Home is where the Hearth is

There are certain days or weeks in which I do not write. Usually the reason is because some area of the egoic structure has been dissolved and the hordes begin to pour in. When that happens, I get to experience what ego was once protecting (or hiding) me from: all the good; all the bad, the chaos, and the beauty. The truth is the truth. When we are ready to shed our ignorance of it, we will do so. It may feel challenging and difficult and even painful, but it must be done if we are to expand our consciousness, and so our ability to assist those who still believe they are alone, victimized, and helpless.

For as you lose those fundamental programmatic structures of ego, you no longer only hear what you thought was your own voice, your own joy, your own sadness. Those things disappear because they were all generated through egoic perceptions, worries, and concerns. As they dissolve, all problems start to appear as road bumps of the world – not personal at all: they slow you down, but they certainly aren’t life threatening. Job loss, death of life or relationship, end of an era, the moment when you realize that the world is corrupt to its core – all of these become as normal and as easy as bad weather, a minor cold, a hiccup. You are approaching what is very much a life of bliss, of peace, no matter what storm is going on around you. Reason is: you are now able to transform a storm into a trickle of water. You become a magician of the elements, a transmuter of forms. You find the true resolution of all pain and suffering.

But, you also hear the cries of those you never met and never will meet in time and space. You hear their voices, and see their visions, their worries and concerns. The body is of the Earth. The mind is of the Mind. This is what the ego was protecting you from. When it dissolves, you see and experience the connection of the all, the joy and the suffering, and the love that wraps it all together. You feel the urge to reach out, to assist, to help them see what you do. You know that it can’t be done directly, and that you can’t speak or argue them into it. No. You need to find a way to help them light their own fire. That is where the magic comes in.

Ego is a boundary that is designed to protect us when we are net yet ready to experience aspects of our infinity, our boundless energy.  When you try to help others, their ego will reject you, simply because you know that the ultimate solution is letting go of the very thing that the person thinks is safe and good. Ego is very much like a playpen, which is designed to keep the child safe and secure, albeit limited.  We are meant to eventually release the structure of ego, just like we left the structure of the playpen. It is not up to us when another is ready to do this. It is up to their own divine will of Self. In the intended state of things, they will, like a flower, blossom, and release themselves from that blossom, to become something more conscious than the flower: maybe a tree, maybe an animal. Eventually we become who we are, when we are ready, and that would be Self or God.

Unfortunately, there are entities in the world who hold the intention to keep you in the playpen for as long as it suits them. These entities can and do work through the entire matrix system at various levels, to keep you attached to the ego, and so limited in your perspective. This limitation makes it very challenging to deal with life, and causes many to feel victimized, helpless, attached to mommy matrix, and completely incapable and even unwilling to let go of their attachments in the form of family, friends, places, careers, and even hobbies. These entities work through the people in your life, from parents to lovers to friends, and even your own ego. You truly are never alone. I have had to deal with these entities in all their forms: they enter through dreams, visions, ideas, philosophies, religions, etc. They feed only on fear, not love. The key to releasing yourself from their grip is to release the fear. They will leave, because you are not providing them the food they need to survive. A fearless being cannot be controlled or inhibited. A fearless being finds no threat in leaping over the boundaries of the playpen.

In the world right now, we are watching a war between some very ancient entities who are trying to keep humanity in the slavery of the ego. These entities are starting to surface through corporate players, politicians, financial and world powers. There are some amazing people who are trying to expose those physical bodies who are completely possessed by these entities, such as Whitney Webb. These entities also work through everyday people who are enthralled by egoic programming, and so simply act out and even defend these entities, through worship, acquiescence, and even conscious support.  The masses are central to the power of these entities. If they lose the fear energy of the masses, they will lose this war. Many people are still not paying attention to the blood that is the U.S. dollar. Many don’t understand the criminal enterprise behind it and the relentless efforts to destroy the possibility of financial freedom. Too many don’t understand the link between financial freedom and spiritual awakening.  That understanding can only happen when you explore the programming of your own mind in relationship to love and money, lack and greed. I will leave that for another post.

The egoic programming as a whole is designed to keep the egos strong and resilient, to keep the consciousness asleep. It is not easy to help them awaken simply by presenting facts, writing books, or trying to prove the corruption.  Egos are programmed to deny and overlook anything that threatens the world view of their programming.  So, the light of awakening must come in, in between the lines, in the dream state, through some piece of poetry, music, a powerful experience through something seemingly so simple and every-day.  This is the nature of the light language, the emanation, the powerful force that is able to awaken people out of their stupor, like a loud bell is designed to wake people up for church on Sunday. The emanation of the light of consciousness is required in order to light the fire of the will towards freedom from the ego. Free will is the only fire that can light the spirit of freedom, in all aspects of life, the whole and the all.

When the consciousness awakens and the ego can no longer contain it or fool it, then the truth must be witnessed. There is no cherry picking when it comes to the deceit, the distortion, and the corruption. But at that point, you already know that you are of God, and that Self is the God particle, that is present and illuminating all things, like a piece of poetry that is designed to illuminate the beautiful in a blade of grass, a piece of wood, or a grain of sand. All things and all people are concealing their God particle, and that particle is absolutely quantum in nature, and has no attachment to time or space. We are truly One.
When you know this in your experience, nothing can ever deceive you again, but you must feel and watch and listen to all the voices of all those who still don’t know who they are. You know, at that point, that your only true job on this planet in this lifetime is to keep the fire lit inside  the hearth, the heart of the whole, so that each one can still feel, remember that beacon of light even in the darkest place of the egoic mind. The hearth has and always will be home, forever and always, simply because it is who you are, who we all are.

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