Twin Flames: Ego’s personal Jesus

Are you in ego or are you in love?

Only the ego could ask such a question, and that is why I am going to attempt to address it here, as best I can. What has come to the surface from this question is that the twin flame story, the mythology is in fact a story designed to embody the duality of the ego itself, in the form of a love story between two impossible beings who are destined to find themselves both in the arms of unity and divine love. The longing for the other twin, in the hopes of its return is a reworking of the original story of Jesus, of a man who was born of the divine, and is to return to earth and save us all. The problem with the Jesus story is it was written thousands of years ago, when the ego wasn’t as strong and people were attracted to a man who loved all unconditionally. Today, because religion no longer holds its power in the heart, and most people look to romantic love to fulfill their dreams of union, a new religion needed to be invented, to help us learn how to find God, and that new religion is the Twin Flame religion. Instead of Jesus who loves all unconditionally. Each person is assigned a personal Jesus, in the form of the twin or soul twin, whose return is always the carrot on the stick, the hope of salvation and heaven on earth.

So, I will start with ego and will then get to the twin flame part. It is so important to watch the ego – to learn it and to understand its relationship to mind and how it keeps the consciousness in a state of lower energy and sleep, fixed onto the cave wall, and mesmerized by whatever is projected. Eventually such an inquiry can seem challenging and painful, but I assure you that eventually it becomes a fascinating exploration. As you learn to become the observer, the witness of aspects of ego, those aspects of ego dissolve at that very moment and you witness the power of the emanation of the light of awareness. And the more you do this, the more you get a taste of that beautiful bliss, the divine love, the freedom that is the true nature of Self and God. You know, at that point, that you are bathed in divine love, and that you don’t have do or work hard to do anything except allow it to move through you, like water through a riverbed.

Ego always wants to understand everything in terms of its own orientation, its system, its perceptions. When it uses the word “love” it defines it with an entire host of attributes, conditions, identifications, and qualifications. In short, both love and the object of love are objectified and projected through the ego. The soul who receives ego-love attention may or may not comply, depending on their role at the time. I don’t need to describe the number of dramas and stories that arise from these love affairs; the amount of energy and hard work that is poured into them; the extent to watch many capitulate and confuse sacrifice, self-denial, compromise for love. “Marriage is a lot of work”. Nothing that is born of true love is hard work. Is it hard work to love your dog? Is it hard work to love your child? Is it hard work to love doing what you love? Never. When it becomes hard work, it is time to look at what ego is up to.

For ego, love is always something it needs to get, earn, find, possess, manipulate. But because true love is not an object at all, some egos who still sense it as possibility, will reserve that for God or the twin flame alone; by either rejecting human love and continuing its own form of abuse (in the name of love) towards others and itself, or by simply settling “for lesser love”, and pretending to be content, as most people do in public. But even when ego makes a concept out of the divine unconditional love of God or the twin, it does it as an object of mind, and it is only used for contrasting and justifying what ego perceives as insufficient or human love from the two -legged creatures who surround it.  And because ego is a natural contradiction to itself, it is also fundamentally not interested in unconditional love at all and imagines itself as being far from it until Jesus returns or when it is finally reunited with its twin flame or soul mate. Are you starting to see how the twin flame mythology is a religious cult of some sort, similar to any other? It is a story of divine love for this egoic age. It couldn’t thrive in any other age.

Everything the ego does is for the sake of its own possession and fulfillment of what it believes are its needs. It thinks of itself as the subject and doer of all areas of its life; that its role and function in life is of the utmost importance, critical and essential to those it says it loves. In the twin flame story, we have the idea of “mission” and this is very attractive to the ego, because it likes the idea of doing important things, and perhaps the possibility of replacing a God by being adored with social media likes and millions of dollars for funding. This is why the ego avoids change and transformation as much as possible; ego is not a risk taker unless it can measure probability. Ego doesn’t trust in the divine, or nature, even that nature that is expressing itself through others. It will not walk into a situation blind if it can avoid it. It has little faith and trust in anything but what is its programmed to understand. The consciousness of the individual, meanwhile, doesn’t expand, grow, or experience the powers of observability and transformation available to that soul. As time moves on, the ego grows old, and becomes more and more absurd, and less connected to grounded life. It begins to live in memories of the past, confusion or indifference towards the future, and complete absorption into mundane activities such as games, puzzles, spiritual powers, pictures of Jesus or a love lost, or what have you – anything to not be present to Self, anything to avoid noticing even a slice of the illusion. This is why today most people will as they age experience anything from mild to extreme dementia. It is a condition that is not simply “caused by” “old age”. It is a functional result of the construction of the modern ego, a system built on illusion and impossible probabilities; and the probability of each person experiencing dementia (literally: a falling away from mind) is guaranteed, unless they choose, earlier in life, to expand consciousness and let the ego die.

In the twin flame story, the egoic suffering is due to “not clearing or healing enough”. The charge for the awakened twin is said to be a charge for healing the Self and so automatically healing the other. Any feelings of suffering or pain, which includes a union that never happens, is a responsibility that is placed squarely upon the awakened twin.

It is important to notice that the ego is a trickster, and most people who think they have already overcome it are those who truly are in the thick of it. Ego isn’t something that is overcome – it is something that falls away into death, like a flower that has disappeared into the earth. You don’t really notice it as an event. In fact, when the ego is actually dead, you hardly remember it; the sufferings, the problems, the difficulties all are forgotten, like a dream you can vaguely recall but have no recollection of. In many ways, you have lost the personality that would have otherwise integrated you into some role in some timeline somewhere, especially the twin flame story and timeline. If ego were still holding on, you would still want to find “your place” in the world, or to find your twin flame, or a better job or a mission. Where the ego remains, wanting remains. Sometimes that wanting comes in the form of need; sometimes, demand; sometimes, longing or pure unadulterated suffering. For ego, life is never quite right for it, and so it continues on – up and down; down and up- playing on the emotional swing set, telling itself that this is how life is; always preparing to jump onto the next high waves, as it knows the one that its riding on is about to dissolve into the sea. This is the survival mode of ego: always busy, always chasing, always longing, never satisfied, always looking for information on twin flames.

It must be remembered that twin flames are simply the story of an ego that is bifurcated, split into two. The reason is that the ego is at war with itself, and so it is easy for it to project itself into two beings, one being the light and one being the shadow; one the yin, the other yang; one female, the other male. This is all that the twin flame mythology is – it is a story of the ego and its distorted versions of love and relationships and most of all, its distortion of Self and the divine.  And, because the splitting of the ego is told in the form of a love story, it can help the consciousness learn how to distinguish between the egoic games of the twins/projected ego and the divine love of Source through awareness. I have a number of posts on this blog that speak about the duality of the ego, the duality of the matrix, and the sufferings inherent in that. Here are a few: Twin Flame Duality and Problem of Ego, Separation illusion: the unity of narcissist and victim.

I myself have walked through the twin flame experience myself. I have seen almost every angle of it in multiple dimensions: physical, etheric, mental, and emotional. The reason I have walked through that fire is to help others to do the same. Twin flames is simply a mythology designed to help you learn how to die before you die; how to begin to become aware of and conscious of the trickster nature of your ego, and how to overcome it and evolve into a life of pure bliss, pure harmony, and true love. Your so called egoic other half – your twin – was and is always a projection of yourself, whether that is through dreams, visions, or on another individual who played that role, just as all the other people in your life have played that role. Eventually you learn, when you are ready that you were, are, and will always be One and Whole, just as We are One and Whole. Your consciousness is a witness of this wholeness, which is revealed through the clear waters of divine emanation; waters that pour through you as you experience it, which is an experience of the eye of God. When you are in this wholeness, you will no longer ask yourself questions about ego vs self or wonder if your twin will come back or wonder when you will find a soul mate. All of those needs will fall away into the nonsense from which they originally arose, like a myth of long ago that no longer carriers any import.

Blessings XO

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