptual stories and philosophical perspective that conceal the deep seated fear of the ego, the awareness of its illusion, of its nothingness, of its smallness. All philosophies and perspectives of our lives as dust in the wind are rooted in egoic fear and misery. Dreams of self-importance are then seen as a veil to hide the quivering ego that was born long ago. It is not easy to face that so many lifetimes were a deception, all manifestations of characters designed to give us the experience of a God who has forgotten himself in a blade of grass.

The reality of who we are is that we are infinite energy, moved only by a consciousness that can play witness, and who can drive the imagination of creation, from something out of nothing, from the dark abyss into the light, we are together God. But this awareness of Self is hidden inside the limitations and illusions of ego, who buries the consciousness in its own version of reality, a small reality limited by the physical borders of the body, and the limited lifespan of all its parts. The ego pretends to be real, and that is the source of its fear. Imposter syndrome is only something the ego can suffer. It is an imposter always, as long as it conceals or pretends to replace God. Ego is the root of suffering, and yet most cannot let go of it, because the illusion has momentum from all the eyes of consciousness, of all the billions of people. The life we have created is a shared agreement of lies and limitation born of those who have forgotten who they are. That is the true fall of angels, the fall of God into gods into angels and into demons. All of these characters are Playing God.

When the body dies, the ego remains with the consciousness, to the extent that the individual is formulated in that consciousness. Many do not want to leave the earth and are attached to things here. They long to stay here, with those who still have a body. They are able to project still through the mind, as the egos have always been able to do. They are tortured souls, and their projection is like a ghost or a hologram, or a shadow. There is a certain kind of madness that can occur inside these consciousnesses that have not crossed over, due to their attachment to the earth. But eventually those that do turn into the light, do so to prepare to live another one and in another body, with the same level of ego with which they departed.  It is very important that we help these beings cross over. Otherwise they swarm the living.

When they return to earth in baby form, they cannot get a new ego or a higher consciousness without truly coming into that consciousness.  Unlike in the egoic illusion, in reality, there can no lies, no shortcuts, no hiding from the awareness of God. All those who see themselves as separate from God, are still in ego, still heavy with earth bound forms, concocted by the Mind. This too is the law and it is a hard and fast one.

It is strange how many of these ego consciousness remain disembodied. So many inflict their madness on the living and attach themselves to them in whatever form they please. They are invisible to the physical eye, but there are a few who can see them. Many people have become possessed by these beings, inhabited and controlled by them, mostly through triggers and fears. The key to removing possession is the overcome the fear, the fear of death, and the belief that you are ego.

All solutions to all problems, mental and physical and spiritual, are found in the Ego Death, the finally lifetime on this earth, and the unveiling of Nirvana.

Blessings XO

8 thoughts on “Meditation on Ego Playing God

  1. It is understandable that letting go of the ego can be a challenging and difficult process, as it is deeply ingrained in our sense of self and how we perceive the world around us. However, it is important to recognize the limitations and illusions of the ego and to strive for a deeper understanding of our true selves as infinite energy and consciousness. This can lead to a greater sense of freedom and bliss, and ultimately allow us to let go of the need to enter a physical body again in future lifetimes. It is important to keep in mind that this process may take time, and it may require patience and self-reflection to fully let go of the ego’s hold on our perception of reality.


  2. I don’t believe that the ego should ‘die’… In my perspective, I see the ego as Jung would : an inherent part of the self, a bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness. In that perspective, I believe the ego should be integrated… Which would not be a death but a fusion. Don’t know if it would make the processs easier though!

    Interested article! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. It will be a great topic for my next article.

      It gets tricky with the ego, who is quite clever. The ego trying to understand ego via psychology or philosophy. It is like an Escher painting, with a reflection of a reflection of a reflection ad infinitum. It is a function of the ego to objectify itself into a subject “I” or “ego” (which just means I in Latin and Greek).

      Another interesting aspect is that the functioning ego doesn’t know itself. It can only see what is already coming to an end and ready to fall to the earth. The fish doesn’t know the water because it doesn’t leave it. The consciousness doesn’t know ego until it is projected onto the mind-screen, where it can see it. But at that point, the magic-possession is gone. That is why, when we attempt to go back to our old haunts, to experience that precious time again, we can’t. Who we were then is gone. Memory and thoughts can give us experiences. Thus, many teachings call our attention to the present moment, where Being can be accessed. It cannot be accessed through mind.

      The ego would like to think it can be integrated into awareness and truth and being. But the fundamental reason for ego’s being is that we are not ready to be in the world as we are. It evolves as a support, as a limitation, like a playpen is a limitation on the child. The ego always believes to know what is possible and what is impossible for it and others. It doesn’t take chances. It wants to remain in safety. It is always in survival mode, and even when it tries to enjoy life beyond survival mode, the survival instincts and fears will kick in eventually. It is why many people perceive that they have “failed” in life. They haven’t failed. They have just been in ego for too long. It is time to let it go.

      I’ll address all this as best I can in the next article. Freedom and bliss, and Being, Self, cannot be attained in the context of ego. The intention of this life is to no longer require ego at all. The loss of ego isn’t a casualty, just like loss of training wheels is not a casualty.

      Thank you again for your comment. I really appreciate it.

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      1. I perceive what you’re talking about as what I would call the “alter ego” of the Spirit, in some sort of way – for a lack of better terms. I’ll reflect upon that though, cause the ego is a deep and rich well, that we can experience from various perspectives. Your point of view is relevant and sparks interesting reflections.

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      2. Consider reflecting on who the “I” is that is reflecting on the I-ego. Ego has an incessant need to know and understand in terms of form and concept. But the true Self is not an object or concept at all. So it can’t be found through mental analysis. This is the meaning of surrender it is the surrender of ego. There is no experience of God without the surrender of ego because ego only can experience God as an object or thing of contemplation. But neither God nor Self is an object of contemplation. The world for seeing through the heart does not exist in English. Plato named it phronesis. The mind on the other hand cannot conjure Being or presence of Self or God in any way. Even my words are only referring to something that the ego can understand as concept. But I am not using the words that way. I am always pointing at what cannot be pointed to at all. 🙂 I am aware of the limitations of speech. God is better referred to by the experience of music, if anything.


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