Sacred sexuality: Kundalini and the great work

The great snake awaits,
coiled at the source,

for the doors to open,
to welcome his emergence.

Every spiritual teaching offers guidance on some form of detachment or renunciation of the desires, the physical objects of desire and even the spiritual objects of desire.  Becoming attached to physical desires is common to all of humanity. Spiritual objects of desire are no different but are common to a smaller number. How do you know you are still attached to desires? It’s easy. Fear is always underneath the desire – the fear of not getting what you desire or what you desire to be.  The ego, you must remember, is defined by its desires both of the past and of the future, and it is goaded onwards by the fear of not achieving or experiencing them. The ego thrives on this fear. It is its gasoline. It is the only way to keep itself in power; to keep the individual far from his natural joy of being and being free.

When you are not attached to desires you are content to be who you are. The teachings around detachment and renunciation are simply a means to that end; namely, to finally reach a state of bliss, neutrality, and joy in who you are. There are neither desires nor fears in this state. It is where all dramatic roads end. However, it is also where true and powerful sexuality begins. To an ego that believes that sexuality is based on personhood and the physical body alone, this idea seems at best interesting, and at worst, completely undesirable.

Bliss is undesirable to the ego, because it means the cessation of desires (and so fears). The ego wants to achieve or acquire certain things or situations. It has an agenda. The spiritual teachings are saying that the goal of spiritual practice is to not get the things the ego wants and that true union is achieved through the lack of desires and the lack of want.  The idea that one must abdicate their desires, is why most human beings choose not to be in a state of bliss, of acceptance with who they are, even if they don’t know who that is exactly. There is a passage in Plato’s Republic, where Socrates and his students are building an ideal city through their dialogue. Socrates suggests that those who run the city neither desire pleasures nor engage in the pleasures that the city offers. His students are not very pleased to hear that. It doesn’t seem fair. It doesn’t seem attractive. The ego wants to rule over others, and it also wants to obtain the pleasures that are enjoyed by those others, at its own choosing. The notions of detachment and renunciation are profoundly uninteresting, especially today, where we live in economies that are driven by the attainment of immediate pleasures, something that Socrates describes as “The city of pigs”.

So, on this basis, as they are, spiritual teachings are not attractive to the general population. Practices like popular yoga, Reiki, working with various objects such as crystals; learning how to perform trance-like music; writing poetry; painting, sculpting, learning technology, learning how to cook, etc. – these are all ways to explore spirituality without having to commit to the immediate abdication of the physical world. They all contain elements of physical and sensual pleasures, and many are attracted to them because of this; and this is absolutely necessary and an important aspect of finding out about who you are. You are a non-physical being, the consciousness beyond the personality, the source of all that you experience, but you can only learn this as an ego, in a way that the ego finds attractive. You can’t teach some kids without giving them stickers or candy for rewards. The ego is like that. The process of detachment, as a result, can be slow and must be guided through your own experience. If you rush the process, you will experience extreme turbulence, conflict, and difficulty. Its like trying to go cold turkey too soon. Those who throw themselves into “trying” to learn spiritual practices or any other kind of practice, will soon come up against the resistance to that learning, all from within themselves. As they continue, things will truly get difficult, hard and they may suffer all sorts of trauma both spiritual and physical. If you are working with a spiritual guide or teacher and you are experiencing these things, find another teacher. You are being led down a path you aren’t ready for just yet.

Unfortunately, suffering seems to be accepted as part of the package, as if it a piece of wisdom to say that “you have to take the good with the bad”. Many teachers will actually blame their students for the suffering, when it is the teacher that has behaved irresponsibly by engaging in practices, and interacting with beings who are not in the best interest of the students.

After all, we live in the age of Ego, the age of Kali, and we are very well trained to think that in order to achieve success and happiness, we must work hard. We must first find what we want, make it happen somehow (through magic or otherwise), and finally achieve our goals. For many teachers, their work is to get students to accept their teachings. The problem with this method is that it always ends up in conflict with who you truly are and where you are. It is the “what I want” vs. “what I have now” problem. It is a problem that all egoic manifesters encounter. That is why many turn to black magic, some of which pretends to be of Source in the form of some spiritual guru who promises that you can manifest your dreams. If you use any kind of manifestation magic, incantation, spells, etc, you are not working with Source. You are working with shadow magic, and it will never work out well – ever. Once you realize this, you will take a new path, the true path, the path that challenges you to learn about and work with your own energy. The Self energy, is ironically the very energy that leads you to the experience of the whole – true connection with others through the dissolution of “other”.

But the fear of being alone and the desire to keep chasing desires, makes it very easy for people to get caught up in the black magic. Twin flames are a prime example. Reiki is another.  The longer you play in those arenas with sincerity, the more conflict you are going to conjure. The reason for this is that these are all egoic arts, and as I have explained many times in this blog, ego creates by the mind alone, and so it is always generating the shadow and the light simultaneously. You want something, you will get it, but then you will also eventually or immediately, experience its opposite. If you watch any film or book about necromancy, you know that such magic brings nothing but trouble. The twin flame magic is interesting because it teaches the runner-chaser dynamic and so it convinces the practitioner to accept the duality of the twins as if it were okay. It is just like saying that abuse from a parent is natural and part of life. If you work hard enough, you can experience a loving parent-child relationship. This is incredibly cruel and manipulative on all levels.

It is best to seek out true spiritual teachings, such as in the Yoga Sutras, Plato, or certain sources of Zen Buddhism, and others who receive their communications from Source itself. Leave the new age teachings behind and the internet spiritual gurus, who simply engage in physical projection of their persona. True spiritual teachings are all designed to help you find your way out of the labyrinth and deception of duality through the attention to yourself, not an external teacher or a video or a podcast. If you can’t see yourself, and all you see is someone else’s image or opinion, you are not engaging working with your own energy, but are opening the door for other things.

So, what do the true spiritual teachings say about Source and this state of bliss? Very few – if any – are able to truly articulate what you will find in Source. After all, as an ego, you desire certain things, people, experiences. What could possibly be of interest to you without all that around? Isn’t it emptiness? Void? Nothingness? Many spiritual teachings will say that bliss is all of these things, and so none of them at all. It is simply One. Again – not attractive to the ego. The ego that can only perceive through mind and feel through fear and desire, cannot imagine such a thing as nothing without imagining its own annihilation. This is where so many stop the spiritual path, their sense for Self, and choose a life of constant conflict, drama, and eventual capitulation into mental numbness and apathy. They will only find true relief in their physical death experience.

But for those who want to experience who they are, they are guided simply, not by their desires or fears, but by some uncanny power of will, a power that cannot be explained. They have been, all their lives, pulled towards spending more time alone, and finding that they enjoy it far more than being with others. Of course, they will also, in the early stages, find conflict within themselves, as their own ego is always driven to pull them away from their Source, their true Self, insisting that they need to work harder, play harder, find acceptance harder. The ego wants to survive and every spiritual seeker will have to deal with the ego that is theirs and theirs alone. The choice is yours: do you want to experience the bliss of ego-death in life or do you want to wait until the death bed to experience it? One is the way of bliss. The other is the way of suffering. You will repeat incarnations until you choose the path of bliss.

When you choose the death of the ego, for the eternal life of Self and the emanation of your Source, that is when you begin to experience true magic, the divine act of creation, the most sublime experience of sexual unity. This unity is not achieved through the physical attachment or the allure of succubae-driven entities that seem to occupy the fantasies of many spiritual and material seekers. This is a sacred unity, a sacred sexuality, that cannot even be expressed in physical form. I speak of it here just to point to it, as I know that only those who are One, can hear what it is. It is not found in your physical fantasies, or anything remotely close to sexual urges from the lower chakras. It is pure Source energy that can only be achieved through the detachment of the physical form.

And in this detachment, the emanation of this sexual energy, the powerful Kundalini, you will no longer find limitation, and you will no longer seek power and influence over others. Your entire body will follow and that is where you can experience the bliss of Kundalini in the body. This is because you have finally learned how to maintain the balance of all the energetic fields, from Source into the grosser elements of the body. There is no end to this dance of balance, symbolized by the yin and the yang, the table of opposites, the male and the female. As you encounter different aspects and perspectives of this Grand Illusion, which is the Great Work itself, you will learn more and more about the powers of transmutation, integration, love, and wholeness; all that is designed to teach you how to create without effort, how to  move as one with the energy of the whole, like riding the waves of the ocean, while being the ocean itself that is riding.

The ego vanishes into these depths and its shallow emptiness can no longer keep the Kundalini in its prison, trapped in the lower chakras like a caged snake. The ego now becomes an old whispering from the past, a minor character in a bigger context; whose only power was in the power of its illusion of power. You know and practice that love comes from above, and not below. You know, through the power of the Kundalini energy, the connection to Source, that you are connected to the whole, and that the whole is from what you speak, and where you speak into; always still conjuring dreams in the minds of those who are still asleep; knowing that the seeds are there, planted, in the dark, awaiting their beloved and their birth, the moment of emergence.

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