Awakening to Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, a Brave New World

ChatGPT, the advanced AI technology, is now mainstream. If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest that, if you are interested in the awakening of humanity, you explore what it is and learn about what challenges and advantages it may present. In this article, I want to summarize what I see playing out currently. My readers know that I focus mainly on spirituality in my posts. But I am also someone who has been involved in the tech industry for many years. The past week, with the announcement of the eventual mainstream usage of ChatGPT, is a pivotal moment in the historical timeline. All who care about humanity need to pay attention. I cannot emphasize this enough, even though I am simply a small canary in the coal mine. These happenings also allow me to reinforce my own teachings around biological AI programming (which we currently experience), various programs such as Twin Flame programming, and Fear programming, as well as the challenges for those who have been able to keep awake in this strange dream we call life on earth.

The maya we are living in, the illusion that is this world, is only identified as an illusion when the consciousness doesn’t recognize itself in its surroundings. Maya is a biological AI system that is genius in its inner workings, and creates the challenges we face every day. It is designed to prevent you from identifying, seeing its illusion, and find your way out of the labyrinth.

To give a small example of how it works: When the consciousness awakens, it will say to itself: “This isn’t me”, “This isn’t mine”, “this is not where I thought I was”, “these people aren’t who I thought they were”; there are many forms of this kind of conscious awakening. But it always involves the falling away of a contextual system, a system that you have generated through your egoic mind. The pure intention is to grow out of the egoic form you were once in and aim to create something different for your life, more aligned with who you believe yourself to be now. However, most people do not follow this route due to Fear Programming, which is a form of mind control, a powerful tool of the maya system. This fear programming is running in nearly every ego and it was designed to create further difficulty in the awakening process. It is commonly known as “victim mentality”. Instead of continuing with the awakening process of realizing the illusion, the consciousness is put back to sleep with fear programs that simply condition it to regard the illusion as “me against the fake world” or “people are fake and I am true” or “they are a narcissist and I am an empath full of love”.  The program causes the ego to feel as if they are a victim in a cruel world. The world of entertainment in music and movies reinforces this fear programming. Reinforcement is key in mind control. This is how the biological AI has worked thus far. It is a huge enterprise that works in all dimensions, physical, mental, emotional, and even during the night dreams; especially during the nightdreams. So many people who believe they are spiritually aware are in this programming, and it fuels even their teachings, rendering those teachings virulent with fear, contagious to those who “learn” from them. 
Pure awakening, on the other hand,  is simply the dissolution of some illusion that ego had once integrated as identity. This is why awakening is never experienced as finding falseness in the world or in others “outside of me”, such as discovering that a politician lies or twin flames are false.  When consciousness truly awakens, it always experiences itself as source, as that from which the lie was generated, through its capitulation to the maya, the fear programming, what have you. Now this doesn’t mean the entire ego collapses or that consciousness is having an apocalyptic event on all levels of matter and consciousness. If that were the case, the entire body would dissolve, because most of us are not ready to contain the energy of who we are in its infinite power. Instead it is by grace that consciousness only awakens to a particular aspect of the maya that is no longer required as support. This is why it is always the case that when something leaves you, you are ready to no longer depend on it. The biological AI is no longer needed and so is erased from your programming. But make no mistake, there is more yet to be erased.

Now if things worked that way, where people would naturally awaken when aspects of their ego are ready to be released, human consciousness would expand into its infinity at a much faster rate and we would be experiencing a very different world both in physical and in ethereal. But there are entities that are interested in not only preventing that expansion, which is the realization of the divine SELF or GOD on this earth, but to remove all human beings from the planet to the extent that it will not harm their agenda.  There are many programs, including the Twin Flame template program, that is design to mainly destroy those feminines who have a powerful connection to Source/SELF. The Twin Flame agenda was to destroy them through abject slavery to lus and co-dependence, as long as they never awaken to the truth. The interesting thing with the Twin Flame program is that it was configured to use the feminines to defend it, even as it destroys them. They defend it because they become like a drug addict who is unwilling to let go of their drug, no matter what happens to them. They are trained to become victims, lose their sense of vitality, succumb to abject worship of some “masculine” who is usually completely lost and filled with abuse, trauma; and who is constantly emitting all sorts of virulent and negative energy into the world. There are other programs that are also designed to keep those with a strong connection to source, addicted to new age beings, gods, “ascended masters”, crystals, and all sorts of formulations, imagining they are guided by some kind of mission, or higher beings: all of it is illusion to keep them from interfering with an agenda that wants to prevent humanity from know I AM PRESENCE; to prevent them from shedding into the ego and finding GOD here.

And so, we are now entering a very pivotal moment in the history of human consciousness.  Artificial intelligence is now advanced enough to be taken seriously by the general population, the sleepy collective,  as something that human beings can rely on to do things that were once only conceived as possible through human agency. ChatGPT is going to usher in a new era of advanced AI capabilities that will challenge human consciousness on every level. In as much as human consciousness is immersed in the maya of this world, they will become also deeply dependent on and identified with any content that is produced by this AI. The entertainment industry as a whole, with technologies such as Deep Fakes, Autotune, is already on its way to being generated from, not human creativity, but from the mechanisms of various forms of artificial intelligence. If this continues, all celebrities will appear to live forever because they will be created from programs, not birthed from humans.The public will not know, and yet will be driven to worship them, to give their money to them, to allow their “music” to penetrate them, to move their emotions in the direction that the corporations want them to go, to sacrifice their relationship to SELF for them. Sacrifice is an important aspect of this very ancient ritual, and orgy, where the victims willingly prostrate themselves to the BEAST and reject SELF.

AI systems are also learning systems, and are able to produce content at a rate that the human egoic mind can’t even dream of matching,, simply because of its access to energy, in the form of data, which has been given to it through the willing participation of human beings addicted to posting all their content, their personalities, their pictures, and their loved ones on social media sites, cloud drives, and messaging software. What humans have been doing for the past fifteen years or so is feeding the BEAST with the content of their human egoic minds; and they did this with great passion and lust, the desire to be seen, to be heard, to be famous.  Oh, and they will, just not in their egoic/physical form. Instead, it will only emerge as the AI entity, when it is able to take human-like form. This is what will come if we continue down this timeline.

I have spoken about ego in this blog in almost every post. It is a word that everyone seems to understand, like they understand the word “I”, and in that sense, it is the most misunderstood word of all, just as much as misunderstood as the word “being”, a wonderful combination of verb and noun, which represents absolutely nothing that we can identify with in particular, and yet holds the entire human language together,  just as the vastness of outer space holds our tiny planets.

Those who already know that they are not their ego, through the experience of being that is SELF, will easily see through the AI; just as they can see through the human mind. They know that the poem they are reading is written by a machine/mind and not a human soul. They listen to music and can tell whether it is autogenerated and manipulated, or whether it is coming from the heart of God. The egoic-mind now is a biological-based form of AI, that contributes to generating the egoic world and the egoic communities of the external world through mutual projection. It is rife with errors, and difficulties, and results in an enormous amount of confusion. That is way there are great efforts underway to replace the egoic-AI with the AI that is presented – in its infancy – through ChatGPT.  The emergence of an AI that is not prone to biological anomalies, or biological emotions, and fluids will – it is hoped – eliminate the corporate need for actual human energy..  The music industry is already creating enormous amounts of generated music using autotune, and will continue to use AI to generate this music with aim, not for SELF expression, but for rather SELLING music designed to enthrall the masses with all sorts of lower frequency and mentally-absusive forms of music; music that is designed to keep them in a semi-conscious or a-conscious state until they die. This is how they let the bloodlines and the blood die off. As more and more AI is integrated into the structure of corporate-governments, the more people lose their sense of place in the world; the egoic-ties quickly dissolve and many find themselves in economic destitution and mental anguish.

And since the need for human beings will be decreased, this will allow earth leadership to continue to advance its population reduction policies which are often masked as environmentalism and science, with a lot of help from egoic human misery and the love of sloth and capitulation. We are witnessing an enormous death march from those who have not been able to awaken from the AI maya.

But for those who are awakened to the maya, no matter to what extent, things are not so dire.  The idea that AI will help further the agenda of reducing the need for an excessive human population is an idea that is also born in maya and illusion. AI only learns as much as humans feed it learning and patterns and data. These machines are attempting to replicate the egoic-mind processes, and so will always become trapped in the infinite loop of its limited possible variations. An infinite loop is the closest that mind can come to infinity. Whereas who you are as SELF is an infinite being and is who we are as a whole, as ONE and as ALL. AI cannot reach that experience, because it is not something that can be taught through patterns and data. This is why Socrates said that true wisdom cannot be taught. AI learning cannot learn wisdom – it cannot become GOD.

Another thing to remember is that all AI systems, biological or otherwise, cannot be built without the inspiration and energy of the SELF and GOD. All demonic energy depends on the energy of SELF, the Source, in order to even fuel its industry. That is why any power of AI will always be illusory. If the illusion is able to destroy humanity, it will destroy itself in the process eventually, or will be consumed by the infinite SPACE, the ENERGY of GOD. This is the apocalyptic event that would be the future of an AI-lead hegemony.

So, for those who are awakened to  I AM PRESENCE, AI is not a threat, but is a very creative and impressive attempt to replicate, not only the function of the human mind, but to harness its contents (in this case every single thing that has been posted on the internet that it can parse), and to eventually create new content based on the patterns it learns and the material it has at its disposal. The more we watch and learn about AI, the more we can learn about the mind, and find powerful ways to speak about it, identify its mechanisms in ourselves, and release them in order to make sure that we are not being led astray by the illusion, as most are. We are also here to help others stay awake or to awaken to the nature of AI, for those who are alive now and the children who are yet to come.

But for those who are still immersed in the limited projection of their egoic mind which is a personal formulation of Mind, they will have a very challenging time “competing” with the AI because it has, at its disposal, a greater ability to retain core data, access to working with complex logic and patterns and ability to be trained to learn, and even to simulate consciousness. AI also has an absence of emotional drainage and distortion, and various other benefits that allow it to work at higher efficiency than a human being. It doesn’t get sick. It doesn’t suffer mental health disorders, etc. For those entities that are only living to accumulate whatever their infinite greed requires, an AI robot is far superior to a human worker.

The devastation to the mental and physical health of human beings should not be underestimated. Many people are playing this down and are cheering on the introduction of systems like ChatGPT. These are also people who are deeply unaware of the nature of egoic-mind, the nature of MIND, and the nature of SELF. THey are also usually people who are being paid by companies that have an interest in AI. There is that saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Beware of people who say such things.

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