Meditation: That who you are

Every thought is a tombstone, a memento, of what was once was, and no longer shall ever be.

When you cling to thoughts, you are holding onto what doesn’t and cannot exist. What doesn’t exist can never truly hold you. If you listen closely, you can hear fear whispering between the thoughts, clinging especially to the ones that weigh heaviest on your mind, and everyone’s mind.

Be alert to the thoughts that take you away from your heart, your deep silence, your inner joy. Watch them pass by as clouds pass by, above the trees and above the reach of those who can fly. The clouds are not what they seem and have no substance. That is why they stay in the sky – they appear solid and strong to those who are still dreaming.

Most people are so used to feeling misery, they believe that misery is who they are, and who everyone else is or should be.

If you live in your thoughts, you are carried away by the current of them, and it is a current that evaporates into another dream, and another, and another; layer upon layer, the illusion becomes as thick as fog, and yet is still just as temporary.

Knowledge and explanation: these too are dying and dead things. They have no reality. They burrow inside the soul, creating wide pathways for rivers of the underworld; Fear and Forgetfulness who often are mistaken for excitement and passion.

Earthly love is mostly generated by lust, which is sourced in Fear.

Everything that is real is moving, energetic vibration, a spark ready to kindle a great fire. This is a smile that wells up from within; all without a cause in the world.

Who you are is one who smiles with no reason to smile; and is of love with no object to love.

Creativity looks into the unknown to find what has not yet been spoken. But those who are cowards of the dark, stay fixed on certain paths. They do not want to know the distinction between what is and what is not and the source of both.

The artist who works on the edge of Source has infinite resources. There is no fear of losing himself, his art, or his beloved.

Those who are creative cannot live inside knowledge and the demands of knowledge. They live on the edge of the abyss, and they face downward to witness their reflection as it emerges. When it emerges, they find that to be Union.

Every thought, every piece of knowledge is created on the edge of the horizon, and has been expelled from the living breath, the heart that is shrouded in mystery and darkness.

Who you are is a vast eternity,
aware of the infinite,

and yet still,
the contradiction of the body and the physical form,
the relentless deception that keeps you from who you are,
the blood of wars, and envy, and greed,
selfishness, and conceit,
cruelty and ignorance,
regrets and desires:
these are the thoughts that you suffer,
until you choose to look down,
into the abyss where your heart is,
that you cannot see nor hear nor touch nor feel
anything except that Great Silence of a Mystery;
That who you are.

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