Meditation: The Sleepwalkers and the Circus

Before you read or listen to anything, it is important to first turn off everything else. The mind is filled with chatter that is both conscious and latent. The emotions are moved by the workings of the mind. And so, if you listen to or read something, you will only hear what is already playing out in your mind. This is why very few people can listen, though everyone hears.

Clear your mind before you approach any being. This is how you maintain the sacred space, a space of silence and clarity, listening, and observing. It is the core of Vedanta. Otherwise, all you do is spill ego and its minions everywhere, haphazardly, without responsibility, and without care.

The majority of people are sleepwalkers, absorbed in the dream that their mind has generated. That the dream has elements that persist is an illusion that affords the appears of consistency, knowledge, and the bondage of trust. They become angered or frustrated with the world and people when they feel “betrayed”. But the truth is that they have always only betrayed themselves.

Most people seek to trust things and beings in the world, even if they trust in the negative aspects only. This desire to trust is launched from the fear of not being able to trust anything, of being in a mystery without end. At its core, it is a fear of the vast energy and oneness of Self. To remedy the dream, the ego generates a false self, and all the personality masks and behaviors it desires. This is how it creates the suffering, by simply creating false pleasures. All of it to mask the fear of God, of Self.

Ego created God in his own image to make God feal more like ego.

Trust in a dream is bondage to the dream, and you will fail to wake up until you break that bondage. The only way to wake up is to notice the discrepancy between YOU and the DREAM, that it is not “yours” or “where you are” or you at all. When you realize that you are not what ego has generated with mind, then you begin to abandon the dream and move closer to Vedanta.

Desire is a longing to move towards something and away from something else. In the world, fear is identical with desire, but is only comprehended in the artificial mind as distinct. Meanwhile, your consciousness stands in the middle of a rope, tied on both ends to these great and powerful trees, Fear and Desire. Even the whispering of a wind or the slightest of movements from you and without you will cause the rope to force you into attempts towards balance, moving closer to desire or closer to fear, depending on your choice. Moments of stability give pleasure. Moments of instability, suffering. Moving to much towards one or the other is impossible, and so your life is in vain, trying to get one to get away from the other, neither reaching nor escaping the plight of either one, In desperation you stay closer to the middle, getting nowhere until, aware of the impossibility of what you are seeking, you finally depart from this game entirely.

When you stop playing in the balancing act, the circus play, the game, you have chosen then to abandon the bondage that held you to the dream. Don’t be surprised when you find, as you awaken, that there are energies that wish to hold you down, to drag you back in. It is there when you may discover that your mind was never your own but was occupied and ruled by the processing of ideas in concert with the dream, and not your true SELF. As the SELF distinguishes itself from ego, it discovers the true external nature of ego, its projective nature, the energies of generations that it holds.

Ego the entity that always provides the illusion that the Mind is “yours”, or that you have a mind, as if it were an object in space, to be replicated in some fashion, through AI or through some other mechanism.

“Your mind” is simply a fractal of Mind, which is the core OS and all the programs that run the world. Many people have the same ideas about things because they are accessing Mind. Then, the ego gets involved and wants to copywrite it. One of the benefits of the burgeoning AI systems is that people will see that such property rights are invalid.

The emergence of AI in the physical world is a revelation of the truth about Mind. Some will become even further absorbed into Mind, and some will find great freedom from Mind, finally awakening from the egoic dream, and the possession of Mind.

The old systems of control are falling away: tech, finance, relationships, entertainment. Those old dreams are ending and the players are being revealed. As the old dreams crumble, new ones will be generated; new false gods, new forms of worship, new illusions more powerful than the last. The games continue, albeit with a completely different foundation and function. You choose your own direction, participation, or lack thereof. You will continue to balance on the tight rope, until you choose to stop.

As these games are developed, you will, as you awaken, find it impossible to play, just like an adult no longer wants to play house like a toddler with a teacup in the afternoon.

And then what, many ask with fear? What do I do then? I have to live in this world. Where there is fear there is ego, so don’t worry about it, you aren’t there yet. When you arrive from the dream, you will be fearless, I assure you.

Blessings XO

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