Living the dream- awakening the consciouseness

All problems, all conflicts offer possible solutions. We spend our lives resolving these conflicts, managing difficulties, and finding solutions. However, all of our solutions are the seeds of new conflicts to come. When you look at any timeline in retrospect, you can see this clearly. “One damn thing after another” pretty much sums it up. It is on that basis, that many come to the conclusion that life is futile, meaningless, and ultimately a labor without any end or purpose. Ultimately, this philosophy leads one into a form of nihilism, and it is a deadly philosophy that gives birth to the problem of sloth, apathy, and lack of passion. It also gives birth to the desire for “another world”, “another life” or a “new mission”.  Religion and spirituality are often the results of this type of nihilism, or exhaustion of the “3D” experience.

But whatever form of nihilism and escapism one chooses, as the body becomes older, and as the thoughts in the mind become more persistent, consistent and homogenous, one begins to feel heavy, important, serious. Like a heavy rock rolling down the hill, one is certain of their direction and what they might like to target with their momentum. But something surprising also happens – even when they come to blows with their targeted enemy, it still doesn’t seem to give relief to the soul. They ardently seek and are given what is asked for: purpose, meaning and mission. Eventually, their life takes on a kind of pattern of conflict-resolutions-conflict, like a snowball headed to the fire, to be dispersed as steam into the eventual cold either, and to return again as that snow ready to roll.  Life slows down into that form of repetitive pattern which looks like familiarity, consistency, maybe even comfort. But it also can feel like boredom, emptiness and disconnection. It is there where passion and excitement must be found outside one’s consciousness, in activities, things, other people, entertainment.  Many many people are in this place, and it is very difficult to converse with them outside the dream they have fabricated for themselves. Talking to them is like talking to a sleeping man walking. You just can’t quite speak their language and they have no interest in transforming or changing their situation, no matter how much they say it is giving them pain. They almost feel like a character in dream themselves. And you know, eventually you find out that they are….

Such is the physical world that most people live in. It is for this reason that yogic practices were invented to focus on the Self, the observer, the witness. The observer, the one who sees the dream, rather than the dream itself, is what will eventually lead the dreamer into awakening. It is a first step to snapping out of it and realizing that there is nothing real about the real.

And so, even after the consciousness begins to awaken, still groggy and drowsy and wanting to fall back to sleep,  it can take a while for the seeker of truth, the follower of the light, to realize that the physical world I live in is as much a dream as the one I experience while sleeping. The only difference is that the physical world is a deeper and more profound mode of sleep, and has a much more limited scope of possibilities. For example, the physical body can’t walk through a wall. In a night dream, you can absolutely walk through a wall. But the most important feature of the physical dream, the day dream, is the deep identification with the physical body, as part of the identity of the consciousness. It is so deep that most people, in this dream, identify with the body as if it is “me” or an extension of me. All the other attributes become attached to me as a physical person and body. Even love becomes a possession or something that is desired for possession.

The identification of self as a physical body has severe limitations on the ability of the consciousness to expand outside of that formulation of ego. Everything that is experienced, is always done so in an understanding that can only relate to the personal physical sensations. For this reason, the consciousness has a hard time experiencing anything beyond the pathos that is perceived by its own body-self. Empathy, compassion, and love is impossible, except as through the mind which can create logical connections and dependencies for things (possession). Physical touch and sensations of physical connection is another way in which the ego can feel something like compassion for another. But these connections are conditional and weak, and will disappear as time limits and distances the contact of separated bodies. To an ego enmeshed in this physical dream, love always seems to be out of reach, slipping away, or lost in some way or other, whether that be through abandonment, dissolution, or death,

All love songs are songs of despair and pain, alternating with experiences of joy and passion with the thought of possible or physical connection.

All dreams, whether the physical (day dream) or the non-physical (night dream), are collective dreams. The physical world is a result of the momentum of collective creativity and imagination, no matter how old or stale or repetitive. We have created computers, software, internet, the financial system, formulas of relationship – everything. Everything that has manifested is testament to many years of becoming.  The day dream is limited to what has already manifested. In many ways, we are simply playing with the light of stars that have long since died long ago. This is of course to prepare us to one day create our own. But until we do, until we are ready to expand our consciousness, we must suffer the limitations of the physical world. When we can no longer tolerate the limitation, we do let those limitations go, and we awaken from the dream that is the illusion and the maya.

But because we are only partially awake at that point, we begin to look to the night dreams as something more true than the day dreams. We let go of the 3D and turn to what is called the 4D. Many many seekers stay here for lifetimes, thinking they have awakened and found their mission and purpose.  But 4D is just as much an illusion as the 3D, it is just a different form of dreaming. The night dream is closer, but not close just yet, to who we are in the sense of its infinite possibility. However, most night dreams are collaborative efforts on the part of those beings you engage in energetically, even without the physical participation or awareness during the day. In the night dream, you still can have connection with those who have long since departed your physical life. There is so much truth to be experienced in the night dream, if you pay attention and work on clearing the interference of fear programming of the egoic entities. The fear interference always gets in the way of truly experiencing who you are on all levels and dimensions of awareness, night dream or day dream.

Through the experience of the night dream, you learn about how your energy and your consciousness transcends time, and how you project others into your consciousness regardless of who they really are. This education can take a good deal of time, depending on the individual. But eventually you discover that the night dream extends into the day dream and that they are related only through the forms of energy that you express in your Being.  Eventually you learn that you have been the Creator all along – of “other” of “identity” of all the dreams and their happenings, problems, and issues. At that point you realize the power of choice and autonomy.

As you uncover layers and layers of the dreams you have created over this life, in this body, and bodies you have inhabited before, all begins to unravel. Every thought, every action has a consequence. All contain that creative spark that can ignite an avalanche or flutter the wings of the butterfly at any given moment.  But also, at that point, you have already dissolved the ego enough to realize that You and Them is the same, and that all is perfectly happening in the way it should and the way it shall be. It is very hard for ego to understand this, because it believes it is separate and should receive certain benefits or rewards of some kind. Once ego is shed, this perspective dissolves, and the meaning of “And God said it was Good” becomes extremely clear once and for all eternity.

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