Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

As someone who uses common words to express what is usually referred to as spirituality, I am always aware of the limits of every word, every concept I express, and every image I attempt to present to you, the reader. Words are symbols like musical notation is a symbol of the particular frequency of a sound. There are certain formations that sound more pleasing to the ear. There are certain words that are more positive to receive, and more delightful to the imagination. Some words are more baritone, and some are more soprano. There is phrasing that can seduce and create the illusion of piece and serenity, boorishness and crassness, or happiness and ignorance. These presentations, whether through the implementation of particular scale formations or the phrasing of specific words, all afford the illusion that they are attempting to represent. The strength of the ego is very much dependent on the strength of its language to itself and how it confirms its reality consistently and powerfully. Music and language are the primary ways in which ego speaks with itself. The more powerful the ego, the more consistent it becomes in tone, sound, and language. Diversity is never something the ego can accept unless it is able to integrate it into a consistent principle of understanding.

In modern life, ego is the primary formation of society as something that can always be relied upon as something consistently itself. There are certain allowances for specific types of changes, otherwise the inflexibility and boredom of homogeneity would easily break into chaos. This is why many egos are good at being flexible, while at the same time refusing to change or transform. The refusal to allow change or transformation is what maintains the predictability of life, the feeling that “I know what is going to happen; I understand myself; I understand my past.”, and the sense of invincibility and being right. It is an incredibly powerful provocation and creates an absolutely enormous resistance towards transformation. Many people become so powerful in their ego that they believe they can see the future of others, their trajectory and their ultimate destination. They love to create determination in the minds of others and people will pay them for it. As someone who can see timelines of others myself, I will often be shown some things that will happen to another or to myself. I understand that these things that “happen” are a product of the egoic cooperative and can always completely change if the consciousness shifts away from it. No psychic can determine the awakening of another, as this is outside of timelines and the egoic mind. Sometimes a psychic can see a timeline that has very little chance of transpiring, but by simply planting it in the mind of the listener, can alter the course of events to that path. This is why no honest person of integrity should ever tell another about their future. I rest my case on this.

The egos relationship to spirituality can only be possible through its tendency towards flexibility. All begin awareness of spirituality as an ego and are usually attracted to it, by the light of their consciousness. The ego always gains control because the consciousness at the time allows it to. The ego likes to pick certain forms of spirituality that will not obliterate it entirely. This makes sense and is the survival instinct kicking in. The consciousness is not yet ready to see the truth, just a like a three-year-old is not ready to leave her parents. The problem begins, however, when the consciousness is and needs to be ready, and the parental ego continues to prevent the awakening of the child, justifying it through symbols of “love” and “protection”, further enfeebling the will to transformation and strengthening the ego through such abuse. The child soon grows into adult and is still under the thrall of the parental ego. By that time, he has developed a circle around him even without the agency of the parent, that fortifies and strengthens the co-dependency. This is where he becomes the parent he often is trying to grow up from. Some individuals may at this point seek spirituality corners, in the awareness that something’s not quite right in their world. The sense of his own spirituality and awareness of something not being quite right can go one of two ways: either the individual descends into denial and chooses addiction and avoidance and ultimately physical death, or he choose the spiritual path and start to question their life and listen more and more to the inner light within and unravel the abusive false egoic form of the parent.

But still, regardless of the spiritual experiences one has, after all the satsangs, the community prayer organizations, the Reiki sessions, the healing modalities, the new age gatherings, even visions and visitations, the individual must, if they are truly going to commit to the realization of Self, the true practice of Yoga, and the experience of enlightenment and wisdom, take hold of the keys to the kingdom and step by step find his way of the labyrinth that the ego has generated for him. This egoic creation, a function of the matrix, goes even beyond the parent. The labyrinth is created in the physical, the mental, and the imaginative planes, sometimes called the astral planes. These astral planes are where many spiritual people get stuck. They believe in spirit guides, angels, ascended masters as beings who are guiding them and telling them what they should do, seek, know, etc. Letting go of this fantasy is an enormous task, but when they do, they realize that these beings were no less an illusion than the illusion in the physical realm. The process of seeing the illusion and how deep that rabbit hole goes, can and must be an enormous task for those who have had countless lifetimes and have collected an enormous amount of generational and ancestral karma.

Many will say: “Why me? Why must I take on this task alone?”. The answer is something like it is the task for each one, for God doesn’t work through society or the community. God only works through each one of us. The SELF, who is I AM PRESENCE, is God, and only God knows how to unravel the great work that the One has created through music and language, and the manifestation of both.

Already, my language is breaking down. When it comes to SELF, God, Being, etc, these are only words that refer to something that is neither subject nor object, this or that. Being is. You are. Self is that you are. It is very difficult to not only express this itself, but to express how Being works through this reality once the consciousness has abandoned its ego skin and immersed itself in Being. The world takes on a completely different form, and you move inside of it in a way that defies all physical laws as known by those still in 3D consciousness. You meet new people before time catches up with you and you encounter them in the physical. You read books before you have opened them. You hear music before your ears come in contact with them. You experience and see ideas before you even see proof of them coming to fruition. In that plane, which Plato in his Phaedo, referred to as the second world, things happen that will eventually take place in some shape or form in the timelines on earth where even others can experience them. But by the time things happen in the physical mental-world, those things are already ready for their autumn.

All the things that ego clings to are as fruit on the vine, or leaves on the trees in summertime. They are ready to fall of the tree and die, to return their seeds to the earth. The ego is always playing with the low hanging fruit. It doesn’t realize this until it experiences the world as it truly is. This is why the ego cannot “change the world” when it is deep in mental-physical consciousness. Nothing can change, no matter how many days the ego works, how much sweat and tears and blood it pours on its creative efforts. The ego works hard and will continue to work hard, to very little reward. Sometimes the ego can gather a vast sum of money, but even that isn’t enough, and greed begins to devour his bones, his body, and his mind.

For those who are on the twin flame journey, they meet their twin in the physical world or the astral plane. Both formations are seen through the ego, before the consciousness has awakened. The meeting will either trigger the twins into facing, in some way, the instability of their current egoic setup or they will descend into denial and madness and pain. Each twin is completely different from the other, and each twin pair works completely different from all other twins. No two twins are alike, but many will struggle to find meaning in all of this by joining groups of twin flames or by finding so-called seers who believe they can see the twins and their destiny. All of this is an illusion. No one can see your destiny when it comes to spiritual awakening. No one. The reason is that there is no future, no past, and no present. There is only Being. If you break free of ego, all illusion gets so dissolved into amazing presence of Being that you no longer even remember that egoic encounter with your twin as anything more than fire that lit the spark of blessedness.

Those who have found identity in the twin flame journey, are those who have all experienced some kind of deprivation or abuse around love, and at a powerful level, in this life and previous lives. Love is what they seek, and so it is the primary trigger for their entire ego structure. It is the foundation and motivation upon which the entire ego structure of the lives has been built. When you tear down the ego, you will discover that pain again. Each step is closer to the wound. Expect that. Take care of yourself in the way that God would take care of you. That is how you fill yourself up with love, which is his desire and is the desire of God. At that point you will no longer feel “need” for anything, no matter what happens.

You have found yourself, Whole and Complete, needing nothing.

Blessings XO

3 thoughts on “Twin Flames: an egoic trigger for spiritual awakening

  1. I read and reread your words, your articles and each time it brings me a little deeper. I really appreciate you sharing yourself with all of us here, we are fortunate indeed. Every day it gets a little clearer and I feel it deeply. Thank you, Anastasia, very helpful, indeed! 🦋

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