You cannot “clear your energy” without removing the roots. Reiki, energy work, spells, incantations, chanting, and prayers will not remove this energy. In fact, any gods or goddesses, beings, or energy that you call in, will bring more “darkness”, as you are dealing with energies that manifest in a dualistic world and are perfectly happy to help you by transposing themselves into your energetic field and body. You may leave some behind, but you are only exchanging them for new ones. They are happy to find a home in your consciousness. It is always free rent and free energy.

Begin to notice what happens when new people enter your life. Become a witness of the entire scope and power of their energetic field. Some of you can see these energies visually, some may hear it, some may feel them, some may only perceive the physical body of the person and what they can get from them. The more absorbed you are in ego, the more you will only see the physical body and what you want to get from them, and what they will give to you. The more you have released your soul from egoic entrapment, the more you will feel the host of beings that accompanies them. Meeting and bringing a new person into your life is a tremendous undertaking.

People say they want to clear their energy in order to remove unwanted energies. Simple enough. But remember, usually the ego is the one controlling what is good and what is bad, and everything about ego is an illusion. So there is that.

What does “clearing” actually mean to you anyway? It is imperative to answer this question and be clear about it. Are you doing it because someone told you to? Are you doing it because you are afraid of something? Are you clearing because you want to get your twin flame in your clutches? Be honest. What do you want? Because if the intention is related to desire or fear, you will not clear anything but a pathway to bring in more unsavory entities into your path, to create more desire, more fear, and more excitement in your life.

True clearing requires uprooting the source of all egoic methods, desires, fears, attachments, etc. If you want to do this, if you want to embody SELF without the trappings of ego, to witness what is true magic and to honor it with silence and inner peace, not attempts to get attention or try to bootstrap your mission (I am looking at you, twin flames). This is divine work, not the next big break for your career or your egoic identity. This work is motivated by complete surrender, and so it means clearing all the layers upon layers of egoic programming that has kept you from accessing your true serene self, your flow, your ability to witness the strange matrix world, and how it conceals that blissful love that you know you are.

To remove the roots of ego, you must find the seeds, the energies that are motivating all the surfacing energy, When you experience everything, you must ask: Who is afraid here? Who is enjoying this? Listen to your dreams, as they will tell you who you are being as ego, as the false self. You will find, beneath so many of your perceived wants, that there is a child there that never got the love they needed, or confusion about where they fit in. Life of the ego is built upon the shattered glass of confused children’s dreams. The results of our life, the ups and downs, the expectations, the struggles, the flowers, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly are all rooted in a certain kind of deformity of the ego that has grown untended, wild, and without any healthy teachings or guidance. Our society is devoid of anything remotely spiritual on any level. It has gotten so dire, that even the spiritual teachers are teaching ego-positivity qua mind positivity, rather than truly helping people to understand that the ego, as the collective, has become a beast that will ultimately either destroy human life, or destroy the earth, or both.

The seeds of egoic arrogance (arrogating) are always located inside your tacit consent, your agreement to allow the egoic energies to enter your body and determine your life. These could have entered during childhood, or even when you were a fetus in your mother’s womb. Many mothers pass these energies into their children before birth, especially ones that have a history of black magic in their lineage, which are many. There are so many dark secrets in families that are passed on through generations. What is good is bad, what is bad is good. Shame and guilt rule the world.

The only way to heal is to heal your own garden, to own completely, on every level the perceptions of the world around you, the people you pretend to know and love, the people you pretend to be ignorant of and hate, the -isms, and the self-serving behaviors hidden behind acts of kindness and pleasantries. The first step in clearing is to be clear for yourself, to be brutally honest, to stop the projection and be a witness of this world, the mirror of who you are. Once you own your garden, you can begin to clear it out. The healthy nature of your space will reach to all beings anywhere. You become a clearing in itself, a place where egoic manipulation can at best be fun to watch, but nothing to take very seriously. This is the only way to change the world, to change from the root.

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